Tuesday, May 04, 2010

James Beard Awards 2010

Last night I attended The James Beard Awards 2010 ceremony at Lincoln Center. James Beard was famous for initiating many things in the foodie world. Another was his huge bowtie collection.

Inside at Avery Fisher Hall the awards were being awarded.
Outside the theater a wild grazing event was going on provided by many previous award winners.
Guess where I was?
This incredible "soup" (yet to be poured) was the taste of the evening in my humble opinion. Made by super chef Kevin Binkley of Binkley's, Cave Creek AZ. You stirred the tiny spoonful of scallops into a leek soup of bacon, sun-dried tomato and mini oyster cracker. Words cannot describe the ecstacy.
More ecstacy from chef Curtis Duffy of the Chicago Peninsula - a verrine of Alaskan King crab in a cucumber consomme with a 3-sugar tuile on top you had to crack through. And I had such firm intentions of eating rien de tout...Ha!
From restaurant Daniel chef Jean Francois Bruel created this melange of...mon dieu - Black cod confit,fennel salad, artichokes bla bla
D'Artagnans' French kisses - Armanac-soaked prunes filled with foie gras. I hope you haven't passed out yet.

Mini-pastramied duck sandwiches from LA Spago...miam-miam
Best New York restaurant award winner, Eleven Madison Park sous chef James Kent, who by the way will be representing the US at the 2011 January Bocuse D'or in Lyon.
Served this stunningly clever tiny caviar tin of Scottish salmon tartare and smoked mousse with Yuzu and trout roe.
An irresistable dessert of butterscotch budino(?) with sea salt, caramel sauce and a rosemary pine nut cookie from pastry chef Dahila Narvaez of Mozzo, LA. Major MIAM! A last treat but never least from JBF award winner Michelle Bernstein of chocolate-caramel crackle. I imagined I would save these for tomorrow. Quelle idiot! They were gone in a flash.
What did we drink with all this FAB food?
Champagne of course from many houses.
And the glam drink du jour was this orchid concoction
The glam clothes must be reported on bien sur!
Red is definitely the color to wear to this black tie event.
I wore my red Repettos of course.
RUFFLES! You could not go wrong wearing ruffles.
This stunner of a black and white outfit with tiny corset took moxie to wear at this major grazing event of the year worn by Josie Lemon of Chicago Spiaggia.
Why didn't I get one in time?
They were everywhere.
I was sleuthing around with onion marmelade expert, SaraBeth, who pointed out this French Girl to me. How did she know? Was it her je ne sais quoi?
I bumped into New York restranteur par excellance Drew Nieporant. I once made a portrait business card for Drew including the everpresent cigar.
Cedric Vongerichten of Perry St NYC.
Who's who inductee Leah Chase of Dooky's Chase New Orleans...
Mario said to me, "Are you taking pictures or getting us some champagne?" I did both.

 Nice shoes!

Are you wondering what I wore to this gala black tie event? A painted chefs jacket that's what.


  1. I WAS wondering what you wore--and can totally picture you in your jacket and repettos. Classic. Lovely, Carol.

  2. Oooh to have been a fly on the wall! BTW Is there are French expression for that?! Thanks for sharing the pictures Carol.

  3. Laurie9:40 AM

    From a foodie fan,
    thanks so much...
    love this post!

  4. Justine9:43 AM

    like being there...

  5. Ooooh! Thanks for bringing us to the party!

  6. Awesome!
    Your painted chef's jacket takes the prize!!!!
    Mario Batali, naughty as ever,
    and the caviar tin makes me wonder how long it took them to assemble enough to tins for the event. Did you take yours home? I would have, of course. ;-)

  7. Great evening! The food is perfection...love your jacket!

  8. Foodwalker10:56 AM

    Are those little bamboo plates in your photos this morning?
    Love the rosemary-pinenut cookie idea.
    The tiny scallops - where those cut from larger ones or those tastelesss little bay scallops? Can't tell if the soup was a clear one????

  9. And oh those bodies in those clothes.
    Do they ever eat, those girls????
    Thanks for the peek.

  10. My emotions reading this post:

    1. hunger
    2. jealousy that you got invited to this party and you didn't take me along
    3. Astonishment that you took such great photos and did not have someone scream at you as yours truly did in Paris

    Thank you - just lovely!!!

  11. Winewalker11:41 AM

    you always get my attention.
    I love your details!!!

  12. LAURA- everyone is on parade at the awards - they WANT their picture taken...just like the Westminster Dog Show...ahem :)

    Yes MERISI, OF COURSE I took home that tiny caviar tin and longed to take home many,many more...

    There are not many walls at Avery Fisher Hall - a fly would have a hard time, but yes it was amazing fun and impossible to see everybody and everything there. Though I don't think I missed ANY of the food.
    I got tossed out of the Press Room by a cop for not having a press pass. Bloggers are NOT press it seems to some folks. It's lucky I didn't get to wear a pair of silver bracelets.

  13. it was such a pleasure meeting you last night.
    lovely website... and thank you for posting pictures of the food from last night!
    hope you enjoyed your crab dumplings and all the other amazing tastings.
    all the best,


  14. SF Caterer12:01 PM

    Once for the Black and White ball, I stuffed squid with scallop mousse, sliced them into rounds and topped with squid ink aioli. Fabulous.

  15. That looked like a yummy extravaganza!

    Regarding tattoos...isn't it interesting how they used to be such an expression of rebellion and individuality and now they are so ubiquitous they are boring...

  16. Beautiful people,nice place and of course,amazing foodies!
    Thanks for taking us to such
    So chic!
    Vanete Arrigoni

  17. Karen1:10 PM

    Dear Carol,
    Now you know 2 people in Cave Creek AZ -
    Kevin Binkely and Sergio.
    We are just down the street.


  18. Wow, what fun to visit the JB Awards with you! I have visited here courtesy of reading Merisi's lovely tribute to you, and now know that I will be back again.

    Best wishes.

  19. Carol - HA! You are just great. I love your fearless tenacity. Had you been given the silver bracelets an email to us would have sufficed. Though I am glad you didn't get them !!!

  20. Dear LAURA,
    Thank you!
    I will memorize your email
    Do you think they give you that option in Jail?
    "You get 1 phone call
    1 email?
    And no vinegrette on the side.

  21. Wow, talk about a full plate!
    I love the food and the fashions.
    All very elegant!
    Looks like you had fun.

  22. Carol, it was as much fun seeing your views of the Beard Gala as it was being there. And I love the picture you took of my shoes and hem -- thank you.

    It was so great to see you last night -- xoDorie

  23. Out here, there is such an awareness of season and sustainability.
    Not complaining about this.
    But it becomes, in some mouths, hands, very rigid. Yes, there are organic and very tasty cherry toms from Baja Ca. right now--- oh but they're not LOCAL. You'd never see King Crab at a do like you were at, here. It's on the Monterey Bay Aquarium's list of fish/shellfish to avoid. I follow all these rules and admire them. But I wish we could lighten up our rhetoric, a bit.


  25. Meredith B.4:48 PM

    From your post, it looks like you had a very enjoyable time at the Beard Awards last night.

  26. Where did that Parisien necklace come from, fantastic and it makes my new bright colour one look pale.
    What's best for people like me who cannot get out is you make us feel like we are out and looking with you.
    Thank you,
    Jill xxx

  27. Laurie5:22 PM

    I was in NY last weekend, and after reading Thursday's Paris Breakfast, went by the James Beard house on Friday to see your watercolor paintings. They were very kind to show my friend and me around.
    I loved seeing your work!
    As a result I became a Foundation member, and therefore totally enjoyed your post this morning.
    Thanks for melding New York, food, and Paris so beautifully!

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  29. Wow, that was a treat. Thanks for bringing it home for us to share. What a cute jacket - you must have heard so many compliments...

    Great way to showcase your artwork and love of miam-miam!

  30. Wow! What a night! And I am so glad you succumbed to every edible - it would be unconscionable to miss a bit of it!

  31. Whoa, you got that post up fast! I heard crazy stories from my coworkers, sounded like fuuun. Boo to getting thrown out though!... that sounds nuts.
    I don't like parties or awards shows so I don't think I would've enjoyed it, but someday, maybe. I mean, for the food..that sounds worth it.

  32. I LOVED your post today - you lucky thing!
    V. v. jealous that you got to attend the James Beard awards and eat all of that yummy food. Thanks for the photos though.

  33. You have to torture me with those delicious creations?

    OMG your party pictures are fabulous.../would be soooo nice to see a full picture of your pretty-self as well :-)/

    I love all the information you're sharing on your blog...one beautiful day when I will finally visit Paris...I will almost be as chic as a true Parisian...Lol...

    Hope your week is lovely so far dear Carol...

    Cheers: Evi

  34. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I am so very pleased that you posted a picture of that breathtaking African American woman - Josie Lemon, Spiaggia. She was as beautifully put together as the food! Thank You

  35. Loved seeing Mario especially!!!
    Merci mille fois!!!
    :) lg!

  36. Ms Carol,
    This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so very much!


  37. Oh you are a lucky girl to go to this event! It is something that I can only dream about.


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