Thursday, November 14, 2019

Fine Arts Paris, Carrousel du Louvre

The 3rd annual FINE ARTS PARIS is on through Sunday in Carrousel de Louvre. These exhibits of individual art galleries are always a chance to see rare pieces before they're scooped up into private collections. 

Probably never to be seen again like this SOROLLA.

More from 
RAFAEL VALLS LTD. of 11, Duke street, London.Posh galleries from London, Brussels and Paris you might hesitate entering here are easily accessible.

I went on preview day and was consistently amazed.

There are walls of smaller, more affordable pieces to discover.

Experience the different flavors of each gallery.

In some you feel like you stepped into a chateau.

Others are starkly modern.

The range of art objects is extensive.

What a great wall of small pieces each framed in an interesting way. I spent 2 1/2 hours browsing. I needed to recoup.

A month ago a new Laduree tea salon opened in the Louvre's shopping carrousel. Stop in for a cuppa and some lovely macs. 
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Bear 🐻 waves 👋 Bonjour ❤️from Paris☕️🥐


  1. Alison NYC6:09 AM

    Simply divine!
    You do the best things.

  2. La pyramide♥I do love Sorolla and la dame en noir.

    1. La dame en noir = Paris chic
      What they are wearing is 1/2 the fun

  3. what treasures! Would love to browse all that gorgeous artwork. So glad you had a Laduree close by to recharge your batteries!

  4. Bonelle11:03 AM

    The sculptures really draw me in...would love to go to Fine Arts at the Carousel one day. What a treat to see it through your eyes!

  5. Looks like a wonderful way to experience a variety of art with a bonus of macarons at the end.

    1. You nailed it. Eye candy and then
      Treats all around

  6. GwenEllyn12:19 PM

    Wonderful descriptions. Merci !

  7. Kathleen12:22 PM

    The Sorolla is outstanding!

  8. Kathryn12:27 PM

    Oh this was wonderful. Thank you. To imagine how many works of art are hidden away in private collections! Mind boggling. And they are so exquisite.

  9. Sylvie4:17 PM

    Merci beaucoup Carol et ravie que vous ayez aimé votre visite !

    1. OK, I want to look like the blonde in black with the bangs. I'd best skip the macs. But I love to know that they are readily available to you! Such a return to Carol after the tour through the gallery. Bang, bright edible macs! Wish I were alongside

  10. Wow! So much art, is it all for sale? Something that happens in Paris I guess. Love your photo and painting of the macarons, tasty too!


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