Friday, July 07, 2006

La Vie en Rosé 3

I never cared much for PINK (rose). This Paris trip I'm seeing PINK like crazy.
Veuve has a new pinkie Rosé out this spring, made by adding a little Pinot Noir wine to "white" Champagne with fruity aromas of wild strawberries and cherries.
PINK cakes and desserts are everywhere in Paris. They like to make a fuss over their red fruits in France - framboise, fraise, cerises, groseilles etc. To such a degree that they even throw them altogether and come up with quatre fruits rouges (4 red fruits) in confiture and gateaux. Still any excuse for PINK is the issue here...
Not just French cakes are decked out in PINK. I met Barbara Marcinkowska by chance when we shared a couchette from Venice to Paris 2 years ago.
Barbara is not only an accomplished cellist and festival organiser but she does wonderful watercolors when in Venice.
These lush bouquets come from AU NOM DE LA ROSE on 50, rue du Cherche Midi in the 6th ème. Rose petals were scattered at the base...
I decided to visit the Paris Fauchon for Afternoon tea and take the stairway to PINK heaven. My rose exposure was limited to Fauchon NYC, but their affair with Pink has sadly switched to Fuchsia! Why? They're in a transition stage, so you can still get the old pale pink if you hurry.
Why do brands change their colors and think they can get away with it? BIG mistake IMO. After you've formed an allegiance, even an addiction to their colors, they go and change it. Have you noticed how the best brand T-shirts are on the backs of the sales staff? I fall for the ones that say SOLDÉ (sale) or STAFF on the back. Not for sale either :(

At the Paris Fauchon you get a tiny minute glass full of pink sand so you know when your tea is ready! The china is covered in a macaron pattern too.
Pierre Hermé is a big time lover of Rose. He knows how to toss in a touch of green to make his pinks pop! I'd love to know how that little droplet stays on the rose petal for the voyage back to your hotel room.
I admit my rose-colored glasses are stuck on with Crazy Glue when it comes to Paris. What can I do :)


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    wow! love these bigger photos. They are knockouts. Now I feel I can really get my nose into the cakes. Your photos and watercolors are just exquisite and give so much pleasure.

  2. hi carol, simply gorgeous - i adore the "dew drop" on the p.h rose petal; i've been told it's liquid glucose

  3. I must say, every time I have a look at your blog I get hungry! So much good food it makes me want to move to Paris!!!! Good job.


  4. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Carol Tu est Geniallllllllllle!
    Ton article et tes aquarelles et tes photos SUPERBE!
    Je t'embrasse B.

  5. I can't wait to try the new veuve cliquot rosé, I had already seen it at the Marquise de Sévigné and was tempted by it. Have you tried it?
    Oh, and I also adore Au nom de la rose... when i lived in paris i would buy my mom bouquets of roses there every now and then (the one on bvd. victor hugo) .

  6. Moi - I haven't tried the V-C Rosé yet...I only borrowed a bottle for the picture from the Sherry-Lehmann wine shop I do catalog artwork for..perhaps soon :)
    Au Nom de la Rose = what an amazing shop. It seems it's a chain and in the UK as well, but not here in the US. Don't know why :(

    Coco - I did develop a watercolor binder for
    where I work part-time and then encouraged them to bring out a paint box w/ hand-made colors. You can order from them in Germany or email me for more info. The paints are very rich and granular and mix well with other brands.

    J - Thanks for the inside scoop on P.Hermé's can;t just be a chef these days, you have to be a chemist too, but maybe cooking IS chemistry.

    Luis- Please go to PARIS!Tout suite :)

    Viv-no noses in the cakes ! Ya hear Girl :)

  7. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Ravissant la vie en rose !

  8. The top photo is my favorite. Stunning ste up and color, and of course the light swirling about it;
    As usual your post is perfect, I want to grab a spoon! Tell me do you give samples?

  9. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Funny you should say that made me realize I see these things as purely colors and shapes. Mind you as soon as I finished shooting the Rosé bottle I gobbled up those 3 (yes there were 3..)Fauchon framboise macarons in minutes so I'm not immune from temptation :)

  10. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Very nice! Love all those shades and sweets...miam..mmmmmmmm

  11. I'm a definite pink fan.... gorgeous!

  12. I'm just discovering all of your scrumptious French blogs -- I fell in love with Au Nom de la Rose when we were in Paris on our honeymoon, the way they cover the sidewalk in front of the store with rose can you resist going in? I'll be back!

  13. THANKS Donna - I had no idea...
    I just grabbed a shot and ran on looking for more chocolate shops :( I did not go inside :(
    La prochaine fois..the story of my life :P

  14. i love pierre hermes, but i've never seen that particular permutation before....what exactly is it? it's so colorful! :)

  15. Dear J.Lo, what a GREAT site you have!
    Yow everyone go there VIT!
    If you're referring to the pink pops-it's a mystery to moi :(
    I looked all through P. Hermé's odd little printed catalog (no pics) & couldn't spot the title...
    Should we email him directly? I haven't had a chance to really READ yr site but I can't wait! Thanks & come back again:)

  16. pink macaroon? i'll take it!


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