Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Dijon Breakfast

Here is everything I ate in Dijon including breakfast (at Café Gourmand - nothing special but the view is grand). What a stunning historic town. Almost all the streets are pedestrian-friendly.

Head to la Place de la Liberation for a coffee or later an Apéro Spritz.

The perimeter is lined with cafes and restaurants under giant umbrellas.

I went after a dip in a local pool (it was HOT!) to recoup and doodle.

The first Burgundian Bite was a
gougere - a puffy thing with a hint of regional Comté cheese inside.

Lunch was a simple salad in Boulangerie Tartin'Art near the covered market. I went there last trip.

For dinner we were hunting for more classic Burgundy dishes.

The coq au vin was just OK from MOULIN À VENT in Place Rude.

Still a good spot for doodling. Next day I ran to the wine town, Beaune. The tourist office sent me to 
BRASSERIE CARNOT. In general BEAUNE is a more upscale town with the finest wines available so the cuisine and prices can get stellar.

I ate escargot 3 times but really I didn't need to order snails at Le  Carnot since they were included in my main, 
Salade bourguignonne, the best thing I ate all weekend.

Almost every Burgundy classic was represented. Even the vinaigrette was made with Pommard, a poached egg in wine, ham with parsley. The croutons were tiny cubes of local pain d'epice honey cake adding a nice touch of sweetness.

Dessert was Clery fraises I bought from the Beaune Saturday morning market. I can promise you in either town, Beaune or Dijon you will eat very well. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. Please share with a friend. Indulge yourself. 
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xxx💋Carolg and Bear 🐻 will not be indulging this week!


  1. Maria R2:14 PM

    Wonderful post, Carol. Everything looks so luminous: your art, your narrative, the city, the food!

  2. Bonnie2:18 PM

    Wow! not a cloud in that beautiful blue Burgundian sky. Dijon and Beaune both look lovely...and the food! Love your sketches. Enjoy the pool, Carol & Bear

  3. The gougères in your post looked fabulous. I love how they serve them with everything in Burgundy

  4. Love the aquarelle and wow your doodling and sketching:)!!!!That cute table too..

    1. I know. I wish I could take that table home with me.!

  5. Bonnie in CA11:25 AM

    First of all...”Dijon Breakfast” was very clever.

    Second of all...brilliant idea to give us a foodie review in paintings.

    The buildings in the actual photos looked like the color of mustard to me.

    Loved it all! Thank you!

  6. Jane Gabin11:29 AM

    All Lovely!

  7. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I agree, Dijon Breakfast is really fun. It made me think back to when I first started reading your blog about 11 years ago- you were one of the first to take pics of the food and share the exceptional as well as the day to day fun of French foods. Thank you for that! I enjoy very much how you capture a place and their foods and show the world! I really appreciate how you sketch and paint and tell the stories for us to see. As well as give wonderful travel tips. The fun of your travels has been a highlight of my weeks for a long time and I am glad you still do it with gusto! merci !!!and cheers to you! Fan from Rural Oregon

    1. Is this Cris, artist in Oregon?
      I've missed you Cris !!!❤️

  8. Great post and your sketches are really spectacular - you have outdone yourself with these.

    1. Oh my goodness!
      Thank you Sukie!!❤️

  9. Kay in Lexington12:52 PM

    I love the last photo!
    How nice that you were prepared to swim!
    How did you get to Dijon?
    Did you have an inexpensive hotel?
    I would love to revisit sometime.

    1. I always check out public pools before I go. I dont always have to gutz to go but it was soo hot. The Carrousel piscine was a beaut and 6 minutes from center city by bus.
      Dijon is an hour and a half train ride from Gare de Lyon.
      I stayed 2 years ago at City Loft. Its central, cheap and nice and even has AC if you can figure it out!
      What else?

  10. I'm flying Tony and I over as soon as I can! I am drooling and near tears looking at these photos and your watercolors always leave me undone.

  11. MAy I buy that Dijon Breakfast painting?

  12. Dijon looks magical.

    1. Dijon is indeed a magical town, loaded with history of the Ducs of Burgundy.
      We were so busy sketching...I need to go back and immerse in that aspect of the town.

  13. Yum! Love your doodles.


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