Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Cafe City


Old habits die hard they say. Parisians were out in droves on Sunday eating, drinking, baking in the sun, whatev.  I finally got to the pool🏊‍♀️

Post-pool I went immediately for an ice cream naturally. Grom was nearbyish. While I was thinking ice cream, toute Paris was thinking ‘Cafes’. It was positively buzzing. And not with Napoleonic bees. 

I wanted to tell people “It is not summer yet! Stop this nonsense with the sandals, the off the shoulder sun dresses, the floral prints!” 

No one is listening. People simply want to be outdoors, eating and drinking anything and wearing as little as possible. They don’t care. 

They seem to be joyously happy. You can’t complain about that☺️ 

Paris has become wildly innovative creating outdoor cafes. One near La Poste put an extended platform beside a church across the street. There appear to no limits what you can do. I love the seafood resto near my pool who put up the blue picket fence with beach signs. 

Fou de Patisserie
 has a darling terrasse they put in the street. 

I was busy inside doing research. I got the framboise croissant. 

Parisians ❤️ their Apéro Spritzes on every table.  

If you’re wondering what to wear when you come over you can’t go wrong with anything animal prints.

Leopard is preferred. Head-to-toe is fine.

Did you know Napoleon had a leopard tapis/carpet under is his camp bed on the battlefields? Its true. The man loved luxury among many other things. For a more detailed review of the Napoleon Expo please read Laure’s exhibition review. She’s French and grew up learning all the pertinent facts.

Bear is very thrilled with the fuss being made of Napoleon. There are still some Boney letters in my shop. You would think it was Bastille day around here. 
The ‘landscape of the day’ has to be an abandoned cafe table. 🐻🐝🥐☕️💋


La Table De Nana said...

Really good pics Carol! You can feel the vibes!

Mary Russell said...

Café Life! Beautiful Paris. I can only imagine me sitting in one of those cafés. Merci, Carol.

Bonnie L said...

Love seeing people out at the cafés...and love to see what they are eating & drinking...and especially love to see what les Parisiennes are wearing! This was a treat, Carol. Thank you. ❤️

Ga From Dekalb said...

Parisians soaking up the sun, wine, etc. Good for them! Of all places it would be so difficult to endure a quarantine in Paris!!!
If I were there I would be wearing my animal print mask and sandals.
Thank you Carol for sharing a slice of the current cafe life.🗼🌞🍷👏❤️

Thilda said...

Lovely atmosphere! Old Paris! I am dreaming to travel there some day... (I have been in Besancon and Amiens ages ago) And I really dream about timetravelling! :D

Parisbreakfasts said...

Ohhh...so glad you can hear/feel the buzz in the air. I cant remember when it was like this..
Maybe the Christmas windows or when you used to get free macarons on Jour de Macarons..that kind of thing.

Jeanie said...

Wildly adoring each and every image and wish I was there sampling them all and shooting photos, too. It looks divine. Love the variety and quantity of outside cafes!

sukicart said...

It all looks glorious - please keep it coming. Bear looks very handsome and patriotic. How was the strawberry croissant?

Parisbreakfasts said...

It was supposed to be raspberry/framboise but I tasted nada. Very pretty all the same. I thought maybe it was praliné which looks the same.
Yes the spirit of joy was contagious out there.We’re having continuous good weather. Z
Very happy to share with you :))

Omonique said...

When people are ready to Party, nothing will stop them! Great pics.
Merci !

Karen M said...

What a great day!!!

Kiwi said...

Carol, the ticket office is open!https://lanuitauxinvalides.fr/

Ellyn said...

I love that you started with the painting of everyone at the café and then continued with your own photos of the same. Delightful!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Its an old photographic carte postale, not a painting Ellyn though it does remind of Renoir’s picnickers by the water from back in the day when they had cantines...

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