Monday, February 15, 2021

Saint-Valentin Week-end

I went to the pool 🏊‍♀️ yesterday. And to see if Saint-Valentines day was still going on. It was. ❤️

Wouldn’t it be fun if a macaron dispenser was in front of Pierre Hermé with 20 flavors? Just eat n run. 

Annick Goutal had swings full of perfume and flowers in their shop windows. Fragonard comes to my mind.

Did they think of Fragonard’s The Swing too? 

With an entire weekend to celebrate St-V day, everyone got in on the act. Monoprix has heart-printed PJs + a sage ❤️ quotation we should tell ourselves daily. 

On ne dit jamais non à de belles rencontres. Ouvres l'oeils. Elles sont partout

❤️‘Never say no to beautiful encounters. 

Open your eyes. 

They are everywhere’. 

Naturally Natalie with bed-head, was gracing the bus shelters this weekend for Miss Dior. 
At 4:30 Sunday afternoon there’s a line outside waiting for Chocolat Chapon box of heart-shaped chocolates. Never too late to celebrate. 
Red socks to go...
With your red boots.
Essential red lunettes/glasses for your Paris penpal 💌 All these Valentines gifts are within 5 minutes walking distance of Place Saint-Sulpice in the 6th. You could do the works in a half-hour. Grab a bottle of Champagne 🍾 from the wine shop on bd. Saint Germain. 
I went home to continue painting rose watercolors
Paris’ buses had an ad on the back for drivers to consider.
 Expédiez votre lettres d'amour dans l'espace’ 
Send your love letters 💌 into space 
Last but not least, Paris lovers by the Seine at dusk. 
Voila dear PBers ❤️🌹Have a LOVELY DAY 💋


  1. Hubby and I were just musing today about whether we would ever get to Paris again.
    Time will tell.
    Happy Valentine's day!

  2. Oh, how lovely to see Paris decked out for Valentines! I'm saving this for my boyfriend to show him how it's done!
    I've copied the Monoprix quote because I love it so much. Going to practise some calligraphy on it later today.

  3. That’s my motto, never say never, especially when it comes to Paris!
    There is no place like Paris for window shopping. Would be fun to dress them. Maybe in my next life time I will be a window dresser in Paris. A girl can dream can’t she?
    Love the colors in this post. Red and pink are one of my favorite color combinations.
    Your rose water colors are beautiful❤️

  4. Love all those reds and pinks - and there is nothing like a Paris shop window - the definitely know how to dress them like no one else.

  5. What a good idea TONIA,
    Its a lovely quote that doesn't apply only to L’AMOUR imho

  6. Really love your rose watercolors!

  7. Normajean12:18 PM

    ok.... put these in an unmarked bag and ship them to me ASAP and noone gets hurt.....

  8. I love these pictures, and the way you closed with that couple near the Seine. I felt romance from across the world!

    Thanks for always bringing your creativity, writing spark and humor to us, Carol. It makes my week!


  9. Pretty in pink and I love the red glasses! Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love and pretty!

  10. Thanks KIM and JEANNIE
    I gives me great pleasure to share Paris with you all ❤️

  11. We are not big celebrators of le St-Valentin, the effort to create beautiful displays is hugely appreciated and sorely missed in this mountain landscape!
    Thank you for the lovely message and we wish you the same
    Toujours de belles rencontres.

  12. Thank you for another wonderful Paris Breakfast newsletter.
    They always bring joy to my heart.��

    Happy Valentine's wishes!

    Have a wonderful week!

  13. Carol, one of my favorite things you do is tie something you see to famous artwork! The swings❤️❤️❤️ Lovely post!

  14. Wonderful, Carol! It looks like you had a very busy Valentine’s Day. Those red lunettes were made for YOU. 💌

  15. Thank you CAROLYN,
    I CAN’t help it :))
    My head is full of images seen. They pop up all the time.
    I did see the Fragonard show at musee Luxembourg a few years back and probably saw the painting in the London Wallace Collection.
    When I noticed the Goutal swing, usually a kids motif, I asked myself why?
    And up popped Fragonard. That’s such a famous frivolous painting. French aristocrats playing a child’s game, with the Revolution quietly waiting around the corner to change their lives forever...
    TMI !

  16. Foodwalker12:57 AM

    We’re sitting here thinking of your work looking at some of your work. You’ve given much pleasure to many of us!

  17. We certainly don't have windows like this In Kansas City !


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