Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Fete de la Rose, Rose Sale, Fetes de Juin Map

June in Paris one big festival!
Bear went to the FETE DE LA ROSE at PARC DE BAGATELLE on Sunday afternoon and I've been painting roses ever since.
Most of the buses changed routes and schedules in April. Here's a good one. Catch the #244 at Metro Porte Maillol (exit6 Bd. Andre Maurois ). The 244 will be waiting. It stops in front of musee LOUIS VUITTON. Then a few stops later the gardens. Follow the dirt path to the Porte d'Honneur. Voila. 

La Bagatelle was built in 1777 and covers 62 acres.
Inside the Orangery you could buy bouquets, perfumes, rose ice cream, lollypops and get rose news.
Oh anything rose-enhanced like these sparkling waters. Just outside rose bushes to take home were for sale.
A number of guests were decked out in 18th century costume.
Or picnicking on the grass. Perfect for doodling.
The annual competition of New Roses was on. Everyone was up close and personal, inhaling deeply. Perfume can not begin to come close to the scent of these beauties.
We were given forms to vote on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd preferred roses. Plus the most perfumed. 
"Ah the smell of it"
We brought home this little bouquet in a bucket(
3€!) Immediately we immersed ourselves painting roses so there's a SALE ON 10% off on Etsy. 
The new June Paris map fills you in on all the goings on in Paris this month.
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  1. Love the fancy ladies.
    Belfast has many fêtes!
    Roses, a nice reason for a fête...
    Thanks for stopping by Sketchbook Wandering.
    Ran into DD in Belfast at a Gallery fête. He was delighted that you mentioned him in a recent post. He mentioned September & you coming...possibly...
    Amsterdam in July!!! And Dijon, Sketch Meet-ups with French language, heaven or what???!

    1. Hi Rita,
      So nice to hear and see what yr doing. I hope I can come again in September 🤞🏼🙏🏻

  2. What a lovely day out. The rose photos and your paintings are lovely. Did you try the rose ice cream?? I love your little bouquet in the bucket.

    1. I wanted to...
      I just discovered the bouquet in the bucket is fake?!
      I went to sniff it and wondered how it was still looking so fresh...
      Go figure...you wouldn't think they were selling fake flowers at something like that :-O

    2. How bizarre selling fake roses! Next time for the ice cream then ;)

  3. The bouquet in a bucket is charmant and your rose aquarelles are stunning.

  4. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Oh Carol! That rose you painted is scrumptious! And then you tell us about that rose festival?
    If I ever come back to France, I'm bringing my daughter along. She has got to see those roses.

    Thank you so much!
    Maria Russell

  5. Love the map!
    The Days of Wine and Roses:)
    Works for me:)
    Did you go to Trouville to sketch?

    1. No I went to the miniature show and Bagatelle.
      Can't run every weekend though I'd love to!

  6. Bill Ternay12:38 AM

    Meg and I absolutely LOVE this beautiful rose painting.
    Loose and expressive, and lovely.

  7. Lynne C12:46 AM

    Loved this one.

  8. Jeanne12:47 AM

    So lovely!!!!!!!!

  9. Noelle12:49 AM

    Fabulous !

  10. Love your roses! They flew out... maybe you’ll do some more?? Love them all...

  11. Beautiful.


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