Thursday, February 25, 2021

Paris Yesterday


Yesterday (Tuesday) in Paris was glorious.

I was on the bus headed to la Poste, crossing ‘my bridge Pont Sully’. Its nice. You move to Paris and suddenly you have your own bridge. One of the unexpected joys.

The current Pont Sully was constructed in 1876, as part of Haussmann's renovation of ParisThey set it at an angle of 45 degrees to the river banks, which means that it gives a lovely view over the quais of Ile Saint Louis.

It opened on 25 August 1877 and was named in honour of Maximilien de Béthune, duke of Sully (1560–1641) and minister to Henry IV

Some backstory on the Duke de Sully, Maximilien de Bethune(I live on quai de Bethune. I write his name daily). Sully was very unpopular because he was a favorite of Henri IV and was seen as selfish, obstinate, and rude. He was hated by most Catholics because he was a Protestant, and by most Protestants because he was faithful to the king. He amassed a large personal fortune, and his jealousy of all other ministers and favorites was extravagant. Nevertheless, he was an excellent man of business, inexorable in punishing malversation and dishonesty on the part of others, and opposed to ruinous court expenditures that was the bane of almost all European monarchies in his day. He was gifted with executive ability, with confidence and resolution, with fondness for work, and above all with deep devotion to his master. He was implicitly trusted by Henry IV and proved himself the most able assistant of the king in dispelling the chaos into which the religious and civil wars had plunged France. After Henry IV, Sully was a major driving force behind the happy transformation in France between 1598 and 1610, in which agriculture and commerce benefitted, and peace and internal order were reestablished. Thank you Wikipedia
FYI most streets in France are named after a place or famous person. And you’ll find the same  named streets as you travel throughout France. When I’m addressing your Paris letter 💌 envelopes, I often wonder does this person who lives on Hillview Avenue have a view of a hill? Probably not...
Just in case you’re wondering, Duke de Sully’s Chateau-sur-Seine was painted by famous landscape artist, by Camille Corot.

What’s more in 1987 it was commemorated with a stamp. So much French history! So many stamps/timbres...

Here’s a town with no commemorative stamp nor as auspicious. I found out yesterday my dad was born in Akeley (population now 394) in Northern Minnesota. It used to be 2000 in 1908 in its boomtown logging days.

Its just 
possible that folkloric Logger, Paul Bunyan may have originated from Akeley. Akeley is second on the list. Log rolling, shoe sales man, competitive skater, movie theater owner were some of my dad’s professions before he met my mother at resort Marietta Springs, CA, proposed in 3 days, and later moved East.

Back to yesterday in Paris and the faux Spring we’re having at the moment. 

I was looking for muguet des bois/lilies of the valley at our local flower shop, but it’s too early. 

Its never to early for Parisians to stroll and bike along the berges/banks of the Seine. Read Elaine Sciolino’s The Seine that Created Paris and you’ll learn the Seine’s banks are now a UNESCO designated National monument since 1991.

Yesterday this Parisian did not realize we were having a faux Spring of 60+ degrees. Today, no question, this Parisian was lapping up the good weather. 🤞🙏 I hope all PBers will be lapping up Paris sooner rather than later. Have a great day XXX ❤️🐻💋


  1. Envying your lovely weather, Carol. Your pictures from inside Paris buses are delightful. Buses are my favorite mode of transportation when visiting Paris. Great for people watching, both in and outside the bus.

  2. I Love the buses too. You get to talk to the bus driver too who are in general very nice people.

  3. Sybille8:33 AM

    Thanks for the Sully/Bethune history lesson. The Henry IV era is amazingly interesting. Lucky you having your own bridge. Appropriate for someone from the land of Paul Bunyan!

  4. Oh my goodness, your weather looks gorgeous! So many people out enjoying it. No matter where you live it seems there is always one person in shorts & sandals way too early!

  5. I’m going to have start taking buses. Who know how long I will be able to run up and down the Metro stairs. My mother was a fan of muguets. We had a bed of full of them. The were good multipliers but not always with the flowers. In the small town we lived in it impossible to find the fragrance.I understand they are the flower to give on May Day.🚍❤️

  6. Yes it is May 1 -a big day off for French workers. The town is full of people carrying springs or brin.

  7. Sybille if only I’d known Paul Bunyan was in my background DNA! I wouldn't have minded having flat feet so much.

  8. I have been following your blog for a long time....I love it. Paris is like a second home to me, my favorite city. So thank you. With the Pandemic I have not been able to visit there this past year. I miss it.
    I notices in your blog you showed Paul Bunyan and you mentioned Akeley (MN)....I have family from Akeley and spent many weekends there growing up. Small World....
    Thanks for sharing....Karen

  9. All those people with no coats! (except one!) Le sigh! It looks beautiful and gives those of us with snow real hope. My lilies of the valley are under about six inches of snow or more, not to rise till late May. Ah, well -- something to look forward to, as is another visit to Paris one day!

  10. Your photos of the people walking along the Seine, with all those buildings in that gorgeous light looks like a painting! So beautiful. And love your riff on the bridge!

  11. From the Duke de Sully to Akeley, Minn - a study in contrast. Loved the Akeley photograph, I counted 3 church steeples in Akeley.

  12. Veri interesting Devi,
    My landlord who is a retired pastor also made note of the 3 steeples.
    I noticed zero :((

  13. wonderful post.........
    enen w/out photos of beautiful food
    enjoy your faux spring

  14. It’s truly shocking
    No Food at all !

  15. Dear Karen,
    Could we be related? Not many folks in Akeley..
    I, myself have not had the pleasure of visiting...yet.

    1. Akeley has a population of like 456 people....I was last there September of 2019. We could be related...

    This PB is totally OUTSTANDING and makes me yearn to be there!
    Best wishes from 20-degree northern Illinois

  17. Hello hello from Sausalito, Ca.
    I always enjoy your emails, but today and your history lesson was fantastic!
    I hope you’ll continue handing out bits and pieces of Paris history...delightful!

  18. Thank you Diane,
    I can promise nothing. Its purely serendipitous. Art history is another story. Its deeply embedded in my DNA. My Ma was an artiste 🎨

  19. So much fun to at least spend a few minutes in France.....with your pix.

  20. Paris looks glorious! Looking forward to getting back to my favorite place - only 14 months to go.

  21. Home on Crestview1:19 PM

    Thanks for the mention. Here’s a view of our hill in our yard..does that qualify?

    I always learn so much from your posts....especially toda

  22. Marilyn7:56 PM

    You have to be really enjoying this. It is always good to get more information on your roots.

  23. So long ago...I cant relate
    I wish my dad had said more instead of being the ‘strong, silent, Mid-Western’ that he was...

  24. Dear Carol - how lovely! As soon as the Louvre opens again let’s go look at prints together! I can learn so much from you! Warmest, E

  25. Family history: Dad was from northern , Minn. in Akeley, Minn. uncle Aaron 5old me..Timber land. His father had a grocery store. It was an isolated place and the mother became depressed. They then moved to St. Paul, Minn.


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