Saturday, February 06, 2016

Where is Bear? February Chocolate Shop Map

Yesterday over a scoop of Berthillon lait d'amand ice cream, PBer Peggy asked me,
"Where's Bear?"
Bear has been Extremely busy
Running from chocolate shop to chocolate shop all over Paris for the February Map (it went out yesterday by the way).
Have you been to Foucher on 134 rue du Bac? It's one of the oldest luxury chocolate shops (from 1918) and trés charmant.
Not so far away, Maison du Chocolat on 19, rue de Sevres has colorful Saint Valentin windows. Bear was best pleased.
For Valentines Maison du Chocolat has beautiful red heart boxes instead of the usual brown.
Bear has become quite fearless. He browsed deluxe Patrick Roger of the renown turquoise bags at 108 bd St. Germain.
Nearby Bear stopped in Une Dimanche à Paris, 4-5-6 Cour du Commerce St. Andre.
Not only a big selection of Valentines goodies
Une Dimanche offers pastry and chocolate classes! YUM
Bear browses the windows at La Patisserie des Reves, not exclusively a chocolate shop
But such pretty Valentines windows and they let in dogs so bears must be welcome too.
Looking for something affordable in a luxury chocolate shop?
Go for the 'bouchées' - a big mouthful of rich chocolate usually priced under 5€
I was delighted to find all top Parisian luxury chocolate shops offer smaller-sized 'tasting' boxes like La Mere de la Famille.
Pierre Hermé has always had a small box on offer for 11,50€ - you choose the chocolates.
La creme de la creme of Paris chocolatiers, Jacques Genin
Genin has an adorable metal box of 8 chocolates for a mere 11€.
There is affordable 'haut couture' chocolates for everyone in Paris.
Do not be afraid to enter and buy a few. Me too. 
SVP tell them Parisbreakfast sent you ;))
Regarding perspective on the Paris map letters...hmmm. My landlord came to dinner and drew me a one-point perspective lesson on his napkin. I've never been any good at perspective and  probably things won't change much in the future, but I did make the crowd of French chocolate shoppers gradually get smaller for his sake. Voila!
February's Paris chocolate map is not one street but all Paris.
I may have missed a few - they will show up in next year's map. There are SO many chocolate shops in Paris! Perhaps more than anywhere else on the planet.
Bear has eaten way too many chocolates this month doing researche for you :((
If you are a new 6/12 month subscriber or renewer you can have a watercolor of Bear inside a Patrick Roger bag, the next best thing to eating a Patrick Roger chocolate.


Barbara Lilian in France said...

Oh Carol what a delightful post all that chocolate and you throw this at me, I will have to keep strong I'm on a chocolate free month at the moment as I've just bought myself a jacket that's a little on the tight side. Nice to see bear is busy checking out the best chocolate .

La Table De Nana said...

I agree w/ wonder Valentine's day is so commercial..look at how beautiful everything is w/ heats.
Bear in the bag is so cute..he must be thrilled ..and I bet he framed one for your apartment!

Bonnie L said...

Lovely post, Carol! I particularly like the small (tasting?) boxes. So French. There is always room for a bit of chocolate; one doesn't need to eat an entire kilo of it! Although it's a temptation!
I'm anxiously awaiting my chocolate map...another beauty.

Ardent Fan said...

Oh! How I love "The Bear" never to be confused with "The AV-er-age bear" cause Bear is obviously way above average. He is a Paris bear and has as his BFF, Carol. Also his shape is very close to mine? undoubtedly caused by way too much contact with ..Chocolate....Yummy

Cathy Huer said...

I love the Foucher boxes... did you buy one? I have a couple.

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Try as I do, I still can't find a chocolate shop I can take Teddy into. However, he is welcome at some of the most surprising places! I'm sure Bear is welcome everywhere.

Bonnie said...

I love Bear!!!

NJ said...

Paris CHOCOLATE map AND watercolor of sweet Bear????!!!!!!!!!!....... SOLD!! Just ordered and can't wait!

Thanks for sharing this amazing city with us as usual Carol!

WT III said...

LOVE your latest Valentines post, with Bear and all that chocolate.
And the map looks GREAT!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Not this time Cathy
I have plenty of empty boxes here already.

Parisbreakfasts said...

PS You can buy just the boxes and I have in the past.

sukicart said...

Can't wait for the map to arrive - it looks spectacular!

Solli said...

A Paris Chocolate map <3 Perfect for all lovebirds and chocolate lovers who will endulge in chocolate on Valentines next weekend...MIAM MIAM!!!!

Nikon said...

Always great to see Bear! And your fabulous sketches, the delicious chocolates, the shops, and your maps!

Jill @ Teatime in Paris said...

What a wonderful chocolate map Carol. We must have just missed each other since I've been on a chocolate for Valentine's hunt too!

Cathy Huer said...

I usually buy a box full and share the chocolates on the condition that I get the box..... And yes, I seem to have an excess of boxes and tins. But I try and find a use for most of them.

Carolyn said...

How beautiful all those chocolate shops are! Red, red everywhere. It has inspired me to go out and get some pretty little chocolate valentines for my girls. My apartment next to Maison du Chocolat last year greatly contributed to my weight gain!!

Joyfulartist said...

I think I've figured it out! You use bear to camouflage your camera, you clever girl! I must remember the small boxes of chocolate next time I'm in Paris.

Jeanie said...

What a joyful post and I love Bear's appearance! Fun about the perspective lesson -- not my strong suit, either. But all is so lovely!

My subscription is up and I was thinking of renewing or maybe switching to maps. Have to wait till taxes get paid though!

Summer said...

I wish I was visiting a chocolate shop today ♥

Vikki Hine said...

Your Bear in the PR bag is the most gorgeous picture that I've seen in a while - I'm in love ... xxx