Monday, February 01, 2016

Maison Objet 2016

From Jan 22-26 the massive marvelous Maison Objet was held out at Paris Nord Villepinte
I ran out the 1st day end o' day hoping to catch as much as possible. This is Halle 6
There are 7 more Halles just as huge to visit. The show is international separated by country and subject.
I made it to just 2 halles.
I love the patterns of the displays.
The figures bring it alive.
I still don't know how to 'do' this twice-a-year mammoth show.
I'm always a fan of Challieres bird cage lamps
Belle de Sucre specializes in exquisite tea time sugars
In a variety of colors and whimsical shapes.
Perfect to go with Netherlands's Pip Studios floral china.
Oui o non?
Everything is designy at Maison Objet even the food has patterns.
I fell hard for Dejeuner sur l'Herbe's stars over Christmas
My checks, dots and stars are coming together on the home front!
Now I just need a paper doggie from Essent'ial to go with it all.
And bunny cups from British
More whimsy from Darling Clementine Norway.
After 3 hours traipsing through just 2 halles of Maison Objet
I was ready to collapse into a bunny chair (with a bunny cup perhaps?)
Or a faux birch bench in a faux forrest
But they shooed us out at closing time.
I went home, slept for 10 hours straight, my head full of dots and dashes. Just a few more patterns for you.
The letter charts up on Etsy. Voila!


  1. What is it about these displays that makes me want one of everything ? Well, except for the rabbit eared chairs. Who could relax with one of those in the room?

    1. Hahaha
      Oh dear Longers...I knew you would react but so fast!

  2. Time is of the essence when it comes to the Rabbit Threat :-)

  3. I would never leave..Oh Belle de sucre and those sugars hanging on the special.
    even more though..seeing your letters all lined proud you must be.Certainly there's a book in there somewhere!
    I recognize the bird cage lamps from your friend Coco Jobard's home:)

    1. You would have a picnic with those sugars ;))

  4. All those halles and all those tchotchkes! No wonder you slept 10 hours--even if you only made it through two halles. I do think my not quite 2 year old grandson would love to 'rabbit' across a room in one of those chairs:).

  5. Oh, how you can make us long to come to Paris, even in the grey of February.
    Bobbie with an e

  6. to the yes or no of that bountiful banquet of brain candy in one who has partaken of way way too much sugary substances and felt a bit ill ...I think such dishes etc. would exhaust the brain receptors and would be sent off to a dark china cabinet in order to rest the eyes and mind.

  7. Maison Objet looks overwhelming, but in a most wonderful way. So much visual stimulation would definitely cause much bouncing in my head. Wow!

    Carol...can you imagine seeing this show alongside of Marie Kondo? xo

    1. Anonymous6:14 PM

      Frances, that is a really comment about Marie Kondo. So droll, loved it. A nice break from reading so much (too much) about Iowa/NH politics today.
      Cheers, Diane in Denver

    2. Anonymous6:15 PM

      Meant to write "really funny comment," bien due. Mes regrets. Diane

    3. Anonymous6:20 PM

      "Bien sur!" Good grief mais l'Auto Correct does not want to let me post en Franglais. Aaaaaargh! Diane

  8. Wow! So many creative people in the World! I loved the Dutch china. Must visit their website. Thanks for the info, Carol!

  9. Love the creative displays at market...hopefully many of the products are NOT made in tired of that! Always look for products to buy anywhere but...

  10. I would love to spend some time there - so much to see that it would be hard to leave (they would have to throw me out at closing time too). I think you must need to go with a plan of exactly what to see or it would be completely overwhelming.

  11. No wonder you slept straight out after all that - these exhibitions are exhausting! Love these Frenchie sugars - I found them at Christmas time and made great wee presents. And love your letter charts!

  12. Anonymous6:17 PM

    How exhausting! But how fun. A bit like the Philadelphia Garden Shiw but with inanimate "objets," instead.
    Thanks Carol for a very lively and enjoyable post and photos.
    Diane in Denver
    Colorado USA

  13. What fun! I am going to try to make it to the one in September!!! AND, your table is really coming together! Good for you:)
    Did they let you purchase items there?? The star cups?

  14. Foodwalker10:46 PM

    Looks like you had a fabulous time at la Maison Objet! I am gearing up to come back to Paris in September. I want to attend the Sept show.

    1. I need a SCOOTER to get around effortlessly!!
      Otherwise I'm toast in no time ;((

  15. What a gorgeous job you did covering this for your fans! Incredible displays. Love your artistic table setting, too! Thanks so much.

  16. Having braved Maison Objet myself a few years ago, it was fun to revisit. Great to see that both you featured it this week.

  17. Beautiful colours and loved all your pages standing up, would love to see them pasted on a wall of your flat on the middle part an ongoing picture ribbon.around the room. No need looking for them , a beautilful view every day.
    Jill Smith

  18. Oh what fun! I adored those floral dishes. Good thing I'm not in Paris right now. Last thing in the world I need is another set of dishes!


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