Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Salon des Champagnes et des Patisserie Fines

Last May I did a cover illustration for an upcoming tasting of Champagne and pastry, SALON DES CHAMPAGNES ET DES PATISSERIES FINES on 8,9 July at PAVILLON LEDOYEN. When SOLLI emailed me a photo of my art in metro Gare St Lazar this morning, I fell off my chair. Whoa!
On the way to my dentist appointment later I jumped off the train. This is every artist's dream!
Yes I signed it.
Three Michelin star restaurant, PAVILLON LEDOYEN is behind the Petit Palais 8, avenue Dutuit, 75008
Its Paris' oldest restaurant. Former clients included Robespierre, Danton and Marat.
Since 2014 top Chef Yanick Alleno, previously at Le Meurice, has reinvisioned Ledoyen. Now considered one of Paris' top 10 restaurants, the cuisine is noted for complexity and finesse.
Of course there will be oddles of bubbly to try.
12 superb Paris pastry chefs
Will create magic at pastry stations within the tasting area at Ledoyen.
Marie-A called and asked if I'd like to dream up a new cover for the  july Champagne tasting. I scibbled some preparatory thumbnails on the Metro enroute. M-A picked the exploading bottle at the top.
A later stage study of exploding bubbles
M-A asked me if I'd like to taste a dessert before leaving. Why not?
We squeeze into chef, Aurélien Rivoire's tiny pastry kitchen. The sous chefs are on a tear.
Chef Rivoire concocts
Stalks of rhubarbe encrusted in sugar flakes
Into this exquisite dessert dusted with beet sugar and a dollop of rice ice cream!
A second dessert appeared. Two bites to be tasted together in one mouthful for the full effect.
A third dessert appeared, a giant orangette. Preserved orange peel enrobed in the darkest chocolate with a touch of gold leaf. I didn't mention to anyone that I'd recently gone off desserts since starting a new regime. There are some things better left unsaid. This orengette went home with me. If you are in Paris July 8 or 9 please do come to the tasting. I plan to attend. Meanwhile I'll be sleeping in the metro stations admiring my handiwork. Cheers 🥂

Monday, June 18, 2018

Salon de la Patisserie 2018

Last Friday i went to the opening of the new SALON DE LA PATISSIERIE at Porte de versailles. Here's my haul of irresistable goodies + tons of envelope stuffers. I came home loaded.
This stunning tin i got for a 5er minus the macarons made by BRUNO LAFFARGUE.
I raided the Italian stand, AGRIMONTANA from the Piedmonte area. This wild, black cherry jam is seriously dangerous!
So was their panettone (the small one) long gone.
The absolute best chocolate in the world and a well-kept secret is Italian, DOMORI. Only selling 1-pound slabs of this amazing chock made from the best beans in the world, Venezuelan Criolla. I was chipping away at it, hourly and finally unloaded it on my guy at the copyshop. He will never eat crap chockie bars again. Ruined for life. This is a must taste if you're lucky enough to come across it.
I deeply admired DALLOYAU's exquisite pastries like this cherry number.
And painted it later without tasting. You have to know your limits at these events.
The Salon was heaven for anyone who actually bakes.
Though there was plenty to keep snackers occupied.

Many, many free demos
And grand pastry chefs sharing their secrets.
Special small ateliers were offered by the Ritz, Fauchon, Valrhona chocolate and other top-drawer brands. Note the elegant Ritz chef in the background foraging in the fridge. They don't appear to eat do they...?
Have any of you tried this tumeric sirop? It looked so enticing color-wise and the packaging.
Meanwhile the rest of Paris was picnicking by the Seine. The ravaged grass yet to recover from our March floods didn't seem to make a bit of difference to Parisians, always happy to lounge outdoors and eat at the drop of a hat.
More picnicking in the adorable windows of toy shop, L'EPEE DE BOIS, near rue Mouffetard. I'm running back there soon as I finish for a tiny enamel child's cup and saucer I fell in love with yesterday..more my cup of tea than cake molds truth be told, but if you love cake do plan to attend next year's SALON DE LA PATISSERIE by all means. Letters, maps and cherries from Paris are on Etsy. Get French cerises 🍒in your 📮mailbox. 
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Bonne Monday 🍒

Friday, June 15, 2018

Aix = Apricots

This was going to be a post about the marchés in Aix. Instead its a study of the color apricot/abricot. You never know...
Aix is such a warm beautiful town in Provence.
There are many areas with no tourists...especially if you get lost
Just you and the warm, apricot architecture.

Une homme toute en abricot presque...
An apricot pup visiting SALON COTE SUD. Next year I will wear apricot too
An apricot wall inside Cezanne's house from a year ago. I'm in good company ;))
I fell in love with this apricotish wall on rue Mazarine a year ago. I went back and its still as beautiful.
This year I painted it.
The apricot view out my window, over the central marché at Place Richelm, after climbing 5 tortuous flights.
Rows and rows of apricot houses...
Rows of tarte d'abricot at Salon Cote Sud
These unforgettable, apricot gents line the Cours Mirabeau. A don't miss!
An exhibit of French artist, Nicholas de Stael's Provence paintings was on at musée HOTEL DE CAUMONT. Plenty of delicious apricot here.
Drop-dead gorgeous color blocks of slathered paint to blow you away. My first encounter with his sumptuous  work. On till Sept 28. Don't miss it if you visit Aix.
Back out in the street more warm, toasty colors.
I didn't expect to fall so hard for a Paul Boulangerie pot of apricot jam on the Place. After numerous visits, I succumbed and it tasted damn good. Don't ask why I left the half-eaten jar behind, thinking it would be so easy to find in Paris. Not! Only mini-sized jars so far. Clearly I'll have to go back to Aix. The new June pique-nique letter is on Etsy. Get French abricots in your mailbox. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast.  If you liked this post please share with another Francophile.
Bonne Week-end