Sunday, September 17, 2023

Marchés Flottants du Sud-Ouest Weekend Fete


Unless you live in Paris you may not know there is a BIG Rugby game on & everyone is celebrating 🥳 including ducks 🦆 

Especially the annual 3-day LES MARCHÉS FLOTTANTS DU SUD-OUEST 🤸‍♂️at quai de Montebello, across from Notre Dame

What I brought home on Friday & Saturday. I’ll go back today. 

Their Melon de Lectoure are heavy! 2 for 5€ They numbered mine #1 & 2 in order of ripeness! 👍 Samples of freshly-made melon juice were given out.

This is one of the most generous foodie events in Paris👍 They always give you a paper bag & fill it with local produce: garlic, plums, apples, grapes of Chasselas from the region🤸‍♂️

Where the hell is the ‘SUD-OUEST’ you’re asking?

A closer look…

Yesterday I bought a cornet of jambon sec/dried ham. I asked where is it from? They answered, “le Sud-Ouest!” 
Duh, but WHERE exactly. “Oh, jambon de Montauban” 

Years ago, in another of my wild goose chases, I did a same-day 5-hr train ride to & from Montauban, home of master draftsman, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres to visit the musee

I was mad ❤️ to see his drawing ✏️ Back then, they let me sit and HOLD INGRE DRAWINGS IN MY HANDS! without supervision. That would never happen today.

This Chèvre producteur would have made a good subject for Ingres, if he ever painted anyone besides aristocratic portraits which he didn’t.

The Sud-Ouest is of course home to fabulous truffles

Wouldn’t Monsieur Bernard Rosa, the truffle seller, be another potential sitter for Ingres.

I was smitten by these sacs of hazelnuts/noisettes (5€) but I couldn’t carry them and the melons.

Also tempted by their noisette butter with petit beret hats. France has terrific walnuts from Aveyron

Almonds from Provence
and noisette from the Sud-Ouest. You can never go wrong buying kilo bags of nuts 🌰 in France.

This crowd on opening day included our mayor, Madame Hidalgo…

They were hovering over the ancient dessert, Pastis Gascon, 
pomme croustadières - apple tartes under a kind of crunchy fillo dough + a dash of Armagnac. I did not resist on Friday. And I had one on Sud-Ouest turf in Toulouse

Ah…the Armagnac is flowing…une petite goutte svp🙏

But the piece de resistance, are you sitting down, is what we think of as the lowly prune, rais
ed high in France to top drawer status, LE PRUNEAU D’AGEN

Even Berthillon has an ice cream 🍦 flavor, Agenaise with a hint of Armagnac.

I offered to buy these pillows..but not for sale 😳
You will become addicted too if you move to France, I promise 

OK I’m running over for a few little things I missed. Will I see you there PBers?
                 👋 People in this town love ❤️ to wave at boats 👋


  1. I like prunes and even drink prune juice! I bet the prune Armagnac ice cream is very tasty. What a fun market and near to you so you can run back today!

    1. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Prune jam, prune chocolates! & prune beer!
      So many versions and all delish.
      I may run back a 4th time for more jambon ❤️

  2. Bonnie L7:34 AM

    Love the regional food fairs, Marchés, held in Paris! You introduced us to them years ago with a Bretagne Marché in Montmartre. Loved sampling the tastiest, freshest regional foods…and being able to purchase them at reasonable prices.
    Lucky you to have the Sud-Ouest practically across the river from your front door! Envy your ‘haul’; those melons! Looking forward to what you purchase on your repeat visits.

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Les Marches Flottants is the best me thinks…although the Brittany-oyster fete in Montmartre is pretty damn good too. The Portuguese last year was wonderful too. The Salon du Chocolat is too big & sooo commercial. Tastes are tiny…😳

  3. Anonymous8:16 AM

    The regional food fair you went to along the Seine looks fab.
    Bon dimanche 😘😘

  4. My cup of tea..or prunes for sure!:)

    1. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Ah…at last a Prune Girl ❤️👏

  5. Anonymous8:43 AM

    This looks so fun! Kerry

  6. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I would love to drown in a life of foods and culture of France. You are so lucky and thank you for sharing with those of us who can only dream.

    1. Anonymous10:28 AM

      Drowning is the operative word
      Fortunately there was not a surfeit of sweet stuff here. - Very meaty in fact
      Just when I’m thinking of going Carnivore too 👍

  7. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Carol, I'm drooling as usual after reading your posts. All we have here is corn!
    Love your posts.

    1. Anonymous10:32 AM

      I would kill for a good ear of corn 🌽
      N’equisté pas 😢

  8. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Thank you Carol! Is this marché always held on the weekend of patrimoine? I would love to go and am planning to visit Paris in that mid September weekend to see the Elysée 😉.

    1. Anonymous10:29 AM

      This is the first time! Usually it is next weekend.
      Who knows why they change these things?! Many People are busy attending Patrimoine rendezvous.

    2. Anonymous10:31 AM

      PS I believe bookings start mid-May!
      Many are complet by end of July, so plan ahead 👍

  9. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Food & Art. Love your posts, Carol!!

    1. Anonymous5:00 AM

      I love ❤️ that 🥰

  10. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Thank you for the great photos.

    I have been following the Rugby games from the Sn Francisco Bay Area. I root for New Zealand and France. One of these days I will buy a French Replica Rugby Jersey. Francois

    1. Anonymous4:59 AM

      Don’t wait too long ❤️

  11. Shirley Lerman12:40 PM

    Hi Carol-
    Debbe and I will be in Paris first week in November as planned(of course that is if we can get a plane that will actually make it across the ocean-we are flying United which had three turn-arounds mid crossing this week). Would you be free for lunch the 3rd, 4th or 5th? Would love to see you again.

    1. Anonymous4:59 AM

      Wonderful ! Looking forward to it ❤️

  12. Sukicart4:21 PM

    Sorry we missed you there yesterday

    1. Anonymous4:45 PM

      Oh no Suki
      I went back morning & afternoon today
      Did you get any of the free Lovita plums (ruby red inside)they were handing out? So Yummy!

  13. Sounds like things are bustling where you are! My friend Jerry was trying to make reservations for his niece who is coming in October (they wanted to be on/near the Champs) and said with the World Cup and such, it was most impossible -- but he did it! When he gets an "assignment" he's like a pit bull. I suspect it's the same with the rugby going on.

  14. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Beautiful share Carol 💕 Thank you so much..🇫🇷Paris NEVER ceases to amaze me...and again Thank You so every pic...Life is truly a celebration there💓

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