Sunday, June 20, 2021

Eiffel Tower Nori


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   Yesterday I had the insane idea to take my Eiffel Tower letters up to the actual Tower to get some onsite pictures. Ha! Not so easily done. 

Metro 6 takes you in front of le Bistro de la Tour cafe.
Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris is right there. Maybe, I’m thinking inside their gift shop window, I can take a shot without asking anyone to hold up the picture?

Instead of course, I started browsing. Is this the little pig 🐖 I need in my life as a friendly reminder?

Instead I bought Nori seaweed which is supposed to be extremely healthy, full of much needed minerals and iodine etc. And a packet of Furikake Ume seed stuff which David Lebovitz says is healthy and adds flavor to anything. The pig 🐖 will have to wait.

Of course they have a complicated DIY Eiffel tower paper cutout thing.

Of course they have socks that look like sushi when rolled up.

Of course I fell instantly in love with this stunning red iron tetsubin tea pot.

In the main hall an exquisite Ikebana exhibit.

I went up for a quick glance at the Arts de Beauté exhibit. 

More lovely reds, a favorite color (aka) of the Japanese. Mine too.

After much dawdling, I left to do the task at hand. Asking an unknown French person in broken French is not easy. You’re invading their space, no matter how many “bonjours” you toss out.

Finally the Eiffel tower sellers took pity on me and offered to help. They were utterly charming. 

Plus giving me their opinions on my artwork etc.☺️

                   Do take a look at the Eiffel Towers 🍒

And you can add to your Eiffel🌸tower collection. So nice to see the Bateaux mouche on the Seine again. I saw one on Friday. A  maiden voyage? It was covered with balloons and everyone shouting and singing☺️ Parisians are so happy things are getting back to normal.
❤️🐻🐖🐝☺️Happy Sunday dear PBers☺️🐝🐖🐻❤️


  1. Sybille6:31 AM

    Lovely to see the boats are running again.
    And your charming Eiffel Tower artwork!
    Bravo all around!

  2. Carol, Love the Eiffel Tower letters. Each one is so unique! I gravitated toward the 🍒!
    Those sushi socks would be an awesome gift for someone who is a sushi fan.
    I hope you enjoyed a refreshment at the Bistro de la Tour cafe.🗼

  3. Love your new format....

  4. :)) I didnt stop for anything. I was intend on getting shots which maybe wasnt the greatest idea to begin with…especially since there was a huge downpour later on…life is such an adventure :))

  5. Change is ever easy at least for me😂Beautiful watercolors.I’ve. I’ve not tired of my red iron teapot🙂

  6. Thank you for clearing up the matter, I thought I was being spammed or something suspect.

  7. I love all your Eiffel Towers! How fun to get the tower sellers to be your assistants in your effort! They did a terrific job -- the photos are great. I fear I could have done a good deal of damage in the museum!

  8. Thank you for showing us the Maison de la Culture du Japon and for posting the link to their website…lots of fascinating information there. Sadly, I’ve never been to that area west of the Champ de Mars…must go. You bring us such brilliant discoveries, Carol.

    Love your Eiffel watercolors…and your “helpers” holding them up for you!…they make a fine collection. ❤️

  9. Just love your work.

  10. I love it all and your ETs are all magnifique. Love the first picture with the ET souvenirs jumbled. Wish I were on that bateau mouche.

  11. Hellenne1:25 PM

    Carol, that's a boar, one of the Chinese zodiac symbols. And that paper cut out is Tokyo Tower. Google Tokyo Tower images and you'll see the white and red tower.

  12. Hellenne1:31 PM

    ...didn't mean to sound curt in my above comment. Just wanted to point it out. Thoroughly enjoying all your lovely newsletter and a big THANK YOU for them!

  13. charmed by your “trinket salesmen”. Too often we walk by them as if they’re invisible. They’ve had such difficult lives. SO cool that they were generous with their time and loved your work.

  14. Boy is that the truth. It was like a glass wall was broken.
    I love their junky stuff too…I have a lot of those little Eiffel towers…as props of course.

  15. The red teapot- gorgeous!

  16. Thanks Suki,
    I would have loved to put the ETs right on top of the letters..but I didn't have the time to finesse it. They were exceptionally nice with me.

    Thanks Hellenne, I had no idea…just looked it up. How funny is that. And the ‘pig’ is a wild boar?! It does not look very boarish in my opinion



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