Monday, July 31, 2006

Piscine St-Germain Glacée

There are other ways to keep cool besides eating ice cream.
 You can take a dunk in one of Paris' public pools. But NOT in the Jardins du Luxembourg Fontaine Médicis. That's artwork.

There are many superb public pools in Paris and throughout France. The Bordeaux community pool is not to be believed. Actually 5 pools under 1 sunroof.
 You don't have to be a citizen or resident to use the pools. Just pay the fee (tarif - 2,60 euros).Or buy a carnet of 10 entrées just like on the Metro and pay even less.
You say you'd love to go swimming but you left your cap, your goggles, your bathing suit at home. Not to worry.
They sell all this stuff and more at the entrance of the Piscine Municipale Saint-Germain in the 6ème . I bought a pair of swimming gloves (lower right) and one of those little cloths that dry you off quickly (not shown). Everything is 10 euros and most items are 5 euros and under.True the hours are limited depending on the day. Weekdays the scolaires(students) get the most access.
Weekends are open all day to everyone. The schedule can change too, holidays etc. But there's a printed leaflet explaining all. The pools have private changing cabines. You turn in your clothing and valuables to the clothes check and receive a red rubber bracelet in exchange. Showers are unisex. No big deal. The St.- Germain pool is huge, very clean and refreshing.
My only gripe is the French don't swim in an orderly fashion. They haven't heard of circular swimming. Nor waiting to take your turn in a lane. It's a free-for-all. I do water exercises rather than laps.
I HEART WaterGym.
I was happy to find a cheap flotation belt at GO SPORT.
Back in my Astoria pool I watch the clock constantly.
In Paris I'm too busy watching for flailing arms and legs, so time goes faster. This is a plus. Well sort of...Please read Put Your Flare On says about French swimmers here.
You can still get some crème glacée after your swim. Hey you've earned it and already worked off the calories. Well sort of...BTW is a terrific site to sharpen your Fr. speaking skills and comprehension. At this link click on the Vidéo to see the latest glace fashions in French restaurants.


  1. This is such a wonderful blog and what an amazing adventure you had! Great to find you via!


  2. hey Carol, looks like you had a great time in Paris, you've taken so many images about any thing and every thing, and I know you have more coming....its amazing. I love how French public pools are so clean, they look like hotel pools, so not like the States. I think you should do a series of watercolors about pools, it would be a great chance to use more of that Cobalt Blue Light you like.


  3. Anonymous11:46 PM

    please . . . more blues.

    Idea: Have you done any cookbook covers and/or illustrations in cookbooks??? You'd be great at it!

  4. Joy - I love blue too! I'd love to do a cookbook cover-but blue food is a no-no :)

    Luis-I'd love to paint pools-swimmming is part of my watercolor regime-it keeps me in fighting shape..well sort If I could just stop painting ice cream now.

    Holly- Hi and Thanks. I like your site too. Loads of interesting things to look at there-an hour just flew by :)

  5. Hi Carol,

    What a wonderful blog of Paris. Like you, I love Paris too. I probably go there twice a year for about a week each time. You've given me some ideas of things to checkout on my next trip. I never even thought about public pools...I can't get over how clean they are.

    I love the rich colors of Kremer Watercolors and checked out the sight and just ordered the new watercolor paintbox...can't wait to get it.

    I do have one question for you...when you do travel what type of setup do you have...i.e. how do you carry your materials,what is in your toolbox of materials...a picture would be great to see.

    Again...thanks for all the great information. Can't wait for the next installment.


  6. Anonymous5:40 AM

    I loved entering your Parisian pool world. You're such a lively and thorough writer.

  7. Anonymous4:37 AM

    comment on fait pour sortir de ce blog sans avoir une faim de loup?

    merci en tout cas

  8. More on Paris Piscines here!
    And here:
    OK EVERYONE in the water ! ! !

  9. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
    28 piscines in PARIS!!!

  10. Anonymous5:13 PM

    While in Cambodia last week, I was reminded of your love of swimming when we were in Ankor Wat. Our guide pointed out a huge lake, saying it was where one of the ancient kings swam daily...but there is no record of how many laps he did! (a little joke for the tourists.)

  11. I have tried personally Water Gym products and I simply love them! Keep up the good work

  12. Two of my favourite things in life - swimming and Paris!

    The lack of lane discipline would also drive me a bit nuts. At least swimmign is affordable in France, unllike Italy, where the Romans would have conniptions at teh unavailability and expense of entry to those pools which are available!!


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