Saturday, June 27, 2015

Une Glace à Paris

June-July is prime ice cream time
Can one ever have too much ice cream?
I for one, believe in ice cream all-year round.
At last there's a fabulous new ice cream boutique that feels as I do.
They have been open just 1 week.
Une Glace à Paris
15, rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie 75004
Métro: Hôtel de Ville
Open Monday-Sunday 10 - 23h
In the Marais
RUN, do not walk to No# 15 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie
Preferably in your Bensimons
Like my partner-in-crime, visiting New Yorkaise Stephanie R.
Chef Emmanuel Ryon, Meilleur Oivrier de France(MOF), formerly of Café Pouchkine is the magician-in-residence.
His boutique is 'sobre', a word meaning quiet elegance when the French use it.
Still we were all madly drunk with Chef Ryon's divine ice creams no matter the elegant decor.
A rapt, captive audience, we waited our turn, salivating. Miam miam
We plum forgot to study the menu, so caught up in the massive decision-making process.
And we totally missed the wonderful deal of a threesome of different Vanillas or chocolates going for a song. By the way, the shop is generous with tastes. I asked for a vanilla taste and was offered all 3! This is unheard of in Paris.
Later we dropped our spoons when we saw 5-flavors banquettes (boats) come sailing by.
Not that we didn't love our double dips of Griotte (cherry) + Matcha for Stephanie, and smoked pistachio with a touch of orange + Medovic (a Russian flavor with honey cake flakes) for me.
Granted we wished we'd gone all the way with the barquettes. A la prochaine!
Une Glace à Paris is a glorious experience you mustn't miss if you love ice cream. It's absolutely the BEST I've tasted here = Heavenly.
PS Please say Paris Breakfasts sent me!!
Chef Ryon introduced himself. He will soon have fabulous ice cream gateaux.
I've been painting ice cream non-stop since Thursday - a distraction to keep from running back for a glace for breakfast.
*If you'd like an ice cream watercolor + the shop's card, subscribe to the monthly PARIS SKETCH LETTERS.
It's the next best thing to being here.


  1. Looks like a great place!
    Your cup of ice cream for sure;)

    Love the that goldish yummy warm color..s.

    Reading Picnic in Provence..have you read it?
    Me likey so far:)

  2. Ooh, I have heard so much about this place already - am dying to go there! What a location - just a few doors away from Pierre Hermé too. Love the sound of the smoky flavours.

  3. cyndi from SD10:23 AM

    What a delight to wake up on this Sunday morning to your latest lovely post.
    Time for some coffee now...maybe with a scoop of ice cream in it.
    Thanks Carol

  4. Another for my list, looks fab! Stay cool this week!!!

  5. You are AWESOME! Thank you for bringing cheer to my house and

    HOPE for my return visit to Paris! Can’t wait for your book!!!

  6. Ruth S2:27 PM

    Your ice cream looks great. So far, I still only eat Berthillon apricot sorbet.
    But I might be persuaded.

  7. On my list - looks fabulous. You should get a commission (or free ice cream) for your promotion of the shop.

  8. Lynn C.2:35 PM

    Omg I would move next door to this bit of heaven

    1. Parisbreakfast2:36 PM

      I live far to close for comfort....

  9. Ann K.2:40 PM

    Fantastic yummy!

  10. Pamela F3:28 PM

    Fun day to get your foodie post as it’s a rainy day here in Maine

  11. Carolyn6:08 PM

    I can hardly wait to go there in September! Thanks for including the map:). The ice cream, and water colors look fabulous!

  12. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! My apartment in September is on Rue Bourg Tibourg!!!
    I will be in Glace Land!

    1. Glace Land
      Grace Land
      One and the same
      Bonne chance to your ice cream breakfasts.

  13. the tins with the colors - wow!!!

    1. FYI, the ice cream containers are called 'bac'
      As in Bac A Glace
      Important terminology in the world of glace...

  14. Great photos and drawings, Carol.
    If that is the best glace you've tasted, it must be awfully good :)

  15. so wonderful of you being able to scope out the place for Glaces in Paris

  16. Beverly K5:09 AM

    Are the
    Bensimons really comfy for walking all over Paris?
    They are really cute.

    1. Parisbreakfasts5:11 AM

      Stephanie had no problem walking all over Paris in them so the verdict is YES!!

  17. We will put Une Glace A Paris on our to-do list.
    We are staying in the Marais too
    Merci for the tips

  18. The taste was impressive. So raffined, delicate. Only excellent ingredients (vanilla from Roellinger). The create new flavor by mixing them


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