Friday, June 10, 2022

Jardins Jardin 2022


The annual 4-day (on through Sunday) JARDINS JARDIN has arrived in the Tuileries. Aside for a torrential downpour the weather has been grand.

Its a week or so until the start of summer in Paris. My recent obsession with painting glass 
Drew me to beautiful jars filled with fruit and veg. 

You can also buy very small green houses. Will they fit on my little patch of roof?
The bee 🐝 people with 
honey from Paris rooftops are here againCITYBZZ with the latest in what to wear when bee-keeping.
Why didn’t I buy fresh 🍓berries 
at LA FERME DE GALLY instead of jam? 
Their nectar framboise looked yummy. I am definitely going back. 
You can buy cherry tomato 🍅 plants for your balcon. 
The fresh mint plants smells heavenly. 

There are the beautiful designer gardens for total immersion with steaming fountains and trickling brooks to make you forget you’re in the middle a busy city. 
Buy a ready-to-go picnic basket lunch and camp out on the grounds.
Chanel has again installed a garden presenting their latest red Camellia creations in 2 ‘red’ greenhouses. 
But first immersion into the scent of No.#1 as red flowers dance and flow over you. 
Then a visit to the lab for more details and pretty flower samples to make us forever young😊 
I was inspired to run home and get out my red paints. 
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  1. So beautiful I did not remember the large pond in the Tuileries. At first I thought it must be the Luxembourg Gardens.
    It’s nice to have a new obsession. I love the blue glass & the interesting way of “hiding” the stems of flowers in clear vases. That has always been a pet peeve of mine. May have to try that.

  2. Such a fun event- I would love to be there for it. Your camelia aquarelle nailed it. Red is such a happy color. Hugs

  3. What is the flower with the white edge. It’s gorgeous

  4. Ask me about ice cream not flowers !

  5. LMAO. I love gelato

  6. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Wish I were in Paris for this gorgeous event! Thanks for sharing these awesome photos and your beautiful watercolors!

  7. What a beautiful event! Paris looks fabulously summery. Bet a lot of tourists are trying to figure out how to get those great round blue vases in their suitcases…I know that I would be! Enjoy the weather, Carol.

  8. Anonymous8:13 PM

    So lovely, every bit of it! The colours, oh the colours and imagination 💜

  9. EmpressE11:48 PM

    Oh how I would enjoy this!

  10. Love the ready to go picnic basket.Loved my picnic bits.

  11. Beautiful, I'm glad the weather improved. Have you tried anything from the Chanel camellia line, so curious about it. Lately I've been obsessed with reading about the history of the royal potager at Versailles. Maybe a future PB topic to sketch/paint?

  12. Sarah from Stockbridge, MA. Carol, just gorgeous as always and inspirational. Maybe I’ll get my watercolors out. Yes, I have the Gardener of Versailles. In French, must read with my dictionary close by! Want to check out Chanel Camellia line but there are no stores here. Maybe come to Paris!

  13. I hope you got to go back and buy some of those fresh strawberries! They look super tasty.


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