Sunday, May 14, 2006

Paris l'Indispensable

DO NOT GO TO Paris without the l'Indispensable BLACK cardigan. Thank you Coco for le cardigan noir. Tie it around yr neck like a scarf. Mine has hot pink cuffs, see above, so I'm a little worried. This is de rigeur (improper, wrong) :(Parisians are big on Neutrals -- note Carine here
Check out The Parisian Woman's Guide to StyleA nice neutral color like BLACK makes life easy for les New Yorkaises, since there isn't much else hanging in our closets.
I lost this little sugar cube painting, until I started packing for my Paris trip. Et voilà. I'll bring back fresher cubes and more paintings this trip. l'indespensible Paris by Arrondissements is the best pocket size map for getting around. Plus the indespensible, La Carte Orange - have a passport photo ready for your weekly Metro card. It seems you can only buy it on Mondays (lundi). 15,70 euros for 2 zones should do fine. Almost French is one of those books that get you dreaming of all the possibilities...
A digital camera will make a HUGE difference this trip. The orange tablets - Oddibil 250 are just charcoal, good for when you've had too much l'escargot. I buy them there. Of course I'm bringing my paintbox and a Molskine or two, for quickie doodles in the café.
The 2 little guides on chocolate and cafés I got from Nice and light. The rough drawing and key is a map of where I'll be staying. A friend, M. has kindly offered me her son's pied-a-terre in the 6th. YAHOO! So I'm all set to go off this afternoon for more café adventures. I may not post for a while so be patient with me while I'm having a ball!
Toute a l'heur :)


  1. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Almost everyone is wearing BLACK in Paris too!? Not a smidge of color anywhere.And no earrings either??? Getting big compliments on my NYC Subway-map bag I bought in the airport!!!
    Jackie O.

  2. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Thanks for turning me on to parisbreakfasts. If I can't be there, at least I can feast my eyes on the fabulous pictures and paintings. It was good seeing you at David's party. Hope to stay in touch.

  3. Hi Carol,

    Congrats on the blog! Hope everything is well.

    Couldn't think of anyone better for this topic. Great talking to you on the E train that time!

  4. What a great blog! I love your pictures and watercolors, and your stories about different cafes. Makes me feel like I visited a new cafe everyday

  5. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I'm live in Seoul. I went to paris twice.
    Your paintings & pictures is great!
    See U~

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    IT's too hard to publish here in the cyber café but hang in there I'll be back soon with tons of pics & paintings etc
    Carolg :)

  7. I could just weep at how much your beautiful blog has made me long to be in Paris instead of in this dismal office.

  8. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Nice blog!! I love breakfast and I do miss the French ones!!!

  9. Anonymous10:14 PM

    What a wonderful life you're leading:) Can't wait to see more of your beautiful pictures/paintings when you return!

    And I hope you eat plenty of pastries for me:)

  10. I think I'll be sending a heartfelt thank you to the Moleskinerie site for leading me to you. Your posts are interesting, your watercolours and photographs delightful...

  11. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Thank you cin :) I'll be posting very soon...when the horrid jetlag has worn off a grumpy right now..wish I was back in Paris tout suite!


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