Sunday, June 04, 2017

June PB Paris parks map, Paris In Bloom, Jardins Jardin

Still obsessed with Georgianna Lane's divine book, PARIS IN BLOOM. This time her selection of Paris parks made the June map. 
I took a page out of her book so to speak for the Tuileries gardens.
These 19th century Gibson girls almost made it onto the June map but in the end kids with red balloons made the cut. Maybe next time Gibson girls...
Of course iconic green Parisien garden chairs had to be there.
With all this hanging around in parks hither and yon I discovered I'm a Paris garden person, not a Paris cafe person. The calm. The greens. I much prefer playful kids sailing their boats to the hubbub of Parisian street life. So be it. This lush park, Square Jean XXIII, is behind Notre Dame and one of Georgianna's favorites.
Yesterday I went back to the Tuileries JARDINS JARDIN searching for June map envelope stuffers and discovered more wild garden houses.
A better view of the 3-story garden house.
Don't you love this guy watering his garden house? I'm going to insist my landlord let me have this green retreat in our tiny patch out back.
Or perhaps this lavender haven...
So French these modern garden chairs non?
What we all need now - cascading fountains in our back yards. Very Monsieur Hulot's holiday is it not?
A medieval jardin model.
The prize winner of garden retreats, this match stick affair. Not really my cup of tea but you might love it. Do tell.
Who needs to go to Provence? Grow your own lavender why not?
Truffaut, the big French garden suppliers had this amusing chaise.
Who doesn't love Ligne Roset's bunnie seats? You'll be seeing the back of this bunnie for a bit, while I go off to draw castles in Carcassonne today. The June maps will go out soon as I'm back next week.
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Bon dimanche Γ  tous!


  1. Elenore1:28 AM

    As a gardener of many years I’ve been enjoying your recent letters about your various garden visits very much. You may not care a lot for gardening and plants but you do a super job sharing both with us. It’s your fine artist’s eye at work every time.

    1. Living in Paris I've come to love gardens...just not gardening!
      My thumbs are all wrong 😬😬

  2. That espadrilles chair♥♥♥
    The iconic green chairs that we sat on♥
    Your map♥♥♥♥
    Thanks for everything.

  3. Your June map, Paris Parks is really superb.

  4. Sally3:34 PM

    Love gardens and garden store popups. Matchsticks are a visual relief.
    Thank you.

  5. Doline3:37 PM

    If you set up your backyard haven you might use at least 3 different types of lavender with 3 different shades of purple/mauve. There are so many varieties.

    Have fun in Carcassonne.

  6. an Aussie PBer3:45 PM

    And as for the match-stick display (you asked) ...well someone would be sorely tempted to put a match to it. What a bonfire it would make - not much use for anything else; such an eyesore.

  7. Jane G3:57 PM

    I like the sketch of the zaftig woman with the watering can!

  8. Gran A4:14 PM

    My Granddaughters are enjoying their PARIS MAP letters, and looking forward to our July visit to Paris!

  9. As with your other map, I absolutely adore it!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  10. I must have missed something. What IS a "garden house?" Is is a THING now in Paris? And...thanks SO MUCH for keeping on. Your posts are wonderful to see! Paris is fascinating and through your blog, those of us who may never travel there can look deep into that beautiful city.

    1. I have no idea Caterina, but the French are into them...a little house you put in yr garden? A glorified shed? If you have lots of $$$$ you can have one. If not...go to garden shows like this one and dream I guess...πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  11. I love Paris In Bloom and your map captures things perfectly! I need to restart my subscription once I land at home again! I love the green park chairs -- they're magical!

    1. THANKS Jeanie! I love Georgianna's book too. It has certainly influenced this Spring for me. You can begin your subscription with any back image by the way!! πŸ˜„

  12. Great collection of spring photos and watercolors, Carol.
    It's been very cool here in New England - not very springlike.


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