Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Les Deux Magots, bistro glasses

Le Coup De Foudre is when you fall in love instantly - a bolt of lightening. This keeps happening to me with inanimate objects. The tea pot at Petrossian. Bistro glasses at café de Flore. A white ashtray at Café Les Deux Magots.
When I returned to Paris from Provence to the b I noticed a restaurant supply store, Eurotra nearby. If you love bistro ware this place is heaven. True, you have to buy a dozen to bring home just two. And who wants to drag back a dozen water glasses? The hotel staff was happy to take them. These are classic, quotidien French tableware. You won't find them in any department store. I looked.

At Les Deux Magot I noticed these adorable small white porcelain ashtrays. Don't ask why these become Cet obscur objet du désir (That Obscure Object of Desire) and I don't smoke. Later, while browsing at the famous Parisian art store, Sennelier I found that Blockx watercolors uses the very same porcelain dishes for their giant 3" (godets) pans. I bought one, scraped out the paint et voilà. No plans to light.

Here is my demolished petit déjeuner complet at Les Deux Magots. More to come when I'm in Paris next week...Oh and try not to break those bistro glasses on your doorstep like I did when I got home late at night from France last May.

EUROTRA 119, Blvd Richard Lenoir 75011 Paris
Les Deux Magots 6 place Saint Germain des Prés 75006


  1. I'm just testing to see if this thing works...hmmm

  2. it works and your work is picture perfect!

  3. Anonymous7:10 AM

    'Un coup de foudre,' the instant you fall in love.

    Je croire bien - Steph

  4. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Paris - Paris! ville de merde, mais on aime bien comme ca ...

    - Steph

    1. Why did i think lightening was involved??
      Love at first sight is a personal experience and a common trope in literature: a person, character, or speaker feels an instant, extreme, and ultimately long-lasting romantic attraction for a stranger upon the first sight of that stranger. Described by poets and critics since the emergence of ancient Greece, falling in love at first sight has become one of the most common tropes in Western fiction.


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