Saturday, November 16, 2019

Rungis au Grand Palais

Last night was the inauguration of RUNGIS AU GRANDP ALAIS! Its on all weekend. Who hasn't wanted to go to the big wholesale market (at 3-4 am in the morning)?
This is the first time RUNGIS has come to Paris. Hooray🎉If you're here definitely GO!
You'll get a free shopping bag at Pink Lady Apples but a granny cart would be useful. Loads of tastes and loads of fun. Demos, ateliers etc. yesterday I put the November PARISMAP in the mail📮 Hooray🎉
The line 1 decided to close down last night so I walked in the rain from the Louvre to Grand Palais. My feet were soaked but it was worth it. Line 1 was up and working by the time I left near 11 pm. Hooray🎉
Its now after 6 am and I'm waiting for the train to Clermont-Ferrand and my 4th RENDEZ-VOUSDUCARNETSDEVOYAGE! Hooray🎉
Bonne Week-End PBers👍🏻 
Enjoy reading this with your morning coffee☕️ and keep Bear in Paris with a letter subscription from my Etsy shopBear 🐻 is staying home house sitting ❤️☕️🥐


  1. What fun, Carol! Only the French could arrange a fruit salad so artfully. Thanks for bringing Rungis in Paris to us.

  2. The art of food display is something else. I WILL make an effort this Thanksgiving. Thanks, Carol.

  3. The fair looked great! And a travel sketchbook show. Oh Carol, your life!!! But do stay hunkered down a bit and chase that chill and fatigue away

    1. I hunkered with a 2 hr nap zzzzzzzzz

  4. Carolyn1:50 PM

    Did you get lots of samples?
    I want that beautiful Pineapple thing❤️

  5. Always thought it would be fun to visit Rungis - but not at 4 am so this would be perfect. Lucky you! I'll bet the samples were spectacular.

    1. They certainly were. I could not tear myself away!
      So many oysters!!

  6. Beautiful.

  7. Bonelle1:40 AM

    Absolutely fabulous!
    Sooo lucky

  8. Carolyn in Seattle1:42 AM

    Loved the pics you showed on Instagram Stories!
    That turbaned figurine...wonderful
    Thanks for sharing

  9. Owl's Head ME1:43 AM

    The funghi! Irresistable


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