Sunday, May 07, 2023

J-3 avant le Pari Fermier de Rambouillet !

“De nos fermes à vos paniers“
  From our farms to your baskets”

One of the great joys of living in France is going to farmers markets held in and  outside Paris. 

As a visiting tourist, a French farmers markets is probably not top of your to-do list. “Hey, we have those at home. Where’s the Louvre?”

Paris Fermier
 is an organization that holds weekend events in Paris and the surrounding  Île-de-France. 

You’re buying directly from the producteur, so tastes are generous. Hey they’re farmers!

I have always wanted to visit the Pari Fermier marché at chateau de Rambouillet. They have a famous all-shell decorated cottage and other splendid rooms and artworks.

I convinced Rosemary to go with me yesterday. Crepes made with Ostrich eggs. They are big in France.

It’s a 30-minute TER train ride from Gare Montparnasse. 

A shuttle bus arrived to take us to the site - always a plus.

It’s wise to bring a granny cart. (We did not) Many items (jars of honey, wine bottles, olive oil etc.) you’ll be tempted to buy are too heavy to carry in a shoulder bag. 

Entry is free if you sign up on online. 

Early on I spotted a seafood purveyor and was ready to immediately eat some oysters 🦪. 

Rosemary wanted to browse further. She decided to go with this pile of classic French cheesy-potato mixup. No comment 😂

My plateau de mer (14€) Yum

Plenty of seating was provided. Why did I have bring a banana, boiled egg and pretzels in my bag? ‘Always be prepared’ is my motto 🙃 Of course our neighbors were having a delicious-looking green salad of duck and figs stuffed with foie gras 😟 We should have waited…

I needed a sweet palate-cleanser after the seafood and got a small crepe with a dash of home-made framboise confiture. Doesn’t this Framboise fête look inviting? Where is Ajou? A small town in Normandy.

I’m always dreaming 😴 of going to these single product fêtes in France - strawberries, chestnuts, scallops. I loved ❤️ the Fete de la Brie. Fabulous! 

You can never go wrong buying strawberries/fraises 🍓 at farm fairs. I dragged Rosemary over to the fraises 🍓 stand. 

Adjacent was an ice cream counter, with a much longer line  waiting to buy parfaits of whipped cream - the best I’ve ever eaten. 

And that includes Chantilly where it was created. Plus fresh berries 🍓+ ice cream 🍦 Luckily 🍀 if you were buying berries, you could also buy the deluxe parfait (5€) at the same time and avoid the line 🤸‍♂️ Hooray! Anytime you can avoid a line in France is a major win 🏆 

We were too full to try a waffle 🧇 on a stick with prune jam

I was smitten by a flashing escargot/snail 🐌 The ingenuity of French purveyors never ceases to surprise 🙃 

Rosemary wanted to buy soaps. These are from mare’s milk 🥛 At s
ome fairs you can buy donkey’s milk soaps, Rosemary informed me. She must have mountains ⛰ of soap at home 🏠

As a great lover of shellfish
🦞❤️ I had high hopes of visiting la chaumière aux Coquillages/ seashell 🐚 cottage at the chateau. But Rosemary had already been there, seen that. The logistics of getting there (3 kilometers away via the shuttle) and getting back in time to catch the train to Paris were sketchy at best. It’s always about planning ahead isn’t it.

I thought of going back today but the weather is inclement.
I guess you can’t do everything. Perhaps next trip you’ll plan to visit a Pari Fermier marché?
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      🥛 🐚 🦪 🍓Have a great Dimanche dear PBers 🍓 🦪 🐚 🥛


  1. Anonymous6:03 AM

    True Gastronomy Anabel

  2. I love my little farmers market in Michigan, but THIS would be over the top fantastic! Thanks, Carol!

    1. Anonymous7:53 AM

      Yes very OTT. Even as an old pro at these markets, I was amazed at the depth & range.

  3. It all looks delish! Waffle on a stick, now that is inventive!🗼❤️

    1. Anonymous11:20 AM

      The French are expert when it comes to inventive food 👏

  4. I like the waffle on the stick too:) I'd be planning markets more than The Louvre;) Truly.

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Good for you Monique 👍❤️🍓

  5. Bonnie L9:16 AM

    Yes! French markets are the absolute best! And this one truly looks OTT. You have got the art of Marché-ing down, Carol! I would have been right behind you at the oyster vendor. Everything looks delightful…I’m so glad you went. Love your strawberry watercolor. ❤️

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Thanks Bonnie ❤️ i bet you’re seeing plenty of waffles in Amsterdam…

  6. Merci for the visit to the french market! My problem is I always want to check everything out before I commit to lunch!

    1. Anonymous11:29 AM

      You & Rosemary can go together.
      Monkey see
      Monkey want
      I respond to the moment = instant gratification 👍

  7. Patricia Brandt12:50 PM

    Oh boy, Carol, thank you for the link to the Marches des Producteurs. We’ll be in Paris in June & there are 2 special markets in June. On June 17-18, 112 Bvd Richard Lenoir, 9am to 7pm & on June 24-25, rue Ste Cecile, in front of the Ste Cecile church, 9am to 7pm.

    1. Anonymous2:12 PM

      You won’t be disappointed. Go early if you can, but not before opening time 👍

  8. All of the French marches are so fun and interesting but this one was definitely OTT.

    1. Anonymous2:11 PM

      Much bigger than I expected…purveyors from all over France and some from Italy etc.

  9. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Love your post today. You always get the right things at the Marchés! And that looked like a good one. ❤️ HF

  10. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I enjoyed your plateau de mer this morning - I felt I was with you on your adventure 👏

    1. Anonymous2:09 AM

      I could eat plateau de mer Every Morning! I shoulda married a fisherman 🦪🐚🐌

  11. Anonymous4:07 PM

    I love to visit farmer’s markets wherever we travel. Just went to some great ones in Sicily!

  12. Adrien7:55 PM

    Brilliant! I did all my shopping at the local street stalls when we stayed en Bretagne, cheap & fresh daily 👏

    1. Anonymous2:08 AM

      Ahhh…Brittany marchés 👍👏❤️

  13. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Next time we'll have the duck & fig salad! and the waffles on a stick! Anyway it was really a great adventure! Rosemary

  14. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Oh dear Carol, I am certainly hungry now! ilona


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