Friday, April 29, 2016

May Fleuriste Paris Map

*Please put PRINCE's THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD on repeat while you read this post.
I've been running all over looking for the most beautiful fleuristes in town this week.
There are far too many to draw in just one map. More fleuriste maps to come dear PBers.
Stephane Chapelle is a don't miss surely. Even their workspace is exquisite 29, rue de Richelieu 75001
Just a few streets over stop in La Palais Royal.
Don't sit down in this chaise SVP. It's an artwork FYI. is a charming tiny shop 14, rue des Saint Pères 75007
The shop front and window are filled with plants for your miniscule jardin on your petit balcon.
Inside wildly romantic. Visit their online shop for more dreams
Paris loves green. Paris loves gardens. A wonderful green garden truck I passed while getting lost looking for flower shops.
Moulie is across from the Assemblee Nationale. The Assemblee has a terrific gift shop if you're into blue-white-red tri-color teapots, towels, pencils. I bought a blue-white-red tooth brush FYI.
Around the corner from Mouliepatisserie Pradier is famous for their chocolate eclairs on 6, rue de Bourgogne 75007. You've been warned.
Inside glorious Adriane M. 4, rue Saint-Dominique 75007
Just say you'd like a carte de magazine (biz card)
Pretend you're an events planner with many weddings up your sleeve.
Same thing with prestigious Lachaume 103, rue Faubourg Saint Honore 75008
Be brave. If I can do it so can you. Its worth it. Mona Lisa move over.
May day is coming up Sunday. Les muguet are all over town. And in chocolate at Hugo et Victor.
SPRING has sprung in Paris!!
As I was running to my print shop I spotted this sign. I've no idea what its about, but all my May bouquets for you are in la Poste on their way.Yay.
I was planning Parisians in the rain for the May Fleuriste Map.
The change in the weather turned umbrellas into bluebirds.
R.I.P. Prince.


  1. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Merci, for the wonderful Florist watercolors! I was a Florsit before retiring. Luckily I saw a few of these shops this trip to wonderful Paris. And I was sure to have fresh flowers in the aprtment the whole time I was here! Listening to Prince was wonderful ,too. Perfect! RIP our Prince. I will really look forward to your new Map. I'm sure Bear wishes you a Happy May Day & Mother's Day ! Cheers!Fan from Rural Oregon... boo hoo :heading home ,just as it gets sunny here in fabulous Paris

    1. I now understand florists are very special people. Lucky you Ms. Oregon.
      To work with such ephemeral beauty all day long. Pure joy.

  2. Oh my what a beautiful post ... Not only a feast for the eyes but the soul! ....I have been missing far too many of your posts these crazy days of mine ... Need to sloooow down!

  3. I so love the flowers in Paris and adore how you've captured the classy florists. The macaron medals? That's what I need to make for you next time I see you, Carol! Brilliant.

  4. I love your first watercolor on this post!!! Also, the bouquet of roses is to die for!!!! The colors.....uooh la la
    Louvregirl! ;-)

    1. The top watercolor is a detail of the larger map at the end of the post Louvregirl.
      What a great nick btw.

  5. Looking forward to Mayday. Picking up my lilies of the valley made a little basket last year for the other Marilyn. Would not know about France's May 1 if it was not for your blog. Love the pics from this one. I have Jenny checking out Paris pics on Instagram. 20 days. The Palais Royal I know she is going to be taking a lot. We plan to have at least one vase of flowers in the apt. She already knows where she wants it sitting. It is going to be so much fun to see Paris thru her eyes. I know how I feel when I see your pictures.

  6. P.S. Love the map. That was suppose to be my first comment. It is going to be sitting by the sketch letter. They will really go together.

  7. I could almost smell the flowers! This makes me thinkI should visit more local flower shops!

  8. Foodwalker3:32 PM

    Absolutely charming!

  9. Love the map♥
    I listened to Prince..nice ..super from an artist to an artist.
    LNV Le Bouquet final..I came up w/ volleyball:)
    I am probably way off..

    I have known 2 florists and visited their shops.
    To work w/ such beauty in such peaceful settings..mind you holidays were crazy!
    And weddings!
    I bet the shops are lovely..from what I can see they are!
    The markets must be so pretty too w/ flower sellers.
    Ranunculus..peonies..I am a sucker for frills.
    Thanks for coming up with such beautiful diverse posts.
    You've turned me into a Paris lover.

  10. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Darling, Carol, as you requested, I put Prince's The Most Beautiful Girl In The World on a loop while reading your blog and looking at your pictures. It just made your blog experience that much more enjoyable.

  11. Carol, I am still so, so sad that Prince has left this world.

    Your post with all the beautiful flowers reminds me to embrace what is beautiful.

    Yesterday, I telephoned my Mom on her 98th (yes) birthday, and she told me that her garden's lilies of the valley were abundant this spring, and that she'd taken them as gift to a dear friend.

    Somehow, seeing your very beautiful views from Paris brought together a lovely circle, at a time when there are many not so beautiful auras swirling around our shared world.


  12. Do the flower shops mind you photographing in them? I remember getting scolded one time in Paris for photographing in a flower shop. Oh the flowers and spring time are so special in your photographs.

  13. Merci, madame, pour les belles fleurs et le voyage à Paris ce matin!
    I can't wait to receive my May Map!!
    I love Paris in the springtime...

  14. Thank you Carol for posting such lovely photos. With my mother so very ill in the hospital, looking at these has brightened my day a bit. It is a very difficult time for me. I'm stressed to the max. and every little bit of cheer is appreciated beyond words.

  15. Could not have asked for a more exquisite breakfast.
    Thank you Carolg~

  16. Loved the website. Beautifully done.
    It must smell wonderful in the shops with flowers.

  17. still my heart!! As a retired florist,( who misses her business every day btw,) this post really touched me.

    It was a lot of hard work and very long hours at times, but I loved my customers and always felt honored to be chosen as part of their celebrations....happy or sad.

  18. Your new map is so pretty! And so are all the florists you feature but my favorite shot is Notre Dame with that grand flowering tree. What is not to love?!

  19. Le Muguet are all bloomed out in our garden due to early very warm weather. Even the roses are in bloom (normally June in Seattle). Glad your umbrellas turned to bluebirds.
    Very romantic photos today... sigh.

  20. Wow, you sure captured Spring!
    Beautiful Photos - all of them - and your fabulous watercolors; enjoy it!


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