Monday, September 23, 2013

La Fete du Manger Local

Last weekend was the Fete de MANGER LOCAL on the quai de la Seine by pont d'Alma = more eating!
Loads of producteurs/farmers etc. from the Ile de France department onboard to share their bounty. 
It was a perfect day for picnicking, bright and sunny.
PLEASE TASTE the delicious home-made jams. 
Made by the ice cream lady.
I ate the very fraise/strawberry. It could not have been more berry. 
Why do I want everything I see at these special marches especially if it has cherries in it.
Nutty breads for your cherry jam.
Or you could go the ham route.
I got a big bottle of apple-pear juice for 3 euros.
Fruit juices come bubbly or flat. 

The mushroom lady, Marianne, a champignonnier
I got a 1/2 kilos of champignon de Paris.
It's Fall so there must be a French squirrel.
Why didn't I get fresh cresson instead of the cherry tomatoes. Did you know you can go picking fruit and veg on local farms around Paris? I sat down for a munch and noticed a free-range mushroom lurking but decided to let it be. Don't miss the pop-up gastronomic markets in Paris. Loads of tastes and loads of fun.


  1. Quelle belle journée~!
    I would have gravitated towards the mushrooms for sure~
    But the breads first~
    Marilyn is so coquette! Love it..
    I may be in Provence in 2014..but Paris..not so sure..
    My friend..goes around Oct 20th..She lived there for years..
    I see it through her..and you:)

  2. Is that a cardboard photo of carrot-lettuce-pear at the kiosk or do they grow them bigger on the Ile de France?

  3. So many good things to eat and never enough time!

    Thank you for sharing your adventures!

  4. Isn't this a terrific time of the year, Carol?

    Late summertime produce is still ripening on the vine or stem, while early autumn stars (les pommes et poires) are beginning to take the stage. Lots of sunflowers and chrysanths on view in the farmers markets, too.

    Squash both summer and fall versions, as well, and pumpkins are waiting in the wings. It's sweater weather, with evenings getting just a bit chillier.

    Such energy! It's great fun to see how Paris displays the riches of this particular time of the year.

    Merci! xo

    1. L'Eté indien they call it just like we do

  5. The ice cream really grabbed my eye! Who needs a salad?
    I like the last painting, too bad I won't be able to get there!!

  6. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Post after post of just fabulous food shows and local markets. I'm putting on weight just reading about it. How are you still able to get into your wardrobe????
    Keep it coming.

  7. This set of posts is fantastic. I love your sketches, paintings, etc. What an incredible addition to your wonderful photos and text. Thank you so much!

  8. This was fun. I do not know how you work it all in. I would just love to follow you around for a day. (Not in a creepy way.) :)

    1. I'm exhausted following me around ;(
      I'm not sure I've figured it out..
      I tend to overdo things and suffered the consequences last nite with a very upset tum
      I've yet to learn the French way of moderation..ahem

  9. I am so enthralled with your posts since you've moved there. It's beyond beautiful and so inviting, the food looks just out of this world. Wish I were there with you. I'm making notes of all your points of interest for the next time I go. I just love to see your posts every morning, you make me drool a bit. xo

  10. Il est très important de défendre les bons produits du terroirs... il en va de notre identité.
    J'ai été élevée par mes grands-parents et ils m'ont inculquée les bonnes valeurs. Les bonnes choses sont de véritables repaires dans la famille. J'adore cuisiner et je recherche toujours les meilleurs produits pour confectionner de bons petits plats... Bienvenue à la maison !
    Gros bisous et merci pour cet excellent reportage.

  11. Your posts make me so hungry!

  12. That looks very delicious.
    I love the champignons....and the squirrel:-)

  13. OK just read you post about relais des desserts. (sorry fete du manger....)

    you must have been an exceedingly good girl in your previous life to get this kind of karma this time around!

  14. Yummy. Makes me want to book a trip right now!!


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