Monday, April 18, 2022

Eggs on the ground


Spring has arrived in Paris. Even some halter dresses are out.

Its the time big egg rolls take place in Luxembourg gardens, jardins de Plantes, Chateau de Chantilly
Strictly for les gosses/kids.
For the adults I promised a show of Paris Easter chocolate
Holy eggs for the holiday
The innovation each year knows no bounds. Dalloyau has an Italian theme based on Memphis design.
Pierre Hermé is focused on prehistoric fossils. Ask me no questions…etc.
Bernachon of Lyon
 (now also in Paris) sticks with the classic and recognizable chocolate hens, bunnies and bells. You can be sure this hen is full of ‘garni’ - the little chocolate treats inside, more eggs and mini chocolate fish
Boulanger de la Tour
of renown Tour d’Argent, has their witty signature duck/canard for 59€ a pop (minus the garni). 
The best looking bear 🐻 in town resides at Maison Mulot
They also have adorable tiny chocolate, ribboned eggs with goodies inside for mere 5,50€. I bought one hoping to add it to a still life.
But I exerted too much pressure and it shattered. I had asked in the shop if they thought it would stand up vertically. Everyone looked at me weirdly. They brought out their English-speaking sales person and I could see she thought it an odd question too. Buying still life objects is not as easy as you might think 🤔 
Maison Mulot has beautifully prepared food like these Spring salads, if you’ve recently been awarded a trust fund. One never knows. 
Speaking of still life subjects…
I have surrounded myself with pale pink tulips my local florist happened to have. 
Then because, its the season, I went looking for ONE peony/pivoine. Harder to find than a hen’s tooth. 
I ended up with 6 beautiful buds from the superb Maison Beaufrere in Saint Germain marché. 
They are bursting into bloom faster than I can paint them, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying. The results are up in my Etsy shopThank you for reading Parisbreakfast. If you enjoyed this post and want to support it, please subscribe to my Paris letters, maps and watercolors or forward to a friend. Cheers 🌸🌸🌸🐣 Happy Easter Monday,Passover, Ramadan🐥🌸🌸🌸


La Table De Nana said...

Love the communal hunt.Sadly hunt days are over here..But still an Easter gathering and eggs and bunnies.Tes pivoines sont ♥

Parisbreakfasts said...

I think Hunt days were over yesterday, Dimanche Monique.
I wish they would let adults play too?

Bonnie L said...

No one does Easter treats like the French! Beautiful! Such a magical place for children to grow up. ❤️

Mulot makes my heart skip a beat…they were our “local” during our recent stay…very kind service…we would go daily for their scrumptious brioche loaves, baguettes, croissants, sandwiches, quiche, salads, soup, ice cream et al! 😂

Love your watercolors…you capture flowers so beautifully…and those peonies on your beautifully set table…wow❣️

sukicart said...

I love it all - the French really do Easter right. Hope your Easter was warm and happy, Carol, see you soon.

Jeanie said...

I do love the hunt! How fun is that. And you may have lost one model but those wonderful blooms make for outstanding substitutes, even if they burst into flower a little too fast!

Ga From Dekalb said...

I am a kid at heart so I would love to go to an egg roll/hunt in the Luxembourg Gardens.
How much could those Spring Salads cost!?
Peony is lovely as are your pink tulips.

Leslie in Oregon said...

I am particularly enjoying your photographs of flowers, both real and depictions, those spring salads and that final, glorious photograph of a sunset in Paris. Thank you for making my day!

Dorrie said...

Wonderful post, C.
I’m missing France 🇫🇷 today.

Chloé said...

Thank you for this wonderful article !

FoodWalker said...

pOnies as Larrywalker’s mom used to call them.
So lushly gorgeous.

Kirrabelle said...

Thanks for the final photo - Paris, ahh!
Love your peony paintings. The chocolates look delicious but also extravagant. The Easter egg hunt looks fun too, if only for children. Enjoy the warmer weather!

Sketchbook Wandering said...

Believe it or not, I found those salads more enticing than the chocolat!! And of course, your peonies are delightful! And, that first Look, so the style I love!!