Friday, January 24, 2014

Angelina's Cup

A very nice PBer emailed me to find an Angelina cup and saucer for his mother, an Angie addict (and who isn't addicted to their hot chocolate)?
I responded that many companies in France, especially pastry shops won't do mail order, not even within France. Quelle dommage. But offered to paint him a cup and saucer (at least it won't break). He took me up on it.
I waltzed by to see if Angelina had any little brochures to pop into the shipping envelope.
And because I always find Angelina uplifting to go in and have a look around.
They have some of the prettiest pastries in town.
They never scold you for taking pictures.
Or just browsing. They are very patient with us Angie addicts in fact.
I love the miniature Campfire marshmallows on their tarte citron.
Diving in for a closer look...Yum
You could get a slew of petit fours and taste the whole collection without doing too much damage in the calorie department. The purse department is another matter.
These gorgeous babes do not come cheap.
But they are still an affordable luxury unlike so many in Paris...
I don't imagine Angelina are shipping out their wonderful hot chocolate in a bottle either...
I waltzed up rue de Rivoli to the Louvre and then waltzed out the Richelieu exit passing this pretty divine sculpture garden. For some reason it always reminds me of Angelina's pristine pastries. 
What do you think? Yes or no?
Here's a little well-kept secret. If you want to avoid long lines at the Louvre, do not enter through the glass pyramid. Instead go in this big portal across from the Palais Royal Metro station. Granted you must have a ticket in hand, but on your right there's semi-secret entrance (OK no longer after this post) and you too can waltz into the Louvre comme ca!


  1. Leslie K2:56 PM

    Nice the way the pastry rack segways to the Louvre striped portal.

  2. Ahh Angelina's! I enjoyed a beautiful dessert and hot chocolate and then asked to purchase 2 cups and saucers and a pitcher. They send me to the front counter I ask the lady and she said only 1 cup. I said I need 2 can you go to the back and get it I can stop by later? She said No! Seriously? She said if you want them come back tomorrow. Not is a beautiful French Accent voice! lol I went back the next morning and saw she was not there and this gentleman asked if I was there yesterday and he was the manager. So I explained and he was so upset especially after I said I did not understand how they do not want to sell their products. He went to the cabinet got me 4 cups and saucers and a pitcher and insisted I sit and have hot chocolate and pastry with him! I paid for 2 saucers lol So sweet. But I love Angelina's it is so pretty! Your painting is beautiful. Grace xoox

    1. What a story Grace!
      The manager is a darling man.

  3. Amazing selection of Angelina's pastries, Carol. I'm glad that they let you snap away without hassling you.
    I like how they put their name tag on everything :)
    I could use some of that hot chocolate; we're in the deep-freeze here in RI.

  4. Hi Carol. I thought you might be ill because I have not received your blog for over a week. Then I went online and saw that you did write this wee. Even today talking about my favorite, Angelina's . Please put me back on your list of PB bloggers. Merci

    1. It's FEEDBURNER that's messed up.
      I'm trying to get help.
      Working on it muchly.
      PLEASE stay tuned.

    2. I just now checked Feedly and see that the blogs are coming through again. I received five, starting with Alaia. With luck, feedburner is back working properly again.

  5. Veronica10:23 PM

    Your Angelina post (I've not gone in over 45 years of being in Paris!) abt the Louvre reminded me that perhaps you have yet to visit the Islamic exhibit there. The relatively new setting is great! Many visits I don't enter the L, but rarely do I not stop to take in the ambiance of the Cour Carre and the palace and its setting. I love the place - and the Pyramide. Last year I spent several hours in just the Islamic section. It was fabulous! Not crowded, either, but then I often go at 4 or 5 pm on late nights.

  6. Carolyn1:22 AM

    Now I am dying for a pastry!!

  7. The Angelina Mont Blanc is my absolute favorite---but so rich! In April, I might stroll by and get a small plate of the petit four size---I'll share with you! So are so right, I hadn't thought of it,but the pastries are still an affordable luxury!!

  8. My little posts in a while and then today many all at yes something's up~
    Such a pretty spot Angelinas and I think you tucking something the package is really thoughtful and will be apprecaited..
    I love your potato tatin and will try!! I am going to go see if you used puff pastry or not..
    I only have little red grelots at the moment but they could work..It's like a dream of a tartiflette with a crust in a pie..etc..les aquarelles sont si belles~

  9. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Use my Angelina creamer almost every day...wish I had gotten the cup/saucer/milk pitcher + plan to do on my next visit to Paris! Great posts as always Carol!
    Merci. Patricia, Minneapolis

  10. WIsh I'd known about the secret entrance when we were there! Our line wasn't impossible but it is time on your feet that you'd rather be walking IN the Louvre instead of WAITING to get in!

    Oh, those pastries. Simply to die for. Trader Joe's here has started making frozen macarons -- and they're not bad, all things considered. But they definitely aren't Paris!

    1. It Turns out you do NOT need a ticket to go in that entrance!
      A real plus ;)

  11. Bon jour from below freezing NYC on a Saturday morning. Carol, you've given me a Paris treat at my own breakfast time when a long promenade of your posts (beginning with the Alaia post) appeared today. was a delight to have this multi-part feast while enjoying my own French toast "pain perdu" and coffee.

    Hoping your transmission irregularities are cleared up soon. Meanwhile, your posts are fabulous!


  12. Taking notes carefully. Spending two full days in Paris and my list is filling up. Glad you mention that they don't mind taking photos. I will carry my camera around everywhere I go. Thanks again for sharing.

  13. Your blog has led me to so many interesting people. I love Cara Black and have read all her novels now. I follow your friend at I Prefer Paris. Read Bringing Up Bebe and have wandered around many cooking sites. All delightful. I finally bought Sara Midda's sketchbook. Thank you for opening so many doors for this armchair traveler.

  14. Bonjour PB~
    thought perhaps you were taking some time 'off'.....but this morning found 4 blog entries all together in my mailbox....yeah!
    LOVE Angelina's and your photos remind me why!
    My favorite parts of the Louvre are the sculpture now you are making me 'homesick' to return.
    Then Shangri-La.....mon dieu! How exquisite! I doubt they would even allow me in the front entrance and I, for sure, could not afford to spend a night in one of those luscious 'rooms with a view'....Merci pour la petite visite!

  15. Oh, that citron tarte!

  16. It never ceases to amaze me just how much pastry there is in Paris...after all, I'm sure they don't hold them for more than a day. How much pastry do you think the average Parisienne eats?

    1. This is equal to the mystery of the Sphinx!
      You do ask the damnedest questions J.

  17. I'll be in Paris in September, researching my next Belle Epoque mystery. Is Angelina's the best hot chocolate still, or should I try another spot?

    1. Try la Charlotte de l'Isle. By then I'll have my tours up and going ;))

    2. Adding it to my list. I look forward to hearing more about the tours too.


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