Saturday, September 26, 2020

Man Ray et la mode - Musee Luxembourg

Another new, exciting photography show in Paris at musee Luxembourg.  Man Ray, (an American artist moved to Paris in 1921). His photographic work is seen from a fashion perspective rather than as a Surrealist or Dadaist.
The museum proposes Ray fell into fashion photography by
 taking society portraits, placing them in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, whose editors noticed of his unusual techniques and hired him. But a little research tells another story.
The stunning, young American Vogue model, Lee Miller showed up on his doorstep uninvited and announced she wanted to be his assistent. Ray said he didn't use assistants
 and anyway he was leaving immediately for Biarritz on holiday . Lee Miller said she’d accompany him! They worked together for 3 years. Ray remained obsessed with her, even though Miller got fed up and moved out, they remained friends the rest of their lives. By accident in the dark room, they discovered the technique of ‘Solarization’. It was Miller who introduced him into fashion photography if you believe the many riveting videos on her life.
Paris designers like Jeanne Lanvin, Vionnet,
Paul PoiretSchiaparelli adored working with Ray and his unique photographic techniques.

The designer’s garments are interspersed through out the exhibit.
Plus short fashion films made by Ray, with accompanying 20’s music to get you in the mood.
This surreal photo was an ad for mascara! The museum’s gift shop offers mascara, lipsticks, nail polish along with Man Ray catalogs.
These women are so elegant. Its hard not to compare their stylish manner with women today.
But then women today are no longer confined to being simply objects of beauty.
Today’s women have many more options with great thanks to Ruth Bader Ginsburgquite a stylish
 woman herself. (Start watching at 11:00 minutes). This week has been an immersion in RBG tributes. You too? The new September Paris letter💌 is in the post📮🤸🏾‍♀️Stay well and safe dear PBers❤️🐻💋


Bonnie L said...

Your posts are always so inspirational and educational...there is so much here that I did not know about Man Ray. Thank you for all of the interesting links. RBG was a national treasure, such a great loss for our country at a time she is very much needed.

Ga From Dekalb said...

Lee Miller, not only beautiful but a persistent woman.

Parisbreakfasts said...

She wasBrilliant !
Much more than persistent. Very, very talented.
More recognized in the US it appears

Dorrance said...

WOW! Fantastic post, C! Love all the links...I’ll be spending all morning on it!

Parisbreakfasts said...

I’m telling you that Lee Miller was a humdinger.
Maybe more interesting than Man Ray imho!
I watched hours of videos - never bored.
A fabulous woman.

La Table De Nana said...

The mascara ad..surely waterproof:) Très interesting.
Yes watched RBG and really liked it.I agree what a fashionista..Never w/out earrings..her collars..her pashminas..her sleek hair..glasses..I was charmed by her looks and personality.
Brilliant mind..what an example.I learned so much and now get Notorious♥

Jeanie said...

Oh, Ruth, Ruth, Ruth, why did you have to leave. She was a tiny powerhouse who did her best to change the world and her only misstep was having the misfortune to become ill and leave a few months too soon. She was magnificent.

It looks like a fabulous exhibit. I'd love to know more about Lee Miller. And that mascara ad is a little creepy but very cool. I've always found his photography beautiful. That black and white is especially evocative.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Jeannie, click on Lee Miller’s name - there are terrific videos on her life onYoutube!

EP said...

What a charming piece! We need your reminder that elegance existed. Hopefully it will return again in this pure form. Merci beaucoup, Carol.

Mrs Parker said...

I’m looking forward to the September letter now that I renewed for another year. As I’ve said recently, you provide bright spots
In today’s often dreary world. Never question your purpose in life!

Maxine said...

Thank you, Carol, for this excellent PB. Not only did it juice up my creativity on this Saturday morning, it also reaffirmed my admiration for RBJ as I watched the video clip you included.You certainly do a good job with PB--inspirational, relevant, and well done!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Paris is so full of visual inspiration. Sharing it with you forces me to think a bit on how to translate it...
Fun !

sukicart said...

Fascinating - I knew very little about Lee Miller and now will do more research. Just finished a book about Chanel & Schiaparelli which was really interesting.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Lee was an inspiring artist, full of beans. There’s a lot of videos on youtubeto enjoy

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Anonymous said...

Excellent presentation and additions on ways to increase learning with chosen web sites. Please mention the book about life of Lee Miller Age of Light by Whitney Schader.. Very well done and makes us all so sad to have to miss this and ALL of the fall exhibitions. Tres Bien Fait