Monday, December 18, 2017

Pierre Hermé Rouge

Sometimes it seems like I fall in love with a new color every other week. Yesterday Pierre Hermé's Xmas rouge red stole my heart.
Spotted first at 86 Champs Elysees these bags. Yum yum
On my way to the pool yesterday i thought I'd pop in for a look see at the rue Bonaparte Pierre Hermé before the plunge.
I never made it to the pool.
To enthralled with this stunning RED!
By the way P hermé's smallest box of chocolates is one of yhe best deals in Paris (12€) a winner.
The buche de Noël are simply gorgeous
Did I really think I was going to just browse?
My divine haul. Its been a long time since i've painted macarons...
That Xmas red was a challenge...maybe Daler Rowney scarlet...maybe Winsor Newton cad scarlet...maybe...
Most of yesterday was spent wrestling with macarons. I'm rusty! I need more practice, more macs.
What to wear when buying PH red macarons.
What to listen to whilst munching on PH red macarons.
Why was a PH rouge car parked on my street? And a man in PH red trousers walking just ahead of me? Synchronicity that's what. Thanks for reading PB! If you enjoyed this newsletter, forward to a friend. Receive Parisbreakfast letters, maps, watercolors and macarons in your mailbox.


  1. Love the red pants:) After I love your aquarelles..

    I remember that walk:)

    Rusty? Je ne pense pas..pas du tout..and I still love them.

  2. Such a beautiful and festive post, Carol. Makes me wish I was in Paris right now!!
    Joyeux Noel

  3. Just love this....the reds are, indeed, delicious, exhilarating. Wonderful for the season.
    I thought you had a cad red in there and a scarlet perhaps. I saw many reds. All fabulous, especially in the cold.

  4. When I tell my friends about your posts they seem a little confused. How can we get so much pleasure from a red color or a macron? I tell them it is the little things that bring the most pleasure. You have such a sharp eye. How do you find a pair of pants, a car, and a cookie all in the same day?

    1. I chalk it up to synchronicity.
      Honestly I was dragging home with my macs and there is M. Red-trousers just in front of me.
      I had to chase him down a bit...he had no idea.
      And the red car was just there by my green door. Were they thinking color compliments when they parked there?
      Qui sait?
      Its all chance 😀❤️🎨

  5. THE passion-the richness-the intensity(no matter the shade)-red against the white the gold the black or any color only intensifies it's beauty-I LOVE RED-as ALWAYS A DELIGHTFUL POST!

    1. Thank you G
      I feel the same way about red ❤️
      Love it

  6. Jill Butler1:30 PM

    Tres red…have you seen Benjamin Moore’s new red paint color???

    1. Neither I nor M. HErmé have seen Benjamin Moore's new red sorry to report Jill.
      Not in Paris anyway 😀

  7. Winewalker1:39 PM

    red macarons?


    1. Would you believe I walked out of the store without buying one?
      One look again in the window and I knew I had to have it.
      PH now as the sweetest little boxes for just ONE macaron!
      So much fun

  8. Carolyn1:44 PM

    Wow! This is fabulous!!!!!
    More macaron watercolors svp!

  9. Love your painting Carol! The macarons look beautiful. Since PH now have boxes for just one macaron I think you should get one a day?! Merci mille fois for showing us lovely Paris at Christmas.

    1. Ha ha 😀
      I have TWO individual boxes and a sixer in Xmas red.
      Now I must wait for the next color 🎨
      I wonder if there is a twofer...?

  10. Looks like red pepper!

    Happy Holidays, dear Carol!

  11. Phoenix8:07 PM

    Thank you for your very lovely and inspiring newsletter. It goes straight to my heart. I feel like I can step through my computer and be part of the happenings in Paris!!

  12. Two of my favorite things...your beautiful water colors and macarons!

  13. Very nice pictures, Happy Holidays!

  14. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I have a red front door, called "Heritage Red." I am going to google Benjamin Moore's "NEW" red. I know I already said I love red. I have a new (to me) red Jeep. I think I need a new red winter coat, too! Thanks for this fun post. I wonder if the Whole Foods closest to me has red macarons? That's the only place I have ever seen macarons, sad, but I live way out in the country.


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