Friday, February 12, 2021

Creating the Saint-Valentin Map


Yesterday after shopping at the art store, I got on line at Au Nom de la Rose to buy roses to paint. 

It appears the New York Times thinks we should cancel Valentines Day!? 

It appears Paris hasn’t heard a thing about it.

 Everyone is tearing around, getting on lines, scooping up chocolates, heart-shaped cakes and heart-shaped balloons. Champagne and roses anyone? 

A while back I posted about Kati Marton’s memoir, Paris, a Love Story

 A quick re-look at the cover...add an umbrella. Add an Eiffel tower. My map sketch was off and running. 

                                     ❤️ Voila! ❤️

Some essential research was required. I ate the milk chocolate lollypop and 2 chocolate hearts in the mini red ❤️ box at Jeff de Bruges. I toyed with getting the pink heart mug but resisted. 

Since Valentines lands on Dimanche, Lenotre got the hot idea to deliver a deluxe Valentines brunch. 

Pierre Hermé miraculously got the same idea. Petit déjeuner + bouquet and Champers are included for 115€

The perfect message T-shirt to gift your guy from the Armand Thierry Love Collection, “Sorry, I already have the perfect woman” And yes Parisiens do mail out Valentines cards. 

They even design a new ❤️ stamp each year in collaboration with luxury houses for the occasion. This year Chanel celebrates the anniversary of No.5 perfume. Your penpal in Paris sent out the maps 📮 on Wednesday by the way. 

The Metro has posters of roses 🌹 as a reminder. 

Back at Au Nom de la Rose, red and pink is the color of the day.

 I bought 3 roses to paint and they threw in little rose buds as a gift. Hopefully you can use your Valentine map next February PBers🙏🤞
 ❤️ Have a lovely Day ❤️ 🐻💋🌹


Ga From Dekalb said...

What a beautiful map Carol! I can’t wait to receive it. Love the the heart shaped mini red box...chocolates must have been teeny tiny. No worries for the figure! Of course you did eat the chocolate lollipop! Wish I were in the “city of love’.
The last photo of the sunset over the little snow on the roof tops, MAGIC.
Happy Valentines Day ❤️

Bonnie L said...

Oh to be in Paris for Valentines Day❣️ It would be so romantic to receive one of those brunch boxes with champagne and flowers and have breakfast in bed...crumbs be damned!

I wouldn’t want to be the husband trying to explain there’s no valentine this year cause the New York Times said it’s canceled...😉 The smart husbands et amants are queuing up at those fancy-schmancy Paris chocolate shops. Paris does holidays so well. Thanks for bringing it to us.

Parisbreakfasts said...

FYI dear Ga,
The 2 chocolates inside the heart were regular size...I shall have to buy another toshow you...or maybe paint them.
And the last pic is actually SUNRISE. I’m facing North-so I don’t get sunsets out my window :))
B ONNIE - it is surprising how much Paris has taken the holiday to its all price points you can find Valentines goodies. But the French will celebrate the opening of a paper bag with Champagne 🥂🍾

Elizabeth said...

Such a lovely post, Carol!
This is Elizabeth who has your super brushes stilll - well Robert does.
We are stilll in Manhattan. Were talking about Paris yesterday.
It is going to snow here today.
Sending lots and lots of love your way.
Elizabeth and Robert

Parisbreakfasts said...

Oh those brushes...Wix of the best dof in the world 👏👏👏
Its bloomin’ cold in Paris but merci deux no snow on the horizon
Actually quite sunny out...28 feels like 18 degrees. Nuttin for you but horrid for us. Though once yr out there its never that bad..
Take care Wix.:make hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Jeanie said...

Oh, the snow on the roof. That's just charming! And even more so, your beautiful map filled with love and all good things. I don't think I'd need the champers or the flowers or the chocolate if I could spend Valentine's Day in Paris. I can even visualize the day! And your beautiful map would be a part of it! Happy Day!

La Table De Nana said...

Can’t be colder than here in Siberia🥶Still on lockdown here re curfew and restaurants..
Lots of research for your maps....

Sybille said...

Your watercolors are beautiful, Carol. They would make a lovely valentine. I enjoyed going back to your old post on Kati Marton. What a life.

Anne-marie said...

Good Morning –
First – let me say I simply love your posts - someday back to Paris – someday – soon come, I hope

MP said...

Do you know how I can purchase the Armand Thiery Tee Shirt: Desole, j’ai deja trouve la famme parfait ?
I have been checking on line all morning ‘sans’ success

Unknown said...

Happy Valentine's Day! When I first started reading your blog you were at about 2.7 million views! Over 11 million now! You're my lifeline to Paris!

Kiwi said...

For MP: I thought that was a really cute t-shirt too. Looks like it is available on their website:

Carol, the sunrise photo is spectacular! Perhaps you could make a watercolor of it, capturing some of the warm pink and golden yellows over the rooftops. And the bird - one of your hungry pigeons?

sukicart said...

I will definitely use your map on our next trip. The French have the right idea about celebrations - champagne all around!

Eleanor said...

I love how you were inspired by the book cover — your pic is even better! Don’t fret over the mug — actual chocolate beats porcelain every time

Parisbreakfasts said...

Thank you Kiwi,
I used to make up skies like that so easily. That was before I actually experienced them :((
Now its So intimidating...scary

Max said...

BRAVA! Wonderful Valentine PB! Thanks so much!
Your photo of Paris rooftops in the snow is a tour de force. Don't know how you can maintain such consistent quality.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Dear Unknown,
It works out to be 456.619178082 views per day over 14 years.
Not so many after all :))

Parisbreakfasts said...

Aww Thank you M,
Its always a matter of chance...
I look out the window and then scream GET THE IPAD!
Also I throw away a lot of pictures.
And Edit, edit, edit!!

Karen said...

I wanted to thank you for the special Teddy Bear card you sent my sister Laura with her new Paris map. I looped a ribbon thru it and tied it to a big bunch of pink and cream roses to give her for Valentine’s Day. Very sweet of you to do that for her.

Unknown said...

Sadly, I am in NYC and not the perfect place to be on Valentine's Day, Paris. Wishing you day, with your beautiful roses.

SV said...

I read the Kati Marton book you mentioned as I wanted to know about Budapest. She and Peter had a passionate affair...and marriage. Then she had a passionate affair with......etc. And he had a passionate affair with...etc. Valentines galore!
Your Valentines map is beautiful. S.