Sunday, June 19, 2022

Squid Green = Spring/Summer

Did you watch Netflix’s The Squid Games? I did not…

Squid-jumpsuit green is ‘The It Color’ this Spring/Summer.
Printemps filled their store. 
And windows were full of it. 
Something Squid green for everyone.
By the way Squid star, Jung Ho Yeon is the new face of Chanel’s  red Camellia N.1 collection.
Over the hot, hot weekend, Sollie_Food and I went off to Chinon. At a train stop—billboards of Squid green. 
Sollie’s dress was a slightly darker shade of Squid green. 
French school kids are in fashion wearing smocks of this green. 
In the foodie arena, I spotted these green mousse deserts following the trend in Galeries Lafayette Gourmand, my favorite dessert browsing hangout. 
My food expert friend, Geraldine recently opened her own terrific coffee roasting shop, Coffelia in the 9th at 45, rue du Condorcet with an IN-colored sign. Do drop in if you love coffee or tea ☕️ 
Chocolatier Patrick Roger call their chocolate boxes ‘emerald’ green. I call it ‘Squid’. 
If you visit Avignon, I can happily recommend eating lunch at EAT, even in the asparagus combo wasn’t trendy Squid green. I loved it. 
*How about learning to mix Squid green or any other watercolor? G. succeeded in convincing me to give her watercolor lessons. We’re having so much fun playing with paint and color. Please contact me for one-on-one private lessons in my studio while you’re in Paris. 
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  1. O my gosh that's so cool that you're giving lessons now! Wouldn't that be fun! Europe has been on my mind, but I don't think I'll be flying anywhere until 2023, if then. This time I'd go to Italy too, Florence & Tuscany. I'm even taking an Italian class (& still French too.) Glad you're still enjoying your work & play (I think they are the same thing?) in Paris & France. Summer is here in Midcoast, maybe you will return for DD's class...

  2. Jeanne12:31 AM

    Thanks for the almost back-to-back posts from PB. I love Squid Green-great colour, great name.

  3. Hmm…odd timing for Squid Game mania in France, no? It came out here last September…2nd season just announced this month, no premier date yet. Was it just released in France?? Khaki green is having a moment here but haven’t seen much of Squid Green. Sollie would look lovely in anything. 🥰

    I would love to take a watercolor class with you, Carol! Do you accept students with absolutely no artistic talent??

  4. I love the name squid green, too, although I wouldn't give too much credit to the show for the inspiration. But who knows? I didn't watch it either. What do you wear when it is 100* in Paris? I can't imagine. Watercolor lessons might be the best way to see you! We are skipping Paris this fall for Quebec City.

  5. Never interest..S is lovely in her green dress..How fun you went to Chinon and saw J!
    Private lessons.. how fun!
    Lovely washes.

  6. Great photos. Where are you in something squid green?
    Fortunate are those who are even slightly talented to score a lesson with you! Such a good idea. I think we would all enjoy seeing your studio.
    Stay cool.


  7. McKniff10:29 AM

    An example of shades of green is tennis champ Rafael Nadal as worn in Paris Open.

  8. Bonnie a color trend may start in September, but actual products reflecting that trend take time, usually 6 months for mproduction of items on the street. Nothing materializes overnite.

  9. McKniff, Nadel is wearing Chartreus.

  10. J'adore your blog!!!! Thank you for keep us up to snuff on the latest trends!!!! Karen ;)

  11. Green is my favorite color but Squid green is not my favorite green by a longshot. When we were there we saw a lot of green and orange.

  12. Foodwalker1:10 PM

    Carol that’s a great idea to offer the private classes. Have you done that before?

  13. Only a group of 5-6 which was way too many.

  14. Bonnie, everyone has artistic talent. You make beautiful pies so you can paint. Same thing mixing ingredients, arranging the cherries on the tart. How is it different? Of course I am no good at baking…too much precision!

  15. And LouvreGirl I LOVE your blog❤️
    And your mother’s chicks 🐤 Perfect.

  16. Dorrance12:00 AM

    Elle Décor even has an article on green kitchens! Green def on trend! 💚

  17. Trends do not happen overnight
    It takes 6 months for things to go into production
    I saw yesterday even Maison du chocolat has a green promotion. Not squid green but a dark green…a first for them.

  18. Green is my favourite colour so I loved this post! Merci Carol!

  19. I decided a while ago that Squid Game is not for me, but Squid GREEN most definitely is. A delicious shade I'm trying to work into my life :)

  20. VickyH4:11 AM


  21. VickiH12:57 AM

    1, I LOVE Hubert #2 I loved all the links you gave to hear more about him and his beautiful treasures and #3 I loved your drawings at the end. I adore your art work, so this post had it ALL for me.


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