Sunday, April 02, 2023

Cafe Pavane with Jill


Have you been looking for a cosy, friendly tea salon in Paris?

Not one of those wildly extravagant afternoon hotel affairs

Cafe Pavane is perfect for you

I met cookbook author, Jill Colonna of the divine Mad About Macarons at Pavane on Friday.

The owner, Manon, is none other than the daughter of top Paris 
Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) chocolatier, Jean-Paul Hévin, who waited on us personally.

Most of the lush, chocolatey desserts are c/o patisserie J-P Hévin
The Russian-style cakes and biscuits are made ‘fait maison’.

Plus M. Hévin’s renown macarons (3 for 5€ …possibly the best macaron deal in Paris). How did we forget to get macarons😳
Café Pavane is directly across from les Jardins Luxembourg at 
22 Rue de Vaugirard, 75006

So convenient if
you’re popping into musee Luxembourg for the Léon Monet exhibi

Jill, with her chocolate expertise, did the honors pouring 

My J-P Hévin chocolat chaud traditional, whipped together for each individual serving is a family secret.

Jill and I go way back. We had hot chocolate at J-P’s rue Saint Honoré salon de thé in 2011.

I did the
map art for Jill’s excellent Paris cookbook, Teatime in Paris.

I even had a private financier leçon from Jill, who has the patience of an angel, at my tiny chambre de bonne. I discovered my toaster oven has a ‘good side’, warmer on the back left side…evidently all ovens have their good areas. Merci Dr. Jill 👍

What did we eat at Cafe Pavane? 
Jill had Hévin’s famous signature dessert, la pomme de terre 🥔 The interior is a mix of dark chocolate ganache with orange zest, blond rum-soaked raisons, nuts. The exterior is almond paste or marzipan.

And I had the
Princesse Pistache an Italian almond meringue, plus  créme mousseline pistache coated in tiny bits of pistachio - all deliciously crunchy or croustillante as the French say. ‘Croustillante’ is one of their favorite descriptive words when it comes to desserts. Who’d a thunk it?

Jill was in dire need of some Easter chocolate fish 🐟 etc

So we raced off across Paris to Jill’s fav shop, Notre Patisserie to meet Francesca in the 7th on rue Amelie

Isn’t this open egg adorable?

Originally workers from the Eiffel Tower stayed here so authentic beams are inside the shop

Everything looked delish. I walked off with a milk chocolate hen and some mini eggs (eaten last night. They lasted one day). 
And Jill took home a load of Easter goodies for next weekend. All in all what a great fun day we had! ☕️ 🫖 🥔 🍫 ❤️
❤️ Do stop in my Paris ‘shop’ on Etsy ❤️


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    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      That’s it! I am coming just to visit this incredible salon! I have been away from Paris too long! Thank you for sharing this incredible delight!

  2. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Excellent tip for cake and pastry lovers plus a lot more in Paris. The bomb of pistache is something I won't miss next time. I wonder why they have Russian foodies, like
    Pirojski, for example, that are
    popular in Ukraine, Poland and
    Slovenia, as far as I know. Enjoy the Pâques and thanks a lot for your yummy tips.

    1. Anonymous8:03 AM

      Pavane’s history on the website:
      I grew up with the stories around my parents' first shop, a Russian tea room, "Le Petit Boulé", where I spent my childhood with my sister. It was a very popular place with the world of fashion, photographers and artists.
      My father's brother, Michel Hévin, is the chef of a restaurant in Moscow, my sister has been shooting a documentary for 3 years in the Perm region of Russia

  3. How does one begin to dive into that beautiful Princesses Pistache? And the hot chocolate so thick! Charming place for tea & the surrounding area is lovely, too.

    1. Anonymous9:43 AM

      I know! We asked directions and were brought a spoon…still not the right implement. I think something needs to be especially designed for the Princesse 🥄

  4. It looks huge:) And I am sure you girls had fun.I remember the financiers class:)Love l'aquarelle.

    1. Anonymous9:46 AM

      Thanks Monique ❤️ I bet you can bake financiers blind-folded.

  5. That was great fun, Carol. Thanks so much for your company. It's always the most wonderful time together - to be repeated! As ever, adore your artwork of the teatime together. You're so talented! I've added it to my Paris Teatime Guide x

    1. Anonymous10:33 AM

      The feeling is mutual Jill 👏👏😊

  6. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Hello Carol, I am relatively new to your beautiful blog which I found via a link from Jill's blog so this entry was a double delight for me. Thank you for sharing your Paris life and art. Chocolate is always good. Happy Spring. Lucia

  7. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Welcome Lucia ❤️ Very kind of you to drop by 😊

  8. This was such a treat for me! I follow both of your blogs and am a big tea enthusiast. How nice to see you both together. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thank you. PS. You made my mouth water.

    1. Anonymous1:48 PM

      I’m so happy to hear 🥰

  9. Anonymous1:24 PM

    How lovely to have tea with Jill. ❤️

    1. Anonymous1:47 PM

      Tea 🫖 with Jill is like opening the best Champagne 🍾

    2. Oh my goodness, Carol. I'm framing your words - what a bubbly delight to read that today. You've made my day x

    3. Anonymous10:52 AM

      🥂🍾🥂🍾 c’est toi Jill ❤️

  10. Everything looks delicious - I love your Easter posts with all the fanciful chocolates. I'm intrigued by the Flan onion-comte. I think I need to try that.

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Flan onion-Comté? I missed that one 🤔

  11. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Just delightful! Wish I could have joined you ladies. Oh to be in Paris…thanks, Carol for a lovely treat!

  12. What a wonderful teatime! And yes, my kind of place -- not so fancy as some but totally fabulous. I'm remembering this one for this fall. Not sure if we'll get to Paris while we're in England but I'm going to try. Life and legs aren't getting younger and there is still much to experience!

  13. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Oh please to come to Paris 🙏 Jeanie !! Ticket is in the poste 📬

  14. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Yet another place to have to visit! It is so close to my hotel last month. It was fun to see you and Jill together, you go way back together.

    1. Anonymous2:36 AM

      I know…always new discoveries in Paris..that make it essential to return. Why I moved here 👍🥰

    2. Anonymous2:37 AM

      Jill and I do have history. But how did we meet? It must have been through macarons?

  15. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Carol, you are as usual, having a good time. I'm trying to get back to the board.
    I have lots of catching up to do. (Being a new grandmother now).
    Best wishes, Bugs

    1. Anonymous12:02 PM

      Being a new grandmother is much more important!

  16. Bobbye9:29 AM

    There’s something about the blue of those Paris establishments that makes you want to go in. Nice blog today, thank you.

  17. Anonymous4:02 PM

    You and Jill are forever young!! Glad you had your gal time together...Best, Carol in Plano TX


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