Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Printemps Louvre

I go into Le Louvre Apple store all the time.
Adjacent to Apple is the new Printemps Louvre branch open about 10 days
An extended gallery of the Louvre showing 6 international artist's creations interpreting the handbag amongst the merchandise.
Fanciful harmless animals greet you at the door.
Maybe not so harmless..

The giant purse is perfect.
Wonder if you can sleep in it?
The pattern? Witty broken plastic chips. Trés plasticy.
A melting handbag. That's happened to me.
Bear inside my bag.
Happens all the time.
Fun animals everywhere.
And you can TAKE PICTURES! Are they thinking Louvre visitors are not going to put their iPhones/cameras away once they enter? Plenty of smiles all around from staff. Very nice.
Karl has cats onboard and Marc has catty iPhone covers.
There's even a mini park with bench to rest your Louvre-weary feet (instead of inside the Apple store). Can you bring your lunchbag too?
A classic Longchamps boutique is inside the store.
There are perfume and makeup boutiques too.  I didn't get up to the second floor.
Roget et Gallet has beautiful displays

You can depart le Louvre through the Richelieu wing and go out the portal that opens onto Palais Royal. *By the way you DO NOT NEED a ticket to enter this way (minus the crowds)...I was mistaken.
*PB POSTING may be spotty for a bit till I get my new wifi set up. Please stand by PBers ;)) Tanks.


Jessica said...

Such a colorful addition to the Louvre!
Looks like a fun place.

Merisi said...

Love the giant mosaic purse and the melting blue handbag! The Lagerfeld kitten's so witty (and Karl looks a bit chubby-cheeked). ;-)
Roget et Gallet's one of my favorite brands, ever. Always a nice handful, those soap bars.

Nikon said...

Amazing photos, Carol, so bright & colorful!

365 Dresses said...

Perhaps the department stores are loosening up on photos? Bon Marche? Galleries LaFayette? I hate being yelled at by sales clerks. Fashion on the second floor?

Lynne C said...

I loved the animals.. Very clever...those soaps are wonderful too..

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

They certainly do things up in a large way over there. Fun to see. Hope you get that wifi up and going soon.

french cravings said...

Looks like fun! I always got a chuckle from the "chickens on a fence" on the Apple store window ledge...:)

Hope the move went well. x Katie

sukicart said...

Looks so fun & colorful - would love to see it. I tried your pomme de terre tart last night & it was a big success. Thanks.

Frances said...

Carol, your photographs and reporting tell me that you've seen a witty blend of art and commerce.

I do like the looks of that giant handbag.

Roger and Gallet are classics, aren't they?

It is still so cold here that I can't imagine taking my camera along on any of my limited jaunts outdoors.

So glad that you are getting out and about that beautiful City of Paris. xo

Jeanie said...

Looks like such fun! Love the melting bag -- yes indeed, I've seen that happen to me before!

Anonymous said...

Great paintings!!! Hope your move went smoothly! Carolyn