Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Picasso Masterpieces - Musee Picasso

The new PICASSO MASTERPIECES at MUSEE PICASSO in the Marais opened Monday at 9 sharp on the first day of La Rentree (the mass return of the French from vacation and back to school). You see signs everywhere, "Bonne rentrée". There is joy and excitement in the air for a new beginning.
There is much joy to be experienced in the new exhibit at the Picasso museum.
And great depth of his masterworks
Drawings Picasso made from other masterpieces
Like this Rembrandt self-portrait borrowed from the Louvre.
Picasso's sculptures are well represented.
The many family photos from David Douglas Duncan add an intimacy to the grand pieces. Claude Picasso riding the small horse his father made for him seen above on the daze far right.
A wall of black and white lithographs mostly of francoise Gilot.

Dora Mar in an iconic oil portrait.
You wonder if Picasso's combo profile/front view portraits started with this 3" paper cutout?
A room of these small whimsical cutouts and scraps is in the exhibition
Birds made from bottle tops
A tiny puppet set made for his daughter Maya. So many artists either neglect their children or paint them oddly like Lucien Freud. Yet Picasso was completely engaged
So childlike himself painting on the floor.
And sociable unlike a lot of introverted artists. Those eyes.

An early hand drawing
Picasso's obsession with the artist and his model/subject.
Wonderful Duncan shot of Picasso observing his offspring as the pet goat gambols not far from the bronze goat. Walking home from the museum I spotted two sisters let loose after their first day of school, so full of joy. The PICASSO MASTERPIECES will give you joy too. A don't-miss among the new exhibitions opening all over Paris for La Rentree. Thank you for reading Parisbreakfast. If you'd like to receive Parisbreakfast letters and maps in your mailbox, look in my Etsy shop. 


  1. A day in the life of you!
    A beautiful glimpse of your day, such a treat and delight to receive. Just like the delightful photo of those adorable girls.
    Picasso is my most favourite artist... now I wish to fly straight over to see this exposition. :)

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I have never been a Picasso fan but you have made me see him with new eyes. Really an awakening.

  3. You are so in your element! How wonderful to really know what one's greatest pleasures are:) Love the wee girls:)

  4. Love these pictures! especially like the two school girls!

  5. Anne T12:25 PM

    What a wonderful exhibit! Thank you for taking us along. The toy theatre— perfect.

    1. Lots to take you along this week.
      Its La Rentree!

  6. Kathleen H12:29 PM

    Great artist (even though sort of a jerk as a man). Photo of girls running very sweet.

    1. Very different times back then. And geniuses got away with a lot!

  7. Never a Picasso fan until I went to the museum a couple of trips ago and was amazed by the expanse of his work in so many mediums. Still not my fav but like him a lot more than before.
    Love the picture of the two girls, the joy just jumps out of the picture.

  8. So beautiful....

  9. Robin Y1:44 AM


  10. Ernestine5:28 AM

    I had forgotten that there is a Picasso Museum in Paris!

  11. Thanks for sharing this Picasso exhibition, I didn't really know all these different sides to his work (mainly the famous more abstract paintings). I like the sketches and black and white photos.

    As a teacher I don't know if I'd be pleased that loads of exhibitions open when it's La Rentree! Probably too busy with the start of the school year to get to most things. Those girls are great :)

  12. Kathryn DM8:33 AM

    Oh, I love this Carol. Such a wonderful window in. Looking at the horse Picasso's father made for him, one can see the inspiration. The added bonus of the two sisters .....Ahhhhh!

  13. Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing Carol!!


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