Saturday, May 20, 2017

I still love Trouville-sur-mer

I went last August for 3 days and then again with C. On Monday-Tuesday to lovely old Trouville-su-mer

Its in Normandy in case you were wondering, 2 hours from Paris. Depart from Gare St. lazare.

I still love the Marché de Poisson - 6 stands of super fresh crustaceans. Nothing cooked. Go across the street for that.

My pre-birthday lunch. OTT to say the least.

Natch I did a watercolor of said homard/lobster. Email me if interested.

We did eat across the street too at Les Vapeurs, loadd with turn of the century paraphernalia. 

In fact we thought we were at Le Central..they are right next to each other.

Never mind. Our meal was superb!

Extremely yummy Normandy oysters. FYI, Prices are somewhat higher when you sit down at a white tablecloth place vs. the raw bar across the street.

Natch I painted my huitres/oysters.

French poster artist par excellence, Raymond Savignac's artwork is everywhere - its his home town.

I still love the wild, crazy French Victorian architecture in Trouville


We sketch this Victorian villa.

First time for Carolyn and she did better than moi


Not much has changed from when Monet painted it...

We took the little tourist train (8€) up to see more houses.

We took the little boat to Deauville too (1.20€ for 2 minute ride...I could have stayed longer on the boat). I ate this lieges chocolat in Deauville(7,90€). Why oh why? I will go back soon I hope. You too!Thank you for reading Parisbreakfast.  If you'd like to receive Paris letters and mapin your mailbox, stop by my shop. Bon Week-end PBers!


  1. I so enjoy reading and looking at your travels. The Normandy coast is where I will be heading next visit.

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  3. I so enjoyed the wonderful buildings. It would be fun to live in them.

  4. Love it all (especially the oyster sketch) & that dessert looks almost like a hot fudge sundae, but I'm sure it was much better.

  5. Love the feel of this part of the world, though I've only been to nearby Honfleur for similar memorable sea food and the maisons Satie. Hope your birthday was fab!! xxxx

    1. Oh I really want to go to Honfleur!!! Eugene Boudant.(sp)

  6. Bonnie in CA9:53 PM

    When is your birthday?
    Me, too!

    1. Taurus, May 17th...also Norwegian Independence day

  7. Jill Butler10:01 PM

    Lovely and for me such strong memories! Merci!!!!

  8. LillieLu10:05 PM

    One of my favorites of the "Paris Breakfast" offerings. Very nice.

  9. Thanks for taking us on a visit to Trouville again, it looks lovely! Would love to visit one day, the buildings are really interesting.

  10. Sheila2:25 AM

    Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring glimpses into French life. I'm envious!

  11. Marilyn5:47 AM

    Have a good weekend. The seafood made me salvitate.

  12. Love that insouciant off-kilter dish for the dessert!

  13. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Yes, me too. I have the plain for traveling for this Summer too.
    Who want to go with me?



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