Sunday, March 31, 2019

Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées, kiosques à journaux

Last Thursday a brand new concept store opened at 60, Champs-Élysées in the old flagship store, GALERIES LAFAYETTE. What to wear? BIG SHOES! Are big feet in? Hooray. The gal in the short red jacket is one of their 150 Personal Stylists. They all greet you with a super friendly,
"Bonjour, Bienvenue!"

Naturally an essential Eiffel Tower inside.

With a 3-week homage on to Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.

The baconies and grand stairway are somewhat reminiscent to their boulevard Haussmann store.
But everything else is très au currant, digitally-inspired with lots of honeycomb-style displays.

COMME DES GARÇONS created a special medium-priced casual collection of Ts and high-tops.

Even the furniture is modular. No two chairs are the same. Art books are color-matched to clothes.

A handsome new digital logo for the Champs-Élyées store. There are 4 floors of merch.

With LE FOOD COURT in the basement. Galeries Lafayette is smart enough to include PATISSERIE STOHRER as well as CHOCOLAT ALAIN DUCASSE, LA MERE DE FAMILLE. Plus bobun and veggie options and a CITRON restaurant on the first floor.

Coming outside into realité I couldn't help notice the news Kiosque à journaux. I've been looking for them all week and even bought an ELLE magazine. Paris' traditional news kiosques will be modernized into glass store fronts this June, leaving only 39 original dark green cupola-topped versions. Catch them while you can. I'm painting as many as I can till June. Thank you for reading and sharing Paris breakfasts. Subscription letters 💌maps and watercolors are in my Etsy shop
From Paris with love Xxx


  1. I need to find a way back to Paris! Alaska this year but maybe Paris next?

    1. Skip Alaska and go straight to PARIS!

  2. Wow! All that style, fashion, design...and Stohrer, too!

    Looking forward to visiting the new Galerie Lafayette!

    1. Its really worth it.
      I went back today. Toute Paris was there fo a look see
      Families etc.
      Fun !

  3. I love those kiosks. I hope they don't change the look too much. Probably a little cozier for the vendors in the bad weather but such charm!

    1. Paris breakfast4:54 PM

      I will post a picture...very utilitarian ;((

  4. Ruth S4:52 PM

    OMG! How can the girl in your first picture stay on her feet all day in those shoes! I hurt just looking at them!

  5. Sad to hear the news kiosques will be “modernized”. Your watercolors of them are fabulous!

  6. Jeanne Long10:45 PM

    So glad you are capturing the kiosques before they are gone! Wonder why they plan to change them. Is the new design an improvement?

  7. Kathleen10:51 PM

    oooo would love to go there (would like to see the face of the VERY TALL looking personal shopper! was/is she pretty?)...looks like you could drop beaucoup bucks in that place - hah!

    Like your paintings of "old" version green kiosks (like them better, too!)

  8. What a loss......the kiosks! And the first picture looked like me....the one in the black shoes behind and to the left!
    Bon demanche

  9. I wore platforms..100 yrs ago..;) Love your aquarelles and I wish old things weren't replaced by modern things.

  10. Patricia Crawford9:46 AM

    Hi Carol.
    I was in Paris last week. What was going on in the Tuileries? Across from Angelina's was a long temporary building to house something.


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