Tuesday, July 21, 2015

YSL 1971 Collection, Loulou de la Falaise, Lights Out, Paris Under the Occupation Context Tour

Why is it if I don't see any exhibition the day it opens (press day) I end up procrastinating
Till the last day rolls around like last Sunday?
I made a mad dash to catch the YSL 1971 Scandalous Collection at Foundation Pierre Berge
Admittedly I was driven by the must-have Loulou de la Falaise book.
Have you seen it? A great, endless source of creative inspiration. What an ebullient spirit!
"Loulou was the chichest person on two legs. She had built-in elegance"-Grace Coddington
"Loulou and Yves belonged to the same planet and she acted like a light at his side"-Violetta Sanchez
"I was hit by her beauty and fragility and how romantic she was. When Loulou moved, there was a lot of noise around her because of the necklaces, bangles and cuffs".- Clara Saint
By the way, faite attention: be very careful buying books impulsively at rue de Rivoli chic bookshop, GALIGANI. The sample book open on the table was in English. When I got home I found my copy was in French. Believe me, the comments and text by her friends and family are a big part of this book's joy. You'd think it would be an easy exchange. Nothing is ever easy at Galigani. I must pay 15€ more for the English edition! No way. So now I have a credit to use up. No refunds ever. :(
On to the YSL exhibit. Interesting it begins with this sleeveless tailored jacket
Roundly panned as hideous by NYTimes fashion critic Eugenia Sheppard.
"Yves started the whole powerful uglification trend in fashion, probably because he is the youngest of the Paris made-to-order designers...." bla bla
YSL's collection references the fashion styles women wore under the German occupation '40-45
The famous kelley-green fur shorty coat Yves sent over to Loulou as soon as he  met her with piles of other pieces from the collection. They were about to embark on a grand collaboration.
She became his collaborator (not his muse as both the book and Pierre Berge point out)
I've always loved YSL's fluid sketches.
As a ravenous art collector, with his partner Pierre Berge, it's no surprise he referenced graceful Greek vase line drawings somewhat like his own.
How witty to turn the drawings into fabric
And place them on a fluted, pleated gown..a double entendre.
The first sample of the famous embroidered red lips
Later to adorned this coat dress, not in the show but in the YSL retrospective 5 years back.
40s style sling backs with a splash of red.
From the Loulou book, Yves, sporting a flash of red in the red socks and bow tie with his two 'sisters' during the 70s
If you're a French WWII history buff, I highly recommend the Context 3-hour tour, 'Lights Out, Paris Under the Occupation' with history expert, Thierry Heil. Completely fascinating!
And if you're due to renew your Paris Sketch Letters, a bonus YSL watercolor doodle awaits you.
Be my guest ;)


  1. I just Googled her..I had heard of her..but now I know much more..
    I had a white faux fur coat like that in the seventies in my teens..18 maybe.
    Love your aquarelles.

  2. Funny, but to look at her objectively, there are so many more beautiful women, but what she oozes is confidence and style!
    May your annoying store credit turn into something wonderful...post it for us when you cash it in!

    1. She had oodles of inner beauty and whimsy.
      The outside wasn't so bad either though not yr perfect boring beauty by a long shot. She definitely knew how to doll herself up. Or a plain black T-shirt so she came out looking like an exotic princess.

  3. I like your sketch of YSL exhibition.
    Lou lou de la falaise is charming.

  4. Tsukiko2:14 AM

    This reminds me of the film, YSL, the latest.

    You're lucky to visit easily many many brillant exhibitions

  5. I love the opening shots: the posters - in the subway, & the reflection-in-the-glass one.
    My favorite shot, Ms. Decisive Moment, is the blonde scratching her head as she looks at the artwork on an interior wall in the exhibit hall.
    Great colors, all around, too!

  6. Carolyn5:03 PM

    Love that green coat! You tease us with that fabulous subscription renewal watercolor. I love it. I always want one of those. I would have subscriptions 10 years out in the future if I resubscribed each time I saw one I wanted!!!!!:))


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