Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer Solde in the Marais

Yesterday was the first day of the big Summer Sales (Soldé). You have 6 weeks to get in on it.
Yesterday I went to the Marais to catch the OLGA PICASSO exhibit at the Picasso Museum and couldn't help stalking gold sandals enroute.
Now they're on sale so its too late to buy. Passé.
Love all the signs in the vitrines.
Learn your color coding. Do not be caught offguard. Red = 50%
in the last weeks or so some prices even drop to 70% off!
But what's left to buy?
Still there was an air of glee
These chic girls can't shop, plastered to a wall in the Marais.
Chic Parisiens were definitely out hunting and gathering.
Very good for people watching...
Trés, trés chic shopper with her Colette bag. You can never go wrong wearing dark navy + black.
She was passing by this pretty florist's doorway.
Lots of green in the Marais to browse now if you're not into shopping.
A quiet pocket parc behind the Picasso Musée. Tomorrow the fabulous Olga exhibit report! Stay tuned.Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast.  If you'd like to receive Parisbreakfast letters and mapin your mailbox, stop by my Etsy shop. You can now do 'guest checkout' without registering.Á demain!


  1. When I look at your pics I am reminded of what pushed me to visit Paris..for yrs..I
    loved them and still cute your renditions..I have to applaud your calligraphy..leaps and bounds in my humble opinion..

    1. Thank you Monique!
      Practice practice practice.
      There is never enough time. So much to learn!!

  2. Ah, the first time I visited Paris I hit soldes. It was a very bad thing! Love the sketches!

    1. They used o be very different ages ago. Boxes with stuff thrown in and a price for each box as I remember it at Sonia Rykiel.. No more like that 😕😕

  3. Kathy1:17 PM


  4. JaneG1:22 PM

    Enjoyed this! Very walking in your shoes (gold sandals?).

  5. Robert H1:23 PM

    Even though there were a lot of shoes, it was the table and chairs that got us. :-)

    1. Classic cafe on rue de Veille Temple across from Breizh Cafe. I was trying to get a crepe but the lines never stopped..

  6. Love the opening watercolor, the shoes, and especially the green vines covering the buildings.

    1. Thanks Nikon!
      So many treasures to discover in Paris...constant eye candy.

  7. The building covered with green growth always blow me away.

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