Friday, January 17, 2014

Alaia at Palais Galliera

With the onset of the new year, comes the reminder many exhibits are about to close. You feel compelled to race around town and catch them before the curtain falls. Yesterday I dashed over to the Azzedine Alaia exhibition at Palais Galliera. *Thank you Veronique for the new sketchbook!
The museum of mode was closed for renovation for a long time and just recently opened for this show.

The displays inside are madly dark. Still the designs have a lovely organic flow inherent in all Alaia gowns.
They reminded of an orchid seen earlier.
And the classical statues perched outside the museum.
No two ways about it Alaia is a unique genius 
His tailoring lines are just as elegant and simplified
As the Doric columns outside.
Really it's the perfect setting for his creations.
Sadly Very few of us have the essential perfect bods to fit into these artworks except for this lean gallery-goer.
It's brought home loud and clear.
Let's face it, most of us don't have a snowball's chance in Hell of fitting into an Alaia ;((
It's most annoying the explanatory cards are placed at toe-level! Why ever? True they might destroy the lines of the display. But to see people squatting down to read is far more disturbing not to mention having to do so oneself. Why did I leave my telescope at home?
Outside the show poster reflects an eerie quality to the light.
The Palais Galliera is not far from the Eiffel Tower.
Perfume bottles later remind of what is not to be...especially if yo've just made this trés delish tarte tatin with La Ratte tiny potatoes or any other kind of little tuber. If you want me to do a step-by-step post let me know in the comments! I wish it was prettier but taste is what counts no?


  1. Oui, s'il te plaît! To the step-by-step that is. Looks pretty yummy to me!

    1. It is extremement Miam
      It has Bresse Bleu inside..

  2. Oui! Please post the step by step for the tat in!

  3. I could not possibly be trusted with a step-by-step post of the recipe. Not. No way. Impossible. Well, maybe just a peek.....

  4. Lucy in the sky11:20 AM

    The white orchid and architectual details perfectly reflect Alaia's styling. Nice!

  5. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Yes, please the step-by-step recipe...


  6. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Second that on the recipe please!! It will comfort me about the Alaia loss ... ;) Thank you.


  7. Veronique1:16 PM

    Wonderful post my dear Carol!
    You have such a wonderful sense of humour!
    Does one good!

  8. I love the way you captured the black dress and the the way Alaia gowns hug the body. Your paintings are beautiful and like yesterdays photographs of the Louvre (magical) I love the way the light falls on the show poster almost illuminating the letters.
    I did laugh at the thought of people squatting-almost bowing to the couture-whoever placed the cards had a naughty sense of humour!

  9. Fashion! Now you are talking! Love Alaia and I'm so glad that Palais Galliera is open again. I've seen so many wonderful exhibits there over the years.

    Looks like you are becoming quite the cook, too!

  10. The clothes look like they are meant to be displayed and not worn - the tight fit eliminates a lot of potential customers.
    I like that shot of the Eiffel Tower - different look for some reason. Looks like you need some sunlight in Paris!

  11. Yet another extraordinary post Carol. I've heard of Alaia before, but not of the Palais Galliera, or this exhibition- there's always something else going on in Paris. I love the way you brought in the orchid and the columns.

  12. Count me in for La Ratte Pomme de terre tatin. Those potatoes are delicious. Is this the NEW you for 2014 giving us recipes. I did the tomato & goats cheese tart for lunch Mr France said ' I can make this any time '

  13. Love this post as well as the French fingerling potato recipe!

  14. Anonymous1:53 AM

    I am sure they will be excited to know that you were taking photos when the signs clearly stated no photos.

    1. I would love to go to the press preview.
      Perhaps next time
      Perhaps you could put in a kind word for me?

  15. I was at the exhibition in December and LOVED it! Or maybe I sould say that I LOVED the dresses.... I didn't dare to take photographs... Your are much braver than me... I'm very glad that the Musée Galliera is open again and hope to see a lot of beautiful exhibitions there.

    1. It takes lots of practice and tspecial raining classes at a local detective agency to catch these few shots...and it was so dark you could barely see a thing!?

  16. Love your comparison fo the fashions to the columns, orchid etc. Would love to shadow ou & see how you actually get away with taking those wonderful photos.


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