Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bistro De Roussillon

In the pigment store we sell a beautiful French paint brush called the l'Indispensable. I've heard of American and British brushes being called mottler, flogger, squirrel mop, liner, One-Stroke, round, wash, filbert, flat, fan, bright but never THE Indispensable. It's true that many painters can't live without this brush so we're often out of them.
The café in a Provençal village is l'Indispensable, centrally located near the town hall, the church, the boulangerie, the weekly marché. You can come as early as 7am and stay into the evening. You eat a series of small snacks (le gouter) or have a coffee. It's a lively meeting place for local gossip and news or you can just hangout.
The ochre-colored
Bistro de Roussillon has 2 terraces. One is in the back with a view of the surrounding hills. I sat in the front terrasse with an expresso, facing the main square, Place de la Mairie. I rarely drink coffee but the light bouncing off the little glass was seductive.The sun is another l'indispensable in Provence. Essential anywhere, the particular light in Provence effects every experiences. Rich, earthy colors surround you; the olives in the marché or on your plate, the walls of your house, the fields of lavender and tournesol (sunflowers) out your window. Or the expresso on a café table...
Jean-Phillippe and Dominique Lenclos specialize in the geography of colors. Their intent is to preserve the historic traditional colors of Roussillon and other landmarked places. Discover their wonderful series of books: Colors Of The World, Windows of the World, Doors of the World, Couleurs du monde,Couleurs de la France, Couleurs de l'Europe.


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos! Feel like I'm sitting right there! Please keep posting.

  2. open markets and sitting by with a basket in hand...lovely morning shopping this way!


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