Sunday, May 28, 2023

Marché Victor Hugo, Toulouse

 I wanted to try Toulousaine local specialties, so foie gras is a must 👍

And magret de canard (duck breast). I could have done without the brown gravy…the potatoes are usually sautéed in duck fat

I ate at Le Magret, again on the multi-restaurant floor above Marché Victor Hugo. I was drawing this man’s diner companion.
Duck breast for breakfast 🍳 today. 
By the time I ate every bite of foie gras (you can’t find it in Paris at these prices & quality) I was full. No problem to get it wrapped up (doggy-bagged) to take home. Portions are ample in Toulouse. The is a Keto paradise.

Bonnie mentioned seafood places around the marché. 
You don’t come to the Sud Ouest to eat fishy 🐟 things 👎

In Parisians eat magret de canard mostly during the Christmas/New Year’s holidays, usually with a fruity, sweet sauce like cherries 🍒 , cranberries, honey 🍯 and it’s easy to make yourself.

First I went to the Saturday morning vide Grenier around Saint- Aubin church. Aren’t this little architectural maps around town charming? Like Venice, it’s easy to get lost here - so much red brick. 
These occasional maps are placed at corners and really help 👍 This also where the Sunday outdoor marché is. I didn’t do my homework 🙁

The venders surround the church, laying their stuff on the ground from 6 - 1

Maybe I got there too late? This was nothing like the vide greniers in Paris

Still, crossing the little bridge over the canal was simply gorgeous.

And the stunning Toulousain red brick architecture 

Is consistent throughout the city. Not just in centre ville. 

If you’re a ‘doorway 🚪 lover’ and who isn’t? 
Come to Toulouse. You will be very busy. 

It was getting to be lunchtime 🤸‍♂️ so I headed to Place Victor Hugo. 

The buses are easy, regular and fast in this town 👍 & cost 2€

Honestly, I wish I’d taken the la petit tourist train 🚂 1st thing 👍 It’s the easiest way to hit all the high points, get a little history and know the lay of the land. It departs from Place Capitole.

La Marché
! It’s quite a modern halle, the largest in France 🇫🇷 

Clusters of quite elegant food shops, setup in no particular order that I could figure out. 

Easy to get lost, but staff are very helpful.

I asked at the foie gras stand. They had a fun collection of rubber duckies in all sizes.

Rubber ducks are more my kind of thing. 
Where was restaurant La Magret? I was standing right next to the stairway up ⬆️ 

I was tempted by this local specialty, pomme croustillante, but decided to wait till after lunch (where I managed to eat a Île flottant, even though I couldn’t finish my duck.

Though I’m a big French radish fan…

I resisted these multi-colored radis sold just outside the marché.

A lot of resistance is required when you travel…or else you will regret the consequences later (like these beautiful pastries). 
I managed to escape empty-handed 🤸‍♂️☺️👏 
I’m on my way home. 
Our nice TGV 🚄 that was only 15 minutes late.
                Bring a hand fan to Toulouse HOT HOT HOT
                                BONJOUR 🥐 PARIS (soon)


  1. So glad you are feeling better and got out and about Toulouse.We’re you drawing that young lady? Looked like she was eyeing you! The potatoes in duck fat made my mouth water. My Mom always made duck for Christmas and those delicious potatoes. It’s nice that the city provides those nice maps for navigation and that little train is a nice idea.Enjoy your stay.🗼❤️

    1. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Thanks Ga ❤️
      I’m on the train home now, but a beautiful town indeed.
      What woman?
      Thesewas a guide in English as well 👏

  2. Bonnie L7:51 AM

    Hmm, well you sent me an email asking for the name of that fish place at the Marché…so there’s that. Fish might be a welcome alternative to the heavy meat based food Toulouse is known for: cassoulet, sausage, garbure, foie gras, canard, et al. There’s also an apple pie/cake they are famous for. Bon appétit!

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Google to the rescue.
      I didn’t see any place inside with an outdoor cafe.
      All restos are upstairs.
      “When in Rome…”eat local specialties👍

  3. Thanks for the trip to Toulouse! Looks like a pretty place to visit. As a vegetarian I would have bought a few multi coloured radishes and the apple pie type dessert!

    1. Anonymous8:28 AM

      You could eat truffles, chocolate or le vrai chois
      I’m sure there are veggie places - there are many more young peep than Paris. I know there’s a Naturalia branch in town.

  4. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Thank you, as always for sharing your adventures with us!

  5. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Loved Toulouse..even in the late afternoon with limited sun the buildings were beautiful. We were in the Place and had hot chocolate after a long train ride from Paris many years ago. I would love to return. Another city that has been on my mind is Tours with its ancient quarter. and how about Albi..magnificent! Thank you, Carol!

    1. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Toulouse is all of a piece even though the architecture styles vary, because of the brick 🧱 colors
      I had such plans to go to ALBI…didn’t make it.
      The sciatica puta crimp in my plans

  6. Sukicart2:58 PM

    I love the colors of Toulouse and the food in the southwest is my favorite (besides seafood) - also love radishes. Great trip, Carol, thanks for taking us. Did Bear get to go with you?

    1. Anonymous5:48 AM

      You have been everywhere Suki! An adventurous traveler 👍 with very good taste 👌
      Bear 🐻 had to convalesce at home. French moths ❤️ love cashmere.


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