Wednesday, January 09, 2019

New years day in Paris!

M.I.A. Missing in action...I've been immersed in a soap project. I'm finally coming up for air.
THANK YOU Everyone for all your kind wishes, encouragement, support and comments you've shared with me this year. Bear and I are sending you a ton of Love ❤️ and good health to you all.

On New year's day Parisians went walking, no matter the weather - it was chilly, 30s, overcast.

They don't doll up either. Just the usual uniform of black head to toe.

Gulls on my bridge Sully watched with amusement, hoping for a breadcrumb or two I suppose.

Parisians go mad for shellfish over the holidays. Loaded tables of oysters and crabs spill out of restaurants to entice you inside or to eat right there in the street.

Monoprix's poissonierie has their annual special plateau de mer (just 15€!) you won't find it except during the holidays. Enough for two people, but I had no problem polishing it off New year's day.

Last Saturday was the annual charity Galette de rois fete. I was lucky to grab a small bite of the giant galette. Instead of the chefs wolfing down Champagne and paté, this year they offered it to the public buying the deluxe galettes for charity at Place Saint Germain de Pres.
They were giving out a hearty French country vegetable soup called garbure. It was cold. Brrrr
Street corners along boulevard Saint Germain were piled high with empty champagne bottles.
Inspiration enough to get out the Hooker's green watercolor and start painting bottles again.
Paris annual winter sales started on Monday. I'm 2 days late. Never mind. You can find your favorite brand of champers on Etsy - Veuve, Mumm, Taittinger. Only the best for PBers! All watercolors are reduced.
Requests for 3-month subscriptions of the letters and maps are finally up. 
Thanks for reading and sharing Parisbreakfast. 
With love 💋 from Paris 🐻🥂🍾


  1. Isn't Hookers Green the best? No, your BOTTLES are the best! Beautiful. And this looks like loads of fun. Oh, to be in Paris -- a little seafood, a little champagne, a little art. Works for me! Happy New Year!

    1. I know...I've been using Hooker's for years.
      I wonder who Mr. Hooker was? There was a Victorian Mr. Payne for ever so useful Payne's grey...he saved all our lives many times over.

    2. Hooker's green is a dark green color created by mixing Prussian blue and Gamboge. Hooker's green takes its name from botanical artist William Hooker (1779–1832) who first created a special pigment for leaves.
      Thank you Wiki and Google!

  2. Rob n Bonnie10:14 PM

    Ah, to spend the New Year in Paris would be absolutely lovely! You sharing your New Year with us is the next best thing to being there...merci beaucoup.

    1. If I didn't share my Paris life I'd be stayin home like my dull, dreary life pre-Parisbreakfast!
      Haha everybody wins ;))

  3. Thanks for HOOKER would have Googled..
    Always a surprise across a bridge..I loved the bridge to Sennelier lol:)
    Your Champagne is always Metro worthy!

    1. You're a darlin girl Monique


  4. Happy New Year, CArol, and thanks so much for your posts. I have a copy of the blue aproned woman on my refrigerator.

    1. Awww...that is so sweet Sally!

      BIG MERCI ❤️🥂

  5. Bonne Année Carol! I was lucky enough to be in Paris over New Year's and we went walking on new year's day too, ha ha. I had a pink beanie hat though, colourful scarf and dark green jacket so obviously not a Parisienne. There was lots of seafood around but I'm a vegetarian so didn't eat any. Glad you enjoyed some!

  6. That seafood looks so good and the champagne (especially your watercolored ones) looks pretty good too. The cold doesn't really draw me in,however.
    Hugs & cheers for the New Year!

  7. Who knew? It's a green that's either loved or hated. I love it.


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