Friday, September 13, 2013

Musee des Impressionnismes Giverny

When you get off the shuttle bus from Vernon, don't be like the others and tear off for Monet's Maison.
Instead right in front of you at 99, rue Claude Monet is the excellent Musee des Impressionnismes, and the only place you'll find a few haystacks in Giverny.
The landscaped gardens are the perfect preparation for the gardens down the road. I loved this witty haystack-shaped hedge.
And there are pergolas too.
The various gardens (rooms) are colored like paintboxes, each one a different color.
Inside the current exhibition is an homage to Monet by Japanese artist, Hiramatsu
I loved his color tests and watercolor box of course
Some of his paintings are huge screens in traditional Japanese style, but then Monet was very influenced by Japanese woodblock prints so the referencing goes on and on.
Hiramatsu's waterlily pond
Some Monets are included in the exhibit.
By the time you leave the musee des Impressionismes perhaps Monet's gardens will be less crowded. Avoid the early morning masses when the tour buses unload. Simply turn left and head up the road. Et voila.


Sketchbook Wandering said...

What I think: I love love love love love this post! Those color tests, I can see how you loved them! And the haystacks! And the museum! And all of it!!
PS Am getting together w/ travel companion tomorrow...we may just bring up the idea of a trip to you-know-where...

La Table De Nana said...

Love your haystacks and their haystacks..
Love the painbox.. the russian sage..and that darling darling girl w/ her foulard:)..maybe she is even a he.. at that age..many have curly locks..but her stance made me think girl..
Is she munchable or what?
I must get my boys to wear foulards!:)
Especially the way hers is done..
Great for anyone..

Anonymous said...

aA bit of fan mail to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed this series on Giverny – especially as I was so taken with the gardens at the Musee des Impressionnismes this summer when I was there. Merci for the wonderful luscious photographs and commentary.
Mary S

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

How cool to see the Hay stacks. I have never seen one like that in person. Love your sketches you do too. There are those that say they have seen better gardens or have gardens similar where they are but they aren't walking in Monets footsteps where he spent so much time planting and its not the same... thanks for sharing so much of this with us.

Nikon said...

I love the haystacks & your opening watercolors.
Hiramatsu's painting are a nice addition, too!
Any idea how big the gardens are? Let's say, as compared to a football field?

Parisbreakfasts said...

Hard to say..not so big. Not as big as Monet's gardens.
Just a bank of them in front of the musee. They seem bigger since they change as you walk through them.

Kiki said...

"When you get off the shuttle bus from Vernon, don't be like the others and tear off for Monet's Maison."
oui maman - ce sera fait selons vos instructions! :)
you're right.... love your drawings.... (sorry to repeat myself)
bon weekend, Kiki

Kiki said...

YES; you must.... (imperatif!)
you'll love, love, love it - combined with a boat tour you can then say that you've seen it (nearly) all.... :)))))

Yves Fey said...

Gorgeous post. And now I realize I should have gone late to Monet's house instead of early! I had a wonderful excursion up the road to the Impressionist museum and discovered Maxmilien Luce, who I'd never even heard of. Fabulous painter!

Khammany said...

Hi! I was directed your way because I am interested in trying my hand at water colors and a fellow blogger said you would give me courage to start! And wow! She was right. Plus, I love Paris and France so this is the perfect combination! I am so excited to have found you!

NataliaR said...

What beautiful sketches and gorgeous pictures!
Feel like we've returned to Giverny for a wonderful visit; Musee,the gardens,Monet's maison....thanks,Carol!

Barbara Lilian in France said...

Thanks Carol for all your lovely pictures, I felt like I was walking through those lovely gardens with you & as always I love your sketches.

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Hwo great to see those haystacks! We have tons of hay here but it's all rolled into round bales! Beautiful in their own right, but it's nice to see someone doing the old way.

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

PS. Love that chic little baby with matching scarf! She's better dressed than I would be.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I love your and Monet's paintings best in the world. It' s my first time to see the Hiramatsu's. When I'm back to japan, I want to visit his museum. I went to Pushikin museum in Moscow a few weeks ago. It has some paintings of Monet. I looked at the painting of nymphea there, and it reminded me of my visit of Giverny. Thanks your watercolors and photographs.

pâtes et pattes said...

Dear Carol, I always read you blog, it's always wonderful! Have you find your new appartment? Is it in the same arrondissement? Kisses Helga

Jeanie said...

Sigh. So beautiful. I'd certainly love to see the Japanese tribute, since I'm very fond of Japanese art, too. What a glorious experience!

annechung said...

Thanks to you, I'm headed for Giverney except I'll be accessing it from Rouen. I shall be in Paris Octo 23 to 26, will be staying at the Hotel Caron de Beaumachais. Maybe we can meet.

Jill @ MadAboutMacarons said...

Et voilà - beautifully presented, Carol.

Louise said...

What a gorgeous place. I hadn't heard of this Musee before, it looks charmant. As does the jeune file with her impeccably tied scarf.

tina @ colourliving said...

Just gorgeous!!!