Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Aquarelle Glacée

Painting ice cream cones like painting chocolate is "no piece of cake". First of all the logistics of getting this threesome home in decent shape was a challenge. But I improvised a Dunkin' Donuts coffee holder that worked fine. My biggest problem, aside from dripped-on toes, was finding a way to place these 3 in the freezer so they would stand upright. They kept resisting and toppling over. Why they don't care to sit in a freezer on a hot day I can't figure out...
These cones are NOT New York's finest.
There is a Cold Stone Creamery in Astoria, but they don't open till noon. I had to get what was in the neighborhood and there's no Il Laboratorio del Gelato or Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory or The Chinatown Ice Cream factory or Ciao Bella or Cones out here.

EAT-IT-ALL, watercolor, 7 x 9 1/2"

My NY critic says I leave too much white paper around the subject creating islands that don't relate to the outer edges of the paper.
Sardi, who teaches photography at S.V.A., says food shots have to be anal -> everything MUST be PERFECT!! No crumbs much less tons of drips.
Pam, from watercolor class, says I should crop in more. Lauralines paints her still lifes from a "bird's eye view". I have yet to try this is a work in progress and my 1st ice cream paintings.

Too bad my food stylist is out of town..only kidding.
These guys did this all on their own with no help from me.
Natch I HAD to eat them after that...


  1. Eres genial!!!, no se si quedarme con tus postres o tus acuarelas que son espectaculares!!!

  2. Anonymous1:26 PM

    You have too many voices inside your head! Smack 'em all and keep on doing as you're doing---at least, that's my humble opinion, because I love what you do ;D.

  3. I commend you for painting ice cream. I think this must be one of the hardest thing to accomplish since you have to capture it before it melts and becomes a mess. I must be nice though to eat your reward wether or not a painting came of it.


  4. Anonymous4:43 PM

    and your Norwegian blogger friend says that this is perfect. I would love to have a drawing like this over my studio desk!

  5. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Yours is one of the best excuses for consuming delicious deserts that I have ever heard!!! To paint chocolate, cake, ice cream and then not fully consume your "subject" would be such a waste! (smile) Now that's a reason to be come a great artist!

  6. Britt-Arnhild..what's your address?
    Merci :)

  7. hi carol, if you ask me, your gorgeous watercolour does far more justice to the reality of an ice cream cone than any photograph ever could - you, my dear, are an artist ;) ice cream must surely rank as the biggest b**** to shoot!

  8. J - you're absolutely correct that shooting ice cream is a b****
    In the old days they used Crisco but that's not politically correct anymore. After freezing these babies they didn't looking properly ice cream-like, since the surface was exposed.
    Still I decided it might be more fun to do messy photos and to hell with perfection :)
    As for the watercolor...hmmm...
    I need lots more practice and I'm going out today to eat lots of cones to really get into the subject matter!

  9. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I love these ice cream colors. Simply luscious red watercolor!

  10. what a delicious site! So fun to see these glimpses from another culture.

  11. carol! lovely playful delicious post! Long live one edges, crumbs and your good taste!


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