Thursday, March 13, 2014


Did we ever have a proper Winter in Paris this year?
It passed us by and we plunged from Fall straight into Spring, not that I'm complaining.
The bouquets are out at Aquarelle.
The aromas as you pass by florist shops are gorgeous.
Trick picture - these evergreen ever-waving leaves are year-round in the Louvre Carrousel of shops.
Real indeed blossoming trees in musée Cluny's gardens.
All the Impressionists, especially Monet had Spring nailed.
You get on the bus and sit down next to a woman with daffs in her purse. Happens everyday in Paris in Paris.
Springie cafe chairs are out in their bright colors.
Beautiful soaps come as a set or separately in pretty little shop, Oriza Legrand in the 2nd on 18 rue Saint-Augustin.
At, Frederic Cassel of Fontainbleau's bright macarons are a reminder MACARON DAY is coming up March 20. Y'all COME!
The windows are full of white summery whites. Why are they always jumping the gun?
This hat would work if you don't have the essential sunglasses. I don't.
Galeries Lafayette wants you to go white and puffy. Not me. I'm already puffy.
Hid your whites underneath and don a rabbit head.
Parisians are transitioning into Spring wearing their blacks with a touch of color.
Little Parisians can jump full-blown into Spring with PINK pants.
Ahh...those much coveted Dolce Gabanas. Wish they were mine. Bring yours. You'll need them along the quai.


  1. I fell in love –
    Taken by the innocence of
    Child-face daffodils ...... (Mark R Slaughter)

    I fell in love with your joy of spring, merci beaucoup, Carol! :-)

  2. I wish we Americans took the time to buy more flowers and carry them home. I think that everyone would be a bit happier if we did.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    1. I so agree with you Susan!
      Flowers are infinitely calming

  3. Carol, I bought pink tulips yesterday to pretend that spring is almost here. Today we have single digit degrees with wind chill adding that je ne sais quoi. Lovely.


  4. These large flowers are here at Aldo in MTL.. signs of Spring are only in stores..we just had another storm..
    Yellow tulips for me this week..:)

  5. Jane G.9:51 AM

    damn, but I want one of those rabbit heads!

  6. So jealous. It's snowing here today along the southern coast of Maine (actually most of the northeast). Winter just won't quit. Hope you don't get winter in Paris in April when I'll be there! That will be the ultimate betrayal!

  7. You are killing me with all of those lovely Spring photos and descriptions as it is freezing here in Ohio! I agree with Jacqui as I will be in Paris in April too and don't want anything to do with winter!

  8. Merci beaucoup!! I got my Paris letter today. Good job. Loved your post today with the flowers. The last thing I did last night was looked at images of the Marche Aux Fleurs Ile de la Cite trying to imagine being there. Have fun.

  9. Barbara1:31 AM

    Love, Love, Love Spring. it's my all time favourite season. It brings a smile on every ones face. Brought out my white cut off trousers, had to put them back,
    Now I will have to go on a regime.!!
    Enjoy the rest of this beautiful sunny week.

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  11. So beautiful. And I'm so jealous.

  12. I think your new(er) profile photo is quite lovely.

    1. Thanks very much Catherine!
      Very kind of you to say so ;))

  13. Sigh,springtime visits to Paris from cold/icy/snowy Maine Marches...1st time I saw the Marché aux fleurs et aux oiseaux I had stumbled into it w'out ever having heard of it: total wonderland. A lot of what I found in Paris was like that. A bit jealous, but I'm happy for you & glad you're sharing it. I'm liking winter this year (today's blog post: a view from my window w/ the new snow.) Enjoy the sunshine & the air & the never ending treats!!

    1. Well not everything is coming up roses in Paris...ahem
      We under a polution alerte and all public transport is free to encourage peep to leave their cars at home. You can feel it in yr nose and throat when you go out...

  14. you know, those of us in a great percentage of North America are still experiencing one of the worst winters on record. Snarl. (xoxo Carol)

    thanks for the pics, though.


  15. Just wanted to let you know my envelope arrived today. I love it - especially the Berthillon fraise de bois glace. Oh, I could eat one of those now! (The last time I had ice cream on Ile-St-Louis, a little sparrow came and sat beside me and ate pieces of the cone from my hand.)

    Your watercolours and lettering are wonderful. I love the little extras, too. (Bonbons are one of my favourite food groups so I particularly enjoyed the le bonbon au palais card.)

    Can't wait for next month. Macarons, peut-etre? Jardins et fleurs? Bear? Whatever it is, I know I'll love it.

    1. Thanks Jill for your kind note !!!
      I hope to get the 'March' letter out before the end of this week so stay tuned.
      As for subject matter, I want to keep it serendipitous...whatever comes to mind like the Parisbreakfast blog as much as possible.
      On verra bien as the French say meaning 'we shall see and hope for the best' ;)

  16. I, too, very much like your new profile picture .... particularly the red eyeglass frames. I've wanted red ones for a long time, but when I actually tried on a pair, it just wouldn't do. I settled for a pair in the color of eggplant and have gotten lots of compliments.

  17. Anonymous6:14 AM

    lovely as always...



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