Monday, March 03, 2014

Sur Le Quai, Art Ludique musee, salon d’Agriculture

Sunday was a divinely gloriously sunny day here in Paris. We have been very lucky this winter.
Is it winter? It didn't feel that way yesterday. And the bridge was closed to traffic.
The marathon was going on. I could see a stream of tiny brightly colored bodies moving swiftly up the other side.
But I was headed along the quai to the Pixar show at musée Ludique.
There are small paved inlets along the quai. I wonder if in summer Parisians dangle their feet in the Seine?
Dogs were out sans/without collars. People were wearing SUNGLASSES!
The Art Ludique musée is surprisingly modern. Not your typical Parisian museum at all.
Last day for the Pixar expo so long lines.
But you can't move to Paris without paying homage to Darling Remy can you?
I was crazy about Ratatouille. Was it really 2007 when it came out?
Next stop an animal of another kind...
Last day for the Salon de l'Agriculture. I had missed the top floor, 7.3 of world-wide purveyors all begging you to taste. This Portugese ham looked sooo good too.
So much fresh vanilla as if just plucked from the vine.
The fragrance was swoon-worthy.
The Aligot man from Aveyron doing his thing with cheese and garlic.
This I couldn't resist but she served everyone around me and pretended not to see me. Finally she made an extra goopy sample, handed it to me and then giggled. Out of this world even if it did dribble down my front a bit...
At last I've gotten over my obsession with kitchen gadgets.
Just what we all need now. Potatoes filled with carrot inside right?
This is a flattened version of Breton Kouign Amann. It tasted just as buttery and caramelly as ever.
Beautifully colored punch from France's Caribbean sites.
The freshly-made coconut ice cream was irresistible. They were serving it all over the two floors of regional food at the salon. Perfection!
I don't know how I resisted the gorgeous stacks of jambon sandwiches at the salon.
Maybe because back home I've got my own lovely stacks of envelopes to send out to you.
THANK YOU PBers for signing up at Etsy to receive monthly Paris sketches in the mail. I'm thrilled at your warm response !!!
There are still a good 50 little watercolors left waiting to go inside the first 100 subscriber's envelopes.


  1. I would have scooped up that vanilla:)

    I have found this winter particularly easy to live with..the sun has shone so brightly so many days..(because it's so darn cold..)..but I am able to stay in so it has not bothered me half as much as when I worked and showed homes in this weather.
    Glorious SUN..
    It makes everything technicolor.
    You are so organized with the mailings..everything looks so adorable.

  2. Thank you for insuring that flat kouign amann is just as good as individually formed....frankly, I doublet that would be true, but now I know I should not pass up even the big flat ones! I hear Trader Joe has a version. That will be my homework for this week.

  3. That Portuguese ham does look delicious! And the sandwich stack :)
    Most of all, I like the opening shots of the bridges, the river, and I love that barge! Wouldn't it be great to live on a barge in Paris?

  4. I love it here. I feel like I'm tripping the light fantastic in Paris with you as my guide. The one blog I call out to my husband to share ..........And I always seem to learn something. YES, I have seen Rattitouille three times at least! xxJulie

  5. Ah Ratatouille!
    I think many people move to Paris because of that petit rat!
    Me for sure

  6. Anabel6:10 AM

    Your drawing look ADORB Auntie Carol

  7. Carol, it's been so much fun to take this stroll sur le quai along with you. Every destination is a delight...and that warm sunshine felt so good!

    The Pixar show must have been fun. I've not seen any (!) Pixar films, but certainly find that form of creative tech very, very interesting.


  8. This post touches my heart....a day in a Beautiful City I love and miss dearly.
    thank you for all you share.

  9. do enjoy your postings from Paris. One thing you'll want to catch in the summer - those inlets along the quai? They're filled with people dancing, all different types of dancing, most nights. We were there last year and swooned to find this.

  10. ooh ooh oooh, and I am getting one of those pretty packets!

  11. Hi Carol - Saw you were featured in Huffington Post today!! Congratulations....and more importantly, I can't wait to get my watercolors from Etsy. :) xo

  12. Oh, your weather makes me swoon. I just posted about driving in white outs and all the snow in Massachusetts -- and soon will post about seeing Niagara Falls -- the day before it froze over! I am SO longing!

    Since I've been gone I missed something about sketches, Etsy, signing up and whatever. Hopefully I can find the post as I backtrack!


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