Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cinnamon Hill, Cinnamon Bear

Cinnamon goes into my hot chocolate every morning but finding good cinnamon is tough. And finding any cinnamon at all in Paris is really tough.
Yesterday bear and I set out on a hunter-gathers jaunt for cinnamon with a stop off at the pool first.
Then to nearby Patisserie Viennoise on 8, rue de l'Ecole de Medcine 75006
They've been showing off their almond torte with cannelle/cinnamon for days and we've been flirting with it post-pool for days.
At last pass me the CINNAMON bébé. could have more cinnamon in my humble opinion. Bear is not an eater of crusts either.
Frenchie To Go has been getting rave reviews for their American-style cinnamon buns.
And let me tell you
This is the REAL thing.
Walnuts and all...a perfect amalgam of caramelized heaven with just the right amount of sweetness.
A perfect balance. But do not go with a friend who does not eat gluten. You need absolute silence when you bite into this baby. No chattering allowed.
Eat all the burgers you want in Paris. When I'm homesick (so far never) I'm heading back to Frenchie.
At the Salon de l'Agriculture there was plenty of cinnamon. More than you'll see anywhere else in Paris.
And in the most diverse forms like these hunks of bark from the West Indies.
Otherwise head to Alsace or any Alsatian bakery for les etoiles  - one the best cinnamon cookies in all of France (usually found only at Christmas in Paris). Is it the proximity of Germany that influences Alsatian pastry?
In a Paris supermarket look high and low but forget about finding cinnamon cookies.
The same goes at the multi-plex of yogurt flavors. Nil, nix, nada, niente, non. NO CINNAMON yogurt.
"Pas aujourd'hui" they told me at Berthillon when we asked for cannelle/cinnamon, but there's hope in them thar hills. They change ice cream flavors everyday and someday we may hit it lucky.
Big surprise. French frozen food magnet Picard has a wonderful thin little cinnamon cookie/biscuit called 'feuillets a la cannelle' perfect for teatime. Is there an Alsatian in the kitchen at Picard?
 The best thing you can do is bring your own supply to Paris. And the place to get it is from the UK company, Cinnamon Hill. They have a lovely grater especially and only for cinnamon as I found out when I tried to use it for nutmeg..a no no. Honestly I thought I was getting good stuff at Kalustian, New York but no way. Cinnamon Hill's Ceylon and Saigon sticks have a more delicate flavor yet an intensity. It lifts anything you add it to including my daily cup of hot chockie. Yesterday Bear and I had a cinnamon fest chez nounours/marshmallow bears. By the way Speculous has a mere .02 % cinnamon - Quelle disappointment. Well that's the lowdown on Paris and cinnamon. Find some other reason to visit and bring along your own supply. Or go to Frenchie-To-Go for the bun of the century (4,50€).
Bon Week-end PBers.


Georgia said...

Nice to see Bear back on the scene!
He needs to get out more.

La Table De Nana said...

Fun.. love the wee bears too..Hoping something you picked up while out with Janice will be in my PB envelope!
PS you look GREAT.

Parisbreakfasts said...

A red card from Chez Shen
Get the #26 soupe Pho
And the rouleau printemps

Maga in Wales said...

You can get cinnamon in Carrefour:
I used to buy it from Carrefour in Belgium when we lived there so did a search.
Hope this helps

Parisbreakfasts said...

It isn't that you can't find the stuff
You can but the quality is not up there
Maybe it was proper good Ceylon sticks in Belgium..
Cheers Carolg

Anonymous said...

Try Roellinger - they have excellent spices:

Rupert said...

Formidable! Thanks so much. Actually I’m surprised that you found so much cinnamon in Paris anyway. My partner, in business and love, Grater Garbo, is Swedish and can vouch for the North/South Europe cinnamon. A bientot.

Parisbreakfasts said...

You're absolutely right.
I always think of vanilla and Roellinger.
I'm overdue visiting there!

Marie B. Corso said...

Yes. What you want is cinnamon from Ceylon. Have you tried an Indian or Mediterranean market? Should be available cheaper. What about Bon Marche? Gotta be some good stuff there. Are you putting on weight in Paris?

Parisbreakfasts said...

That's what the visits to the pool are for!
A pre-emtive strike against incipient blimpiness

Anabel said...

The REAL question is BEAR putting on weight? Is he bipusting out of his cashmere stripes a tad..?

Peggy said...

Do you have a book on the market? I am an avid reader. I love Janice's book and her letters and her blog.
I feel certain I would like your book (if there is one) and your blog, which I already love. Your art is so lovely.

Parisbreakfasts said...

My sketch letters will become a book (I hope)
Stay tuned
And get the sketch letters in your mailbox
Be on the ground floor with PB's book!

Nikon said...

Love all of those shots of Bear :)
The exterior of Patisserie Viennoise with the blur of a scooter zipping by is a very nice shot!

Veronica said...

I just followed your link to Janice where I saw the spectacular picture of you! Guess I hadn't seen a photo before. You look great!

Robert J said...

ove your watercolors and blog! Today's "cinnamon"--yum. I was watching a TV show about Cinnabon Bakeries here, and the CEO said she buys only the BEST (and VERY expensive) cinnamon from (I forget where!). She said that made the difference in her product and others. But I thought cinnamon was cinnamon. Who knew there were good, better, best kinds? I totally believe her because when you smell her cinnamon rolls baking you go absolutely wild and will probably drool in public.

Parisbreakfasts said...

I grew up on Philadelphia Sticky bun so Cinnabon does not make the grade for me.
Somehow too cakey and not caramelized enough on top IMHO.
'Something is broken' as they say on Blogger.
The Frenchie-To-Go chef must come from Philly

Coco Jobard said...

Ha Ha ! Carol you really make me laugh
with BéBéBear eating your tarte à la cannelle !!!
Love the post !

Parisbreakfasts said...

It's true.

I never touch cake. I save it all for Bear.

Bonnie L said...

That is what I am doing with your sketch letters, putting them into a binder! I would buy any book of yours in a heartbeat, Carol. Received my 2nd belles lettres yesterday! �� Charming!

Carol said...

The sticky buns look like they are filled with pecans. This would match the sticky buns my Dad treated us to at breakfast on the wharf of Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1948. The family likes to relate the story of his offering the one remaining bun around to each of us thinking we realized this was a not too subtle polite gesture. I, the naive, gullible daughter, accepted his offer! Yumm -- I'll never live it down.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Pecans cost a large fortune here.
I would have jumped on it too
Survival of the fittest I say!

Lynne C said...

The bun, it looks so wonderful. I don't think I have ever seen a cinnamon bun like that...

Ann in LA said...

Loved the last two PB blogs (I love all) but the last two days loaded with so much great stuff !!!!! I am sorting out all the info for my May visit.

Jeanie said...

Well, since cinnamon is one of my faves, too, looks like another spot for the list! Better REALLY walk to make that one "disappear" after dining!

Kiki said...

I can't quite relay to your probs; I buy ground cinnamon in quite large(ish) packs on the market and I'm happy with it. 'Rolls' of cinnamon 'bark' I buy either in packs of approx 10 or small formats of approx 3cm lengths in large plastic 'screw top containers' - I use them for tea, desserts, confiture, fruit salad AND decorations for Christmas time!
The Cinnamon Stars are indeed Christmas cookies and should only be eaten around that time as not to spoil one's appetite :)
Wishing you good cinnamon hunting!

Unknown said...

Love all your posts and being a watercolour painter myself admire the artist dream you are living. Just read Janice's post and she mentioned you are near 70 ! No way! Paris pastries must contain the elixir of youth

sukicart said...

Those buns from Frenchie To Go look really amazing - can't wait to try them.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Of coursenthere is cinnamon in Paris. But much of it is 'cassia' and not from Ceylon.
Please read:

c'est Jeff ici said...

Watch out for the bus when you step out of Patisserie Viennois!

Prairie Jill said...

Great post! I always loving seeing Bear (but you know that!) and I loved reading about cinnamon.

Can't wait for my next sketch letter. I just noticed in the comments that you said you hoped to turn them into a book - cool!

Amy said...

Carol--I can't wait to try the buns at Frenchie To Go! I've only been once and got the granola. I'm definitely going big next time based on your pics...thanks for the rec.

Parisbreakfasts said...

My old fav student copyshop is just to the left so I know the dangers well of that lill street ;)

Deborah said...

It's good to know that cinnamon roll was as delicious as it looks. Are those cinnamon bears in hot chocolate? If so, where did you find them?

Parisbreakfasts said...

Another cinnamon nut!
No those ar French nounours - chocolate covered marshmallow bears. I know...decadent.

Courtney D. said...

Do you know Olivier Roellinger’s shop? He has the most amazing spices—3 kinds of Ceylon cinnamon alone, as well as from Madagascar and India. The most amazing variety of peppercorns too—and vanilla. Plus a ship of cloves!

Anyway, if you are looking for cinnamon as a spice, he’s your man.

My husband always sends me Paris Breakfast—and I usually read it with breakfast.

Annette said...

Carol, I bought a yummy escargot chocolate canelle this morning at the boulangerie across the street. Next time you're at the post office or Bu, walk a block up Cardinal Lemoine and see if the boulangerie on the corner of rue Monge/rue de la Boucherie has any left (the grey storefront, not the purple one).

Parisbreakfasts said...

You sure it wasn't a Cannele...the little fluted cakes?
No cinnamon there ;(