Friday, June 13, 2014

Browsing Boutiques Without Taking the Trip - NYTimes

The Assignment today: paint this  framboise pastry. J. showed up for a lesson.
She brought along a pastry from Boulangerie Morange 123, rue Mouffetard.
Our assignment: eat this baby. Not hard work.
She's not fond of pistache but you'd never know it. The cake was gone in a flash. Not too sugary but very raspberry.
The lesson assignment: paint watercolor blobs
Using Canson paper
watercolor doodling
Next assignment: Go take my post-cast boot prescription to the pharmacie. Obviously I can't turn up at the Doctor’s next week with no boot, but after Susan A. said her boot cost $700 (in the US) I was hesitating. A lot.
Turns out my French boot from Chaussure Sober will cost a mere 33.20€ Yay.
No Louboutin but c'est la vie. Way better than the cast right?
Did you read the terrific story in the NYTimes in May on Solo in Paris by Travel Section writer, Stephanie Rosenbloom. It's a must-read whether you're headed for Paris or an armchair traveler. This week I got a query from Stephanie, working on a shopping online story. My assignment: answer a few questions about my Paris in Your Mailbox business on Etsy.
Et voila! PBer Joyce let me know the story,
Browsing Boutiques Without Taking the Trip
was up pre-Sunday issue.
Read all about it PBers please.
Yours truly has hit the Big Time or rather the NYTimes.
Sometimes you have your cake and eat it too ;)


  1. Of course, I searched out the article as soon as I saw Joyce's comment yesterday. Your reputation is spreading as it should be. Either you are keeping the fascination going for people that have visited Paris and love it or creating the atmosphere of Paris for ones that are going to want to see it in the future. Whichever, your blog is one of the best around. P.S. How do I get the delete not to show. Have a great weekend with your new boot. Now I am envious of Janice's lessons.

  2. WOW! The NYTimes!
    Congrats, and may I say, well-deserved.

    And yay for the bootie!

  3. 'You can never leave Paris.'

    Very good diagnosis Diane :)

  4. Barbara Z3:53 PM

    Very jolly/jolie framboise cake watercolor!
    Big Congrats

  5. And you still think of us the" famouser" you get:)

    Bravo bravo bravo ma belel!
    L'aquarelle est si Janice aussi..
    In all honesty I would pick your boot over the Loubiutin any day!

  6. Soon you will be sprinting to the pastry shops for more models in your sleek new boot!
    How did you divide the goodies on the top - the raspberry and medallion? In the interest of Justice.

  7. Just read "all about it" in your link to Paris shopping - congratulations!!! Big coup!

  8. Janice definitely looks smashing in red! Glad to hear that your replacement boot isn't too pricey. How long will you wear the boot before you are back in your Louboutins? I'm from the Charles Jourdan era. Once when the franc was so very favorable, I brought back five pairs from the store on Champs Elysees.

  9. Lots of great colors with the pastry shots and your paint blobs.
    I'm glad that you'll be getting your new shoe soon, and that you have someone to help you!
    Love that river shot!

  10. Bravo Carol, on the NY Times connection. I'm sure that you'll be having more and more visitors and subscribers. Do stock up on envelopes and stamps!

    Your post-cast book looks to be quite good value. It's fascinating to learn about your medical care over there from my NY vantage point.

    Huge thunderstorm around 7 this evening. I heard some huge crash of thunder, and wonder what got struck...perhaps one of the new skyscraper apartment buildings. Perhaps I'll learn more on the 11 o'clock news.

    Now the storm has passed on to Connecticut, and we are left with the glories of humidity.

    Fun to see your watercolor tutoring of lovely Janice.


  11. The letters (and the strawberries) are wonderful.
    No one is ever going to let you stop sending them.
    You know that, don't you.

  12. Congrats to you !
    Now you really hit it big!!! Good for you! You're gonna need help!!! Lo

  13. I got a gold star!
    Thanks for the blob lecon. Fun! C'est formidable. I love the assignments.
    And claiming the dessert wasn't my thing then I hoovered it in. Yum.

  14. I just knew you'd be famous one day. Well deserved! Sooooo...I never did find your sunglasses. I searched several H&M's to no avail. So sorry, Carol. I guess now I should try to find you some nice comfy get well shoes.

    1. Haha Cara Black bought them all up first :)

  15. Carolyn3:42 AM

    So excited about the NY Times!!! Talk about great exposure, which is well deserved! You have given me a new idea how to justify buying/eating pastries...I NEED them to practice my watercolor skills!

  16. Félicitations on the NYT piece. It will surely benefit your painting sales and subscriptions! Bravo, Carol

  17. cyndi from SD11:28 AM

    You deserve the acknowledgement that you are receiving.And,to add to all of that,you have great gal pals,and...

  18. Hooray for you. Well deserved. I got my newsletter yesterday, love it as always.

    Karen in VA

  19. Oh! I love that word raspberryesque ... and coupled with pistachio !! I can understand why there wasn't a crumb left. Maybe Bear was to blame ?

    "All Things French"

  20. SUPER exciting, re the NYT, Carol! You made so much happen in such a short time! It seems we were all just looking at your new Paris voila! Brava!

    Great news re the boot, too. And loved Janice's book! What a fun lesson! All best...

  21. I was sure there was no way that boot could be anywhere near $700! One of the great things about France, everything health related is very affordable!

    You must be so excited with the prospect of finally being able to move around on it!!! Where are you off to first? :-)

  22. Carol, When you do the blob assigment do you use special translucent paints? I do know that some watercolors are more opaque than others.

    1. Nothing out of the ordinary Roseanne
      Just lots of water is the key!!

  23. Beautiful watercolours, raspberry-pistachio pastries and shopping without being in Paris - more to boot! Super article and well done for finding something less expensive. Do you have Scottish origins, by any chance? ;-) Bet you're relieved post cast.

  24. Very wonderful about the NYTimes -- and I especially love La Janice's painting lesson! Sigh. That's a couple hours I'd love to spend in Paris -- learning to blog with you! Good luck with that boot...


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