Monday, February 22, 2016

Looking for Macarons in all the wrong places..

It's drizzling right now in Paris...comme d'habitude.
I'm headed to London in an hour or so where it will probably be drizzling also
Last Saturday it was not drizzling and I went looking for macarons
These days I'm making a supreme effort to work ahead on my Paris letters. Ta Da
Naturally I headed over to Pierre Herme Bonaparte. I was immediately distracted by all the beauty.
Did you read INTO THE WILD?
Or see the movie? Anyway there's an unforgettable line in both. Something like 'Seek out beauty every day.' It's easy at patisserie Pierre Herme.
I hope this hand does not sue me for preach of privacy
More beauties
2000 thousand leaves of pastry!
Instead of the usual mere 1000 leaves.
Another amazing creation...
And 'Venus' La piece de resistance and the creme de la creme, for your eyes only.
Back to getting ahead on the Paris maps and letters...ahem
Drawing Pierre Herme is not a piece of cake...hmmm
At least I used my own photo so I'm the only one who can sue me. Any thoughts?
I bought 4 macarons on Saturday even though I'm supposed to be sans sucre (like Coco). It took me 24 hours to attack them. At least they were small.
Did you know P Herme did a mini collection long ago? I should have stuck with these minis.
Now I'm off to London to see the Queen etc. Back Thursday evening.
Ta Da
Carolg et Bear


  1. Have a good trip to London ☔️🌧💧😉

  2. Have fun,I know you will..I can't offer any advice on drawing faces..he looks good to me!

  3. I wonder how many hours of practice it takes to bring one of these little delicacies to perfection. They all look so delicious.

  4. I think your sketches are superb. I might tip up Pierre's chin just a bit. A touch of insouciance? N'est pas? Love PB.

  5. Enjoy London! Had my eye on that Venus and dying to try it but instead tried Pierre Hermé's latest macarons last week. My favourite is Mahogany - salted caramel, mango compote and coconut. Heaven. Love your sketches - can't wait to see more on return from London. Thanks so much for the Chocolate Shops of Paris sketch letter, Carol x

    1. Oh I'mdying to know how the 'Venus' tastes...
      We could share one?

  6. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Carol and Bear---
    Lovely post! Enjoy your time in London -- and do greet the Queen on behalf of your PB readers :) Will you see the NG Vogue exhibit? I hope so for the sake of your readers and future posts! oxox, Patricia Nauman, Minneapolis

  7. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Many happy adventures in London; one of my favourite cites, next to Paris of course! If you can, try to have High Tea at the Orangery at Kensington Palace; it is magnifique. Also, a stroll through the food halls of Harrod's and Fortnum and Mason are a must; my list goes on! Bon Voyage Carol. Desiree Clermont, Florida

  8. All of those pastries are beyond gorgeous, the sketch of Pierre is very accurate and hope both you & Bear have a wonderful time in London. Say hello to the Queen for me.

  9. Carol, it's also raining here in NYC, and the umbrella-tormenting wind and heavier rain will keep going tonight and tomorrow. Arggggh. At least I had a Central Park walk yesterday in bright sunshine.

    M Herme looks very good in your drawing. His pastry creations are really out of this world!

    Have a grand time in London! xo

    1. Sunshine and Magnolias here!!!
      They think its Spring!?

  10. Nancy C12:37 AM

    What's in Venus?
    Have a fun time in London and dont miss Liberty's!!

  11. In Pierre Hermé's latest 'Venus'. Sable Breton, confit de coinq et pomme à la rose, creme de marscarpone à la rose.

  12. Love this one and yr renditions of M.Hermé are Great!

  13. Jillian12:44 AM

    Have a wonderful visit Ms Carol !!

  14. Happy trails! If you are headed to Cass Art I can imagine that it's going to be even more difficult to restrain yourself than from sugar! Have fun!

  15. Margaux12:57 AM

    I am drooling over all your goodies and your wonderful drawing of the Master Chef.
    London, even the Queen cannot top those delectables.
    Have fun.

  16. Have a grand time with the Queen! Oh, there's something about the pastry shops in Paris. If all you have is enough for one of those pastries, you can still feel like a Duchess as you savor it! Have fun!

  17. Oh my, why yes, I will have one of each please! I mean, one bite of each! That Venus creation looks like it stands up to its name!


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