Sunday, January 26, 2014

La Fete de la Coquille

This weekend La Fete de la Coquille is taking place in Montmartre, Place des Abbesses. It's a DON'T MISS if you're in Paris.
As a scallop lover and all things Breton this fete is one of my favorites in Paris. *By the way I got kissed on the Metro by a complete stranger but more about that later.

The fete may look a bit rag tag under l'eglise St. Pierre de Montmartre but never mind.

The first stand offers the typically Breton crunchy cookies in apricot, lemon and bien sur caramel au beurre sale.

The same stand has the Breton buttery, caramelized cake, kouign amann hot straight out of the oven.

I saved mine for later and headed to the oyster table.

I ate these last year at the fete. They were just as good and the same prix/price - 7 euros a half dozen.
The oyster shuckers were having a ball.
You can buy a kilo of scallops/coquille au natural for 6 euros or 20 euros for almost a pound and out of the shell ready for the pan.

Ate the same fish soup as last year, just as good (2.50). A whole bottle is 3.50. I'm returning for this.
Hot from the pot with little croutons and rouille sauce. It's a good idea to arrive at the Fete famished.
Chef Vincent Premorvan of La Cotriade in Paimpol did cooking demos at the degustation/tasting station (3 euros each).
I ate two of his 'Noix de Saint-Jacques a la plancha, embeurrees de choux a la biere et lard/scallops sitting on sauerkraut cooked in beer and bacon. 

A good time was had by all.
A lively Breton band.

Les Commandierie du clos Montmartre were singing up a storm with the help of the vin chaud/hot spiced wine. Note the copper pot.

I didn't taste a galette saucisse or Renne hotdog. You can't eat everything. Nor did I taste the Brittany cider, sparkling apple juice, beers or champagne and wines on offer.
The famous mariniere T-shirts from Amor-Lux are always present at these fetes.
There were fish mongers too. Anyone wearing a red shirt is from Brittany.
Later in recovery I downed my kouign amann if one fell swoop and fell instantly asleep so this post is late.
Speaking of late posts, I've had problems with Feedburner. I'm so sorry many of you haven't been getting your PB. Thanks to brilliant genius Jeanne of 365 dresses things are fixed.
As for that kiss on the Metro - here's the gent what done it - 'je ne regret rien' Bon weekend.


  1. Lawrence3:12 AM

    Too many goodies first thing in the morning and I'm in the wrong country :(

  2. Carole you are too funny. What a sly mention of being kissed by a stranger in the metro!!

    Just to let you know, I believe that I wasn't receiving my notifications through Bloglovin' either. But I'm all caught up now.

    Bon dimanche!

  3. LOL, was the kiss on the way home after all the goodies at the fete? I'm with you on the Koign Amann---nothing better on earth, although those scallops look like a contender. Thanks for the compliment---happy to help you out!

  4. Looks like a ton of fun..and nice people and friendly dogs..he is quite gorgeous :)
    I love when someone figures out a computer glitch for me..How nice!

  5. Oh, I would love this. The food looks amazing and now I am practically drooling. Would love to have one of those shirts too. What a fun event for sure.

  6. The oysters I can still take or leave. Apart from that give me seafood every day and Jeanie is a happy girl. This looks like a blast! I am now getting (again) your feed mails. Thanks! Oh, what a fun thing to do in January -- such a relentless month.

  7. I was freaking out about the kiss, but what a cutie so I guess I would have no regrets either. Lovely post today.

  8. Barbara L.1:02 PM

    Love the scallops, but will leave the oysters, thank you. Was it a sloppy kiss or warm & gentle
    Hope it was dry for the fete day. ours was grey & drizzly yet again.

    1. It was a quick wet kiss.
      A kiss is a kiss...I'm not choosy.

  9. Happy to see you bright and early this a.m. here in sunny Los Angeles, btw nice kiss on the Metro!


  10. Oysters, scallops, fish soup, Breton cookies, dog kisses - I am so jealous. So glad the blog is fixed as I much prefer it every day as I can linger over each post a little longer than when I have to catch up on 5 at once.

  11. Your posts bring beauty into my life each day. I cannot imagine what it must be like living in an environment where beauty in every detail is the norm. All I can think about is how time consuming it must be to make all those intricate appetizers and pastries. It makes one wonder how the shops ever make a profit, although you did indicate that the prices of these little treasures is pretty dear. How lucky you are to be surrounded by this feast to the eyes and palate.

  12. RI is "The Ocean State" so I love seafood! The oysters, scallops, and fish soup look great (especially the scallops).
    Your kissing partner looks like a cutie :)
    The opening poster is a nice "grabber."

  13. Too much fun! Love the teckel!

  14. Dear Carol, this post arrived on the day that you posted it.


    I am rejoicing at reading about this wonderful event...just seeing folks outdoors in January without six layers of warm clothing is a reason to celebrate., but the wondrous choices of delicious tasting look so, so enticing.

    (I liked your disclaimer, early on in the post about the initial appearance of the event. Obviously, this was a great place to get acquainted with...on site, and also via taking some yummies home.)

    Maybe I will manage to get over to Grand Central's Oyster Bar this winter for my own little sampling of seasonal treats. Every year I make this promise and do not keep it...just like seeing The Nutcracker.


    1. Oh The Oyster Bar...I do miss that ;))
      Those warming stews...

  15. I was totally intrigued at the beginning when you referred to the kiss....but I am easily distracted and between the warm kouign aman and those gorgeous coquille shells (I'd buy the scallops just to get the shells!) I forgot about the mystery kisser entirely. I could not have been happier to see your ameureuse's (sp?) picture!
    PS I was out of town this weekend, so do not worry that I might have gotten this post late....the late one was moi!

  16. I’ve been delighting in my daily “Paris Breakfasts" for some years now, happy to share your
    love of the city and all things French (well, almost all things). I’m also a watercolor, French
    cuisine, and dog enthusiast, so your take on life there is right up my allée. But I hadn’t felt
    moved to respond, or even thank you (which I should have done long ago) until today’s post
    about the Fête de Coquille and "the kiss from the stranger on the Metro".Anyway, I hope it’s not too late to thank you for all the hours of vicarious pleasure you’ve brought me for the last few years. I’m so glad you’ve gotten to live in Paris and I wish you many more years of happy
    painting and photographing and eating!

  17. What fun! And as for the kiss, luckily it wasn't a French kiss. No wonder you fell asleep after the Kouign Amann - these are delicious but heavy duty.

    Love France for les fêtes - I'm much slower, since want to post about another fête this weekend and haven't even downloaded the photos yet! I don't know how you do it, Carol. Glad the feed is working again, was happy for you on the break but now realise you weren't taking one (that's more like you!)

  18. Another day, another amazing event, another amazing post.I don't know how we all survive the envy.Oysters, scallops and warm kouign a mann straight from the oven! Yes please.


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