Thursday, September 13, 2018

La Biennale - Grand Palais

A very quick view of LA BIENNALE on now through sunday at the GRAND PALAIS. if you're lucky to be in paris you can enter free this saturday (a first) and I recommend you go. The show's decor is by designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and quite fabulous. Why you should go? You will get a sneak peek at artworks from private collections about to go into other private collections. So worth it.
The hanging flags surround this small enclousure
Containing a rarely seen private collection of Napoleonic artifacts.
The design of the individual art dealer stands seems very different to my eyes. Elegant!
Of course there will be Champagne. I was at the early press preview before the grandees arrived for bubbly and tid bits.
What is de rigeur for your average gallerist to wear to these things? Isimyaki's Pleats Please outfits.
Some early guests wearing black of course and brilliant color blocks.
Traditionally the Biennale was mainly antique rooms like this
And this.
Plus essential accessories for big houses
And of course important jewelry.
This year painting both old and contemporary was added to great advantage.
My eclectic selection leans more towards the older works like this stunning Fantin-Latour. You may remember him from past posts.
Closely related to the Picasso masterpieces show is this fast combo ink and pastel sketch of the artist with his model. The artist references Valasquez or some other old artist. Wonderful IMHO.
I picked this for the lovely glass rendering...strictly a personal choice.
Some summery oil by Marquet.
Beach scene by Boudin...remembrances of summer gone
A wild crazy drawing just to show you the range though I'm missing all the modern stuff
The show is international and quite fabulous. The only fabulous art I saw yesterday in Rockland, Maine is this at the ROCKLAND CAFE on Main Street. My steamed lobster was perfection and you can't beat the price. Double the meat in any lobster roll...just sayin' Today is the 1st day of David Dewey's watercolor workshop. More to come.


  1. I envy you that lobster dinner. You show some fabulous art in this post. Love it,

  2. Vicki H3:21 AM

    FANTASTIC reportage!!!!! I too, adore Fantin-Latour. Also just saw a HUGE Boudin exhibit in Madrid which was paired with Monet, inspiring. I think I have seen that painting where you admire the glass. Either that or another painting where the glass was the remarkable point of interest. I saw it on a guided tour somewhere. I remember the guide speaking to that very subject.

    1. Lucky you...I thought about going to the Boudin-Monet Madrid exhibit. I hope it will travel. This one is up only through Sunday. Then again my Lufthansa RT to Boston was 327 euros. Check out Google flights.


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