Sunday, December 17, 2017

86 Champs Elysees, Pierre Hermé-l'Occitane

Its been non-stop rain in Paris, sometimes in torrents, so when the BLUE SKIES cleared yesterday and the sun appeared I ran up to new 86 Champs Elysees concept store - a brilliant collaboration between patissiere Pierre Hermé and Provençal l'Occitane. Its a must-visit.
The macaron bar fills the center space.
No lines out the door. You can pleasently browse as you wait to be served.
In back a cafe serves macarons for breakfast (and other goodies) starting at 7:30 am into the evening.
Or sit outside under the awning and watch Parisian shoppers tear around.
The store interior designed by Laura Gonzalez is a wonderful melding of creams, lotions and pastry.
Bright Christmas poppers filled with lavender oils.
Pierre Hermé's enticing scarlet and gold boxes for Noël.
A new beautiful scarlet bag for the season.
At home I played with my paints matching the red bag, box and framboise with gingerbread macaron.
A square block of dark chocolate is a Pierre Hermé classic.
I painted it maybe 10 years ago.
Beautiful buchë de noel have furled leaves
That match the holiday gift-wrapping area in the shop.
Dotty l'Occitane packaging reflects the range of colored macarons at the central bar.
You could definitely wear this colorful Missoni dress to 86 Champs Elysees. But how to bring along the macaron dots on the windows? L'heure bleu ends a lovely day. If you enjoyed this newsletter, forward to a friend. Gift yourself and others Paris letters, maps. Single gift letters are up in the Etsy shop for the rest of December. 
More macarons to come.


  1. Wish I was there. L Occitane just remodeled a store in the Chicago area and reopened early this month. They were serving macarons and mimosas. Not quite the same. Viewing your blog through the years has made me really appreciate red. That macaron looked good enough to eat. Lol

    1. I've always loved l'Occitane's colors, packaging, marketing. Very appealing.

  2. I love the vibrant colors in your post!!! Very Christmas spirity, I think.

  3. Love, love your Paris color themes.
    Red always wins the day.

  4. I have been to l"Occitane Mtl...but the Maison-Mère in St-Paul de Vence took my breath away..magnifique!

    Champs -Elysées..I am glad I I can picture everything.. have you been to Aix? The Main allée is super fun on market day..and then when they leave you see the core..there is a new area there in the old part of town..all modern name fancy stores..quite something..:)
    Love your trip down memory lane re your many times I practiced cherries? I kid you not.

  5. Wish I were there!
    Beautiful report direct feom The Champs!
    Thx Carol


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